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The 18 Best Cat Breeds for Families

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Are you planning to add a new feline member to your family? Aren’t aware of which are the best cat breeds for families?

Then you have landed on the right page of the internet; with CatLovesBest, you will get to know the 18 amazing, best cat breeds for families.

You can go with Manx cat, Maine coon, Persian or Burmese cats. They are highly affectionate can become a great part of your family. They can get along with other pets too.

18 best cat breeds for families

18 Best Cat Breeds for Your Family

If you are someone who cannot spend a lot of time with their pet due to work then some cat breeds on our list are a perfect fit for you because they don’t seek much attention.

Likewise, they are suitable for families with children, too.

1. Abyssinian

Abyssinian is also known as Aby is a popular active cat breed with whom you can enjoy most of your time.

abyssinian cat breed

They are curiously nature who loves to explore basically if you adopt them you will find them wandering everywhere in your house. They are quite excellent at social skills.

These breed cats can be your good companion and become a great family. If you have other pets at home they behave well with them too. You will never get bored because they are full of entertainment.

2. American Shorthair

American shorthair also belongs to an athletic breed they are the true beauty of cats. These breeds were bred to skill rodents so if you have small pets at home then living with both of them can be a little problematic.

american shorthair cat breed

They can be a nice choice for you because they are cheerful around their hoomans, affectionate, and can deal with kids. Moreover, they are low-maintenance feline and have a long lifespan too.

3. Bengal Cat

These beautiful leopard-like patterned cats are soft and sweet inside. They will do great with your family be it your children or your grandparents they can easily fit and love them.

bengal cat breed

These are intelligent and natural explorer types of cats who always require their brain to be stimulated. They are quite playful, and they enjoy water sports too.

4. Birman

Birman household cats are quite calm and are the best cat breeds for families. They like their human’s attention, but they won’t desperately demand it. They enjoy playing fetch and chase games.

birman cat breed

Training them can be easy only with proper guidance and care.

5. Bobtail Cat

If you are into lap cats these cat breeds are a great partner for you and your family. They are docile and are not at all destructive means your kids and these cats can become quite compatible.

bobtail cat breed

They are playful and endure lay down a day. You won’t find them overactive, but you can play with them for some time.

Bobtail kittens are very vocal however, they can easily settle with your family.

6. Burmese

The next sociable feline friend is the Burmese cat their characteristic often resembles they are like canines.

burmese cat breed

This is because they are truly loyal to their hooman and are often known are “Velcro” cats. But, one problem with these cats is that they cannot stay alone for long because they have a separation anxiety issue.

But, they are quite compatible with all age humans and other pets too!

7. Cornish Rex

These cat breeds look uniquely and have amazing energy. They are inbuilt with social qualities. They do well with humans and do not ask too much attention, so you can keep them alone for quite a long.

cornish rex cat breed

One issue with these cats is they cannot tolerate cold weather due to their physic.

8. Devon Rex

Devon Rex or Poodle cats are both famous names for these breeds.

devon rex cat breed

These breeds are peaceful and intelligent they can be great playing partners for your kids too. These breeds are entertaining who can do anything to receive attention.

Neither they are very vocal nor do they remain silent also their energy lasts till their old age.

9. Himalayan

Himalayan cats are the best cat breeds for families. They are a fun animal who enjoys playing chase games.

himalayan cat breed

These cat breeds have an elegant and royal look which will make you look out of the crowd. They are smart and like to be quiet and alone for some time.

They are easily trained and highly social often looking like a Persian cat who has worn a mink coat.

10. Maine Coon

Maine coons are healthy, affectionate cats who are quite gentle and enjoy spending time with their family.

maine coon cat breed

You love to spend time around them as they are quite an entertainer. Maine coons don’t easily get angry and enjoy cuddling.

You will find these cats patient and humble too.

11. Persian Cat

These fluffy furry cats are the true beauty of feline. Almost all the time they are happy and half of the time curious.

persian cat breed

These cats are affectionate and can suffer from separation anxiety issues because they need your constant attention.

If you pet them or cuddle they will shower more love to you. These cats are calm and well-mannered with other pets too.

12. Ragamuffin

They are also the perfect family type of cat who likes to be petted and cuddled.

ragamuffin cat breed

They are fuzzy big furballs who are moderately intelligent who are vocal only when required. They can deal well enough with strangers too.

13. Ragdoll

Ragdolls are adorable, loving, and great feline companions. They are incredibly affectionate and adore cuddling. They are loyal to their master.

ragdoll cat breed

They are a bit vocal and highly playful and don’t require daily grooming.

14. Scottish Cats

These cats are easygoing and can be part of your family. They love to be laidback on the couch. These cats don’t ask much attention.

scottish cat breed

They won’t mind much sharing space with other cats and can be trained well at home.

15. Selkirk Rex

These breeds have wavy coats which will tempt you to hug them all the time. These cats find happiness in being busy. They can easily share their home with dogs and other cats if you introduce them appropriately.

selkirk cat breed

They have a friendly temperament and can be good family pets.

16. Siamese

Siamese cats are lovely polite and howler breeds.

siamese cat breed

They are bold and well-known for their social antics. You will find them quite sensitive, and they are close to their owners they are also considered under the Velcro cat category.

17. Siberian Cats

Siberian cats love to play a lot. They are emotional and highly intelligent and energetic cat breeds.

siberian cat breed

They can get along with kids and all age humans easily also they are good with other pets too. You can surely adopt them they will become your good family.

18. Sphynx

They are known for their bald look they are smart and good at communication and social etiquette.

sphynx cat breed

They are affectionate and playful and faithful to their master. These cats can be your good companion.

Well, That’s a Wrap!

We have done the research and made a list of the best cat breeds for families. Cats like Siamese, Devon Rex, Abyssinian are highly affectionate. You can even train them.

Some cats might not be good with other pets in the house. So, if you adopt them make sure to introduce them in the early stage.

Some cats in the list can suffer from separation anxiety problems and some may not. But without a doubt, each of them can become a great part of your family.


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