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Thai vs Siamese Cat — Who’s Better? (With Pictures)

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Planning to buy a cat for your friend, but you’re confused between Thai cats and Siamese?

Well, it is easy to distinguish both these cats just by looking at their appearance, they are unique in their own way. But you can quickly learn the difference between Thai vs Siamese cats in this blog.

Both the representative cats have a single coat and have no longhair gene character. Thai is overactive and can live alone as long as they do not demand huge attention, whereas Siamese are clever and always want a lot of attention.

thai vs siamese cat

Thai vs Siamese Cat Comparison Table

FactorThai CatSiamese Cat
Average length11-14 inches15-20 inches
Weight8-15 pounds6-14 pounds
TemperamentFriendlyDemands attention, talkative
Lifespan12-16 years8-15 years
Cost$600 to $1200$400 to $1000

Thai vs Siamese Cat: Pictures

thai vs siamese cat visual difference

Differences Between Cats Siamese and Thai

Siamese and Thai cats look quite different and have distinctive features, are less likely to shed their fur. And they are quite healthy cat breeds. The color patterns of Thai and Siamese cats are quite similar.

But Thai cats are friendly and whereas Siamese is quite demanding and attention seeker.

1. External Signs and Character

Thai breeds have circular round faces, thick paws, and claws. Their face shape will remind you of an apple. And this is the major difference in both the looks of the cats.

Thai cats are a bit heavier than Siamese cat their weight range from 8 to 15 pounds, and an adult Thai cat can grow up to 23 inches and have a short tail. Their forehead is long and flat and their nose is curved at eye level. Both cats have identical blue eyes and have dark colors and pale bodies.

external signs and character of thai and siamese cat

Talking about Siamese cats their face shape is in a wedge. They have a long tail and are gifted with graceful slim long legs this makes them look elegant and rich in looks. Their weight can beat up to 10 pounds. They can easily reach 8-10 inches of length which is half the height of Thai counterpart.

Siamese kittens have elongated bodies and the shape of the head is in a triangle. Eyes are in almond shape and have large ears and are directed towards the head side.

2. Health and Grooming

Thai cats are low-maintenance cats you have to brush their fur once a week to remove dirt and distribute the oil through her body. They don’t tend to shed their fur a lot as there is the absence of an undercoat.

Siamese cats that have shiny and healthy coats do not require daily brushing but make sure to brush their coat weekly. You can use your fingers too. As they have less dense fur than other cats they don’t tend to shed their hair a lot which is their unique selling point because they are less prone to allergies.

health and grooming of thai and siamese cats

But they are likely to suffer from periodontal disease so make sure to clean their teeth daily. Although they are a healthy cat breed, they have genetic health problems like mediastinal lymphoma and some intestinal tumors.

They are also likely to be affected by chronic coughing (asthma). Plus Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) and gangliosidosis are also common ailments found in these breeds.

Thais cats can live longer they are quite healthy and fit cats, but they can also suffer from genetic health problems like crossed eyes in this they tend to face problems in moving their eyeball which can cause trouble in walking and can make them lethargic.

They are also affected by the Kinked Tail problem which happens due to the recessive genes. And, gangliosidosis is also common in Thai cats. Their body lacks certain enzymes which metabolize lipid fats. So, take complete care and give good food and enough water to them.

3. Temperament and Behavior

Siamese cats are clever and intelligent cats they are widely known for their social skills. You can count them under the extrovert category. They have a great bond with their owners and also feel jealous if you don’t spend time with them.

These breeds consistently demand attention and may show aggression in the loud meow form. So, basically, you can not leave them alone for a long period of time because they can suffer from stress and separation anxiety. However, these breeds can also play with your children even when they are grown old.

thai and siamese cat behavior

They are extremely vocal to have low pitch voices and are quite loud.

If we compared it to Thai cats they are highly affectionate. They don’t require all-time attention they can easily enjoy independence and won’t bother you too. They are also quite an active cat breed.

4. History and Lifespan of Thai vs Siamese

Standard Thai cats were originally brought from Thailand. They are widely known as Wichien-Maat, which means “moon diamond” can live up to 12-16 years. These are very commonly mentioned as traditional Siamese.

history and lifespan of thai and siamese cats

Even Siamese felines breeding were originated from Thailand from the Siam state which was until 1939. Later they were transferred to the US and UK. They can live long for 8-15 years.

Well, That’s a Wrap!

Both Siamese and Thai cat have similar color and pattern, but they have unique features like Thai cats are quite friendly and affectionate whereas Siamese needs attention and can’t be left alone.

If you talk about Thai vs Siamese cats, Siamese cats are generally more in weight and height. They are low maintains cats you don’t need to groom them daily.

Thai cats can mingle with other animals and household members easily. They are also vocal but tend to be less conversational. These are also active cat breeds who love to enjoy physical exercises and playing with toys.


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