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The 7 Best Flea Collar for Cats in 2023

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Read our review on the best flea collar for cats!

When you start noticing your cat always biting and itching from discomfort, this can be a warning sign of fleas and ticks. And when no solution seems to work for this restlessness, you know it is time to seek the best and most effective relief for this — flea collar for cats.

A cat flea collar can provide easy flea treatment from this same old problem by keeping pesky bugs away from the lovely, soft furry coat of your cat.

A Quick Glance at the Winners of 2023

Best Overall

Gold medal by vets winner

Shengkou Flea Collar for Cats

best flea collar for cat
  • Offers tick and flea prevention for a year
  • It has a waterproof design
  • Easily adjustable

Editor’s Pick

Silver medal by vets second place

Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Cats

seresto flea and tick collar for cat
  • It last long for 8 months
  • Within 24 hrs you can see effect
  • Comes in adjustable size

Affordable Pick

Bronze medal by vets third place

 Hartz UltraGuard Flea and Tick Collar for Kittens

hartz ultraguard collar for kittens
  • Collar comes with water-resistant power
  • No artificial preservatives added
  • Comes in adjustable size

The 7 Best Flea Collar for Cats Reviews

There are several kinds of flea collars pet owners can have for their feline nowadays. Some of the best ones can not only help in getting rid of those pestering bugs but also prevent them from living on the skin of your furry friend.

We have researched dozens of top flea collars for cats to compile a list of the best of the best ones. We considered the best flea and tick collar for cats in our search for the best active ingredients, length of protection time, safety features, and more.

1. Shengkou Flea Collar for Cats

While the vast majority of cat flea collars offer flea and tick protection for around six to eight months, this cat collar from ShengKou provides long-term protection for an entire year.

Best Flea Collar for Cats

Most pet parents prefer using flea collars for cats that rely on natural essential oils for flea and tick repellent effects. This collar is completely chemical-free, and it has the most efficient all-natural formula.

Whereas other chemical alternatives may release unpleasant odors as they contain toxic chemicals which may be uninviting to not only your cat but you as well. If that is bothersome for you, this collar can be a better and more favorable natural option.

The essential oils from this flea collar give off a natural, strong citronella smell which is much more pleasant in the long run than the conventional cat flea collars.

Furthermore, this all-natural collar features a waterproof design, so it protects the oils from degrading even in water; and the built size of this collar is adjustable so it can be worn by cats and kittens regardless of size.

Available in brilliant silver color, the pack includes two flea collars for cats, making it a perfect option if you have two cats. This pack also comes with a handy flea comb and one tick tweezer. Likewise, this makes a great addition to the cat flea collar.


  • This all-natural collar comes with hypoallergenic properties, which makes it completely safe to use even on cats with sensitive skin.
  • It offers tick and flea prevention for up to 12 months straight.
  • The pack comes with two cat flea collars along with a flea comb and a tick tweezer.
  • It is easily adjustable and also has a waterproof design.


  • The collar may release a smell of citronella (which smells like lemon), though it’s not unpleasant, but can be very strong for some people.

2. Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Cats

There is no question that the Seresto Collar is one of the best in the matter of flea and tick control in cats. This flea collar for cats is vet recommended and manufactured by the classic brand Bayer, which is among the finest.

Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Cats

Likewise, if the fleas or ticks come in touch with the cat’s skin, the flea collar for cats will kill and repel them. There is no need for the bug to bite the cat’s skin for the insecticide to work.

The insecticide releases continuously in low concentrations and is evenly distributed over your cat’s coat and skin. So as soon as the fleas try to jump onto the cat’s skin, the insecticide on the coat makes contact with them and zaps them.

In addition, the collar comprises two highly powerful yet cat-safe insecticides: imidacloprid, which does the job of killing adult fleas and flea larvae; and Flumethrin, which is responsible for repelling and killing all life stages of ticks. This collar is ideal for use in both indoor and outdoor cats and kittens as young as ten weeks old.

It offers effective protection from fleas and ticks in cats for as long as eight months. And the waterproof design makes sure that the efficacy of the collar does not spoil when it comes in contact with water.


  • The slow discharge of the chemicals allows the collar to last long for 8 months.
  • It comes in an adjustable size, so you do not have to worry about it not being a perfect fit for your cat. Likewise, the manufacturer does not recommend its use in kittens below the age of 10 weeks old. So keep that in mind.
  • After the initial application, the flea collar will start working in 24 hours.
  • The collar constitutes two powerful active constituent — flumethrin and imidacloprid. These ingredients hold the same properties as the pesticide ingredients.


  • Though it is not an all-natural option, it is highly effective in repelling and killing fleas.

3. Hartz UltraGuard Flea and Tick Collar for Kittens

If you’re looking for a flea collar for your cat at a minimal cost without compromising the built quality and features, then Hartz UltraGuard Flea and Tick Collar is for you.

Hartz UltraGuard Flea and Tick Collar for Kittens

To get this collar working, all you have to do is unroll and stretch. The basic idea behind the design of this collar is to repel and kill fleas, ticks, and other bugs from your cat.

Likewise, the botheration of fleas and ticks in your cat should not be overlooked. If your cat is constantly licking and nibbling her skin, then this might be a telltale sign of fleas or ticks. These kinds of bugs can cause harm to your cat in the form of skin irritation and also lead to hair loss.

They may also transmit other parasites like tapeworms. This can lead to deadly diseases which can be extremely uncomfortable to your cat.

That said, the Hartz UltraGuard is a specialized collar and can act as a sovereign remedy for flea and tick problems in your cat. It offers complete-body protection from tail to head against annoying bugs for seven months straight. The collar contains an active ingredient, tetrachlorvinphos, which repels and kills fleas and ticks by disrupting their life cycle.

Moreover, this flea collar for cats features a safety break-away mechanism that will prevent your cat from hurting itself if it gets stuck on a tree branch or fence or any such object.

Playful cats are active and curious; this flea collar from Hartz helps them to explore outdoors safely with its anti-flea and tick properties and the break-away safety feature.


  • The collar comes with a fresh scent and water-resistant properties, causing no loss to the effectiveness of insecticides when exposed to moisture.
  • It also comes with an adjustable size so it can fit any cat easily.
  • This flea collar for cats features a safety break-away mechanism while being low-priced at the same time.


  • It may not be a suitable option for feline with delicate skin.

4. Sobaken Flea and Tick Prevention for Cats

With a new and more potent formula, this Natural Collar from SOBAKEN is a flea and tick stopper for cats that offers 24/7 powerful protection against fleas, ticks, larvae, and mosquitoes. The collar comes with natural oils that are released consistently in low concentrations.

Sobaken Flea and Tick Prevention for Cats

You can use this natural tick and flea collar for cats as young as three months. This collar is perfect for all-sized cats. Likewise, the results from this product are efficient enough that they can last for eight months, which is a pretty impressive duration of time.

You don’t have to be concerned about safety with this product, as it is built with an allergy-free formula that makes it appropriate and secure for all cats.

In addition, this flea collar for cats is not only adjustable but waterproof as well. Even when exposed to rain or bathwater, the collar remains well effective.

The active ingredients in this natural collar include spearmint oil and clove oil, both at the same concentration of 7%. These ingredients work to fend off fleas and ticks when they come into contact with cats.


  • This natural cat flea collar features an allergy-free formula with non-toxic ingredients like spearmint oil and clove oil, making it safe around children and other pets.
  • The collar can repels flea, ticks, larvae, and mosquitoes with around 8 months of safety.
  • It is also a perfect fit for feline that are three months old.
  • The one-size fit of this collar can fit all cat sizes from small, medium, and large.
  • It is perfect collar for cats with delicate coat.


  • The scent from the collar is pleasant, but it can be too strong.

5. Arava Flea & Tick Collar

Arava Flea & Tick Prevention Collar is again an organic collar made from all-natural oils, made altogether for cats and kittens of all ages.

Arava Flea & Tick Collar for Felines

The collar constitutes an effective natural mixture of essential oils that can help to keep harmful fleas and ticks at bay. It comes with a patented Micro-Injection technology that will keep your cat safe and protected for 6 months.

The collar releases the essential oils via the unique pores through the plastic with a Slow-Release process, which allows this natural collar to last for six months.

Once again, this collar is chemical-free and made with all-natural ingredients, so it is not only safe for your fur babies but also safe around you and your children. Likewise, you don’t need to remove the collar during your cat’s bath time as it is waterproof, so the durability doesn’t sink with the water.

Thanks to the collar’s adjustable design, it makes it easy and comfortable to put on, even on smaller cats.


  • The collar features an advanced Israeli Micro-Injection nanotechnology that infuses the essential oils into the cat tick collar.
  • It comes with a chemical-free, 100% natural formula that works well in repelling fleas and ticks.
  • The collar is safe and effective as it is herbal-based. The adjustable design can fit cats of all ages.


  • When you open the collar for the first time, the scent may be too overwhelming. You have to leave it out for 24-48 hours before using it on your cat or kitten.
  • This collar cannot kill fleas and ticks; it can only repel them.

6. Adams Plus Flea and Tick Collar for Cat

Our feline friends are natural adventurers. They like to wander around. Likewise, many cats like to roam and explore outdoors to keep up with the surrounding. If she is wearing a collar and it gets stuck somewhere, it might pose a strangulation risk to your cat.

Adams Plus Flea and Tick Collar for Cat

The best possible solution is to get a collar that features a break-away mechanism, like Adams Plus Flea and Tick Collar. Having a break-away feature will eliminate the likelihood of your cat getting strangled on a tree branch or some other object.

Besides, this collar from Adams not only repels the three stages of flea and tick life cycle but kills them. This collar is well-suited to active cats who love to stroll outdoors. The 7-month continuous protection provided by this collar will keep your cat safe and free from bugs.

Overall, this collar from Adams offers good value for money and comes in a one-size fit to fit cats of all sizes.

Active ingredients include Tetrachlorvinphos at 14.55% concentration, (S)-Methoprene at 1.02% concentration.


  • The collar provides continuous protection for seven months from flea, ticks, flea eggs, and larvae by repelling and killing them.
  • It has a break-away mechanism for added safety.
  • This collar is waterproof, so exposing it to bathwater or rain won’t be a problem.


  • It is not an all-natural collar.

7. Primova Natural Collar for Cats

This hypoallergenic Primov Natural Flea Collar for Cats contains five essential natural oils — lemongrass oil, thyme oil, castor oil, clove oil, and peppermint oil. It is specially crafted to fight off nasty fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and other 500 pesky insect species for up to 8 months straight.

Primova Natural Collar for Cats

The collar releases the oils slowly throughout the day, creating a thin protective layer on your cat’s upper skin. Moreover, the collar is 100% waterproof, so the durability and practicality of the collar can’t be bothered if it is exposed to moisture.

Likewise, many cats have sensitive skin, so using collars that are infused with certain degrees of chemicals may be detrimental to them. However, with this all-natural cat flea collar from Primova, you do not have to worry about using it on cats that have sensitive skin. It is gentle enough to be used on them and potent enough to keep those nasty bugs away.

Furthermore, the collar comes in a super-adjustable design so that it can fit any cat regardless of its size. You also get a flea comb for cats into the bargain. So you can more closely inspect your cat’s skin for fleas or other bugs.


  • This collar constitutes 5 essential natural oils to fend off fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and other 500 inspect species for 8 months.
  • It features a 100% natural composition with long-term waterproofing.
  • The brand gives you a flea comb for cats as well.


  • This flea collar for cats cannot kill fleas, but can only repel them.

Buyers Guide: Choosing the Best Flea Collar for Cats

Early spring brings loads of excitement for people with adventurous outgoings, backyard BBQs, and much more. Well, on the other side it also attracts fleas and ticks.

And if you are going to be spending time out with your kitty cat, you surely don’t want her to bring pesky fleas and ticks to the home. A cat flea collar might just be the best and easy way to keep your furry friend well-protected from those irksome bugs.

Since these collars are available in several types with various features, making the best flea collars choice for your cat can become a little complicated. To help make this easy for you, below are a few key factors that you should consider before selecting a flea collar for cats.


Safety is clearly number one, of course, but there are two ways to consider this factor.

The collar should be potent enough to repel fleas and ticks away while not being harmful to your cat’s health conditions. Many flea collars in the market do a great job in keeping the bugs away from your kitty. However, they can also cause adverse reactions to your cat if she has allergies against active ingredients contained in the collar. Such collars comprise synthetic chemicals which can lead to harmful side effects to your cat.

Understanding which active ingredient the collar consists of can tell a lot about the cat flea collar. The collar’s effectiveness and safety concerns entirely depend on the kind of active ingredient it includes. Excess addition of uncertified materials can cause a problem for your cat.

To be on the safe side, check if the chemicals used in the collar are trustworthy and approved to use for your cat. Overall, it is best to go with non-toxic flea collars for cats that are all-natural. They are highly effective in combating bugs, and they pose significantly low to no risk to your pet.

Likewise, the cat flea collar should also be well-adjusted to safety factors related to design. Sooner or later, your cat will step outside the house. You may not be able to monitor her if she’s outside and gets in some trouble.

Therefore, it is critical to pay attention to the flea collar lock system—many flea collars in the market feature a breakaway safety feature. The flea collar can easily come open in case something gets stuck on it. This life-saving feature will prevent your cat from accidentally getting strangled on something harmful.


Flea collars for cats can be crafted to deliver the flea repellent in a solid or liquid form. These solid types of collars work for cats by releasing the insecticide overtime when it rubs against the skin of the cat. And depending upon the type of insecticide used in the collar, it is either spread across your cat’s body or absorbed into the top layers.

These types of solid collars are constantly in use. For the dispersion type of collar to be effective, the flea or tick may only need to touch the insecticide on the surface. Whereas for the absorption type of collars, the fleas may need to bite the skin for the insecticide to take effect and kill the flea or bug.

The other type is liquid. In such collars, the insecticide releases as vapor during certain intervals. Always be observant when it comes to liquid releasing collars, as they may discharge the insecticide too fast and be congested on the collar, and form small droplets that your cat may ingest.


Some flea collars for cats are particularly designed with the cat’s age in mind. Manufacturers always mention whether the collar is suitable for adult cats or young kittens. Usually, any kitten below the age of 12 weeks should wear a flea collar.

Likewise, putting an adult cat flea collar on a kitten can just make things worse. The collar can kill the fleas and ticks, but the active ingredients may be toxic to the kitten. And in case of accidental ingestion of such toxic ingredients, it may cause your cat’s central nervous system, gastrointestinal system, and cardiac system problems.

If you want to buy a flea collar for your young kitten, it is advisable to consult your vet before using flea products on your kitten. Your veterinarian will show you the most effective and safe choice for your kitten.

Hence, it is better to check the suitability of the collar before making the purchase.

Ease Of Use

The other important consideration is whether the flea collar for cats comes with user-friendliness and the best usability for the cats.

The best cat flea collar would include a waterproof design with resistive materials that can withstand exposure to water when your cat is out in the rain or gets in contact with water in some other way. This is an important feature that ensures the active ingredients from the cat flea collar do not wash off when exposed to moisture.

And in contrast to other flea control treatments and techniques, using a flea collar for your cat is a more easy method. You simply have to put it around your cat’s and neck; just set it and forget it. The collar will do its thing.


How flexible is it? Can the collar be adjusted?

Pretty much like any normal collar, a perfect fit is favored over a tight or loose fit. Fortunately, most of the flea collars for cats available in the market today feature one-size-fits-all. These types of collars are adjustable and allow you to make necessary adjustments to find the best fit for your cat.

Once again, similar to any basic collars, flea collars for cats should fit snug enough that you can slip down two to three fingers between the collar and your cat’s neck without any difficulty. Make sure the size of the collar does not get too fit over time. Check every week until your kitten is fully grown.

Likewise, you should make sure that the flea collar is not loose enough that it may slip off your cat’s head.

FAQs About Flea Collar for Cats

Which is the best flea collar for cats?

The cat flea collar from ShengKou is the top pick if you are looking for long-term flea and tick prevention with all-natural ingredients. It also comes with a flea comb and a tick tweezer, which is a great deal.

Although all-natural flea collars are a good choice, they do not kill fleas and ticks. They only repel them.

If you need a flea collar that can kill fleas and ticks, then the collar that tops this list is the Bayer Seresto Flea Collar for Cats. It is not an all-natural option, but it is great at eliminating fleas and ticks.

How much does a flea collar for cats cost?

Flea collars for cats are found in various types, and they vary distinctively when it comes to the price tag.

The average cost of cat flea collars falls around $10. Likewise, they can cost a low as $4 to as high as $80-$100 depending upon the built quality and their features.

Do flea collars work on cats? 

Of course, Yes! Flea collars for cats are an effective method to control fleas from lingering on the skin of your cat. These collars contain insecticides released on your cat’s skin, where the flea, lice, and other bugs live and hide.

Flea collars include active ingredients that possess a certain level of toxicity that is used to kill bugs and pests. However, this level of toxicity does not pose any risk to your cat. Always make sure to choose the best suitable flea collar for your cat as there are many types of collars available in the market designed specifically for different ages of cats and kittens.

Is Seresto safe for cats?

The cat flea collars from Seresto are vet recommended and specifically designed to kill fleas and ticks from the furry coat of your cat. This collar slowly releases the active ingredients at certain times all over the skin and the coat of the cat to kill the fleas and ticks as they come into contact.

Though they are toxic for bugs, these cat flea collars from Seresto are safe to use around felines.

Bottom Line

Felines are great companions and pets. That said, cat parents should be aware that sometimes they can carry flea allergies and ticks on them, which can lead to flea infestations, and that can be harmful.

The best way you can get rid of those niggling fleas and ticks is to secure a flea collar around your cat’s neck.

Although flea collar for cats is an effective solution, they are not permanent. After a certain period, you might have to change the flea collar with a fresh one, but it comes at a small price for the relief of your cat.


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