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How to Brush a Cat’s Teeth? [Video Guide]

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Do you know that if you try to brush a cat’s teeth unexpectedly, she may become afraid and bite you? Despite the fact that you have a friendly relationship with her.

That’s why it is vital to know how to brush a cat’s teeth. Don’t worry; we’ve outlined the procedures in this blog. Not only that, but we’ve also included some suggestions for brushing your cat’s teeth.

How to Brush a Cat’s Teeth

It is important that you keep the process slow. Because if things went wrong, it could have repercussions too! I am not scaring you, just letting you know few tips. Do you want to know more, then go read now!

How to Brush a Cat’s Teeth?

If your cat’s mouth stinks, and you can smell bad breath while cuddling her, then it is high time that you start brushing her teeth. The process to brush a cat’s teeth must be slow. You have to make her feel comfy; make her get used to touching her teeth before you start brushing cats teeth.

Read the listed step-to-step guidelines to know more about it.

1. Make Her Feel Comfortable

Make Her Feel Comfortable

Your cat is not used to brushing her teeth, so you have to first make her feel comfortable. Make sure the process is slow and be safe as possible. Even though cats might be very friendly to you, but during brushing cats’ teeth, you have to be careful. As she can get stressed out easily.

2. Keep Her to Your Front

Keep Her to Your Front

Hold her mouth carefully. When you bring your hand to her face first, she might become frightened of you. Then she will try to back off, so make sure you keep her to your front.

Hence, when she pulls herself back, you can manage to control her.

3. Put Some Toothpaste on Your Finger

Put Some Toothpaste on Your Finger

So, in the start, take some toothpaste on your finger before you start actually brushing cats’ teeth. This will determine if she likes the taste of the paste or not.

Check whether she is liking and licking the toothpaste? You can repeat this step several times before you proceed to the next step.

4. Rub Her Teeth With the Help of Your Finger

 Rub Her Teeth With the Help of Your Finger

The important information on how to brush a cat’s teeth is that tartar is gathered at the outer portion of the teeth. So, you have to remove that build-up gently.

You have to take your kitty and try to open her mouth. She may get annoyed. Therefore, to avoid frustrating cat situations, gently rub the outside portion of her teeth by closing her mouth. You have to hold her head at a 45-degree angle and put your other hand at her lower jaw, just like in the picture the vet has done.

Locking her in this position will give you better control. Simply put your finger to the sides of her teeth and remove tartar and plaque.

5. Finally, Switch to Cat Toothbrush

Once your cat is used to brushing her teeth with fingers, then you can switch to the toothbrush. You can use pet toothpaste too.

Like you slipped your finger earlier to her teeth. Similarly, you have to repeat the same motion but with the brush this time. Do it for a few minutes, and it’s done.

Make sure to brush your cat’s teeth every day to keep up the consistency and make her used to it. Plus, it also keeps all periodontal disease away from her mouth.

Finally, Switch to Cat Toothbrush

Brushing your cat’s teeth helps to form a strong and healthy gum line. There is no sense in getting her teeth cleaned once a month by a veterinarian. Because her dental condition will be worse, and it may lead to tooth extraction and tooth decay in the future.

Hence, make sure you take proper dental care of your kitty. And, you can cut down your veterinary bills too by doing this.

Now, you are aware of how to clean cats’ teeth completely right!

Tips to Prepare Your Cat for Brushing Her Teeth

Under this section, we will be giving you tips to prepare your kitty before brushing her teeth. It is an important segment. You have to add brushing sessions to her routine, use positive reinforcement techniques, and foremost essential keep calm.

Tips to Prepare Your Cat for Brushing Her Teeth

1. Set Routine

Cat is not used to sudden changes. Therefore, when you plan to brush a cat’s teeth, make sure to first add that to her routine. This will help you in brushing cat teeth easily.

Set Routine

Pick a time according to your preference and daily try to clean the cat’s teeth. In this way, you can trick her. Use the time before her lunch to clean her teeth.

Brushing a cat’s teeth before lunchtime works for most cats.

2. Introduce Her to Brush and Toothpaste

You can’t suddenly start using a toothbrush for teeth brushing. You have to take baby steps first.

Introduce Her to Brush and Toothpaste

So, first, introduce her to the toothpaste. Use any flavor cat toothpaste. You can either apply some toothpaste on the Q tip and if she gets annoyed, you can use your finger too in the starting phase of cat tooth cleaning.

Give her gums a little massage with the paste. The chances of gingivitis are higher at the gum line.

3. Make Her Habitual of Getting Her Mouth Touched

As I said, take baby steps before you start brushing the cat’s teeth. Make her used to getting her teeth and mouth touched.

Make Her Habitual of Getting Her Mouth Touched

This is because your feline friend may get afraid. If she is traumatized, she may bite you too during that time. Therefore, it needs practice and a few sessions to make her used to comfortably use a toothbrush.

Make slow progress; rub her lips and teeth in the initial phase of brushing your cats’ teeth. If she is not pulling herself back, then it is a green sign you can process further and clean her mouth in a circular motion.

4. Gather Cat Teeth Cleaning Supplies

Before you process to know how to brush your cat’s teeth, make sure to gather the right dental products for your cat.

For your information, you cannot use human toothpaste. It is hazardous for them; therefore, you can purchase Oxyfresh Premium Pet Dental Kit. It includes all things like oral gel, soft finger toothbrush, and water additives.

This is a complete oral package that will keep all dental diseases away from your feline friend. Promotes healthy gums and strong teeth. Curbs odor-causing problems and oral infections away from her mouth.

Also, keep all oral supplies nearby, so it won’t become a mess while brushing cats’ teeth.

5. Use Treats to Make Her Feel Better

You can use dental treats while brushing your cat’s teeth. This will try to keep her calm, and the positive reinforcement trick always works. So, why not use that while brushing her teeth, isn’t it?

Foremost important, you have to keep calm and be patient.

Summing It All Up!

As a responsible cat owner, it is your duty to brush a cat’s teeth appropriately. You have to be calm and take baby steps while grooming.

The process of brushing a cat’s teeth must be slow. You have to make her get used to it. She may get terrified. Therefore, it is essential to know the right steps to clean her teeth.

In this blog, I have provided you step-by-step guidelines which you can follow and learn very easily. If you have experience and know any other trick or method for cleaning cats’ teeth, do leave a comment below.


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