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The 10 Best Cat Backpack Carriers of 2023

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After researching for 46+ hours and testing 30+ top products, we choose the 10 best cat backpack carriers that are perfect for your feline.

Carrying a cat everywhere can a lot more fun when you have the best cat backpack carrier which is easy to handle. It will help you to put your cat inside of a capsule backpack cushioned from inside and outside. Basically, this a well-thought cat carrier in the form of a backpack. As a matter of fact, the transparent dome for peeping out, ventilation holes for air circulation is going to make this task a delight for you.

What Is a Cat Backpack Carrier?

If you hit the same piece of text in the Google search then you might have gone through several backpacks useful for day to day activities. On the other hand, there would be another section of the bags where you might have seen the photos of the cats sitting inside the backpack. The latter one is our product and it is the step-up version of the cat carriers.

Adding to the fact, carrying a cat along with you all the time can be fun for you but it can be equally stressful for the cat. Since cats don’t blend easily with strangers and new places. Also, carrying the cat along will require a cushioned and secure case which will have the cat stay inside without bothering you.

There we have our cat backpack carrier which will not only keep the cat calm but also give utmost freedom for roaming around all the time. In fact, the backpack hung on your shoulders is going to entertain the cat at its best.

Alternatives to Cat Backpacks

Basically, a cat backpack carrier is one of the types of the cat carrier, it is just shaped as the backpack. We have listed the cat backpacks which are designed as the standard backpacks as well as the duffle carrier which feature a twin-shoulder strap.

Therefore, you will find a few alternatives to buying the cat backpack but none of them would serve as good as the backpacks. To say so, having the cat carriers is a great option especially the ones with stroller base. These are the fair alternatives to buying the cat backpack itself. However, having a backpack serves a specific purpose because of its unique design.

Types of Cat Backpack Carriers

There are a few types of cat backpacks that you will find on the market. Each one of these designs is going to be useful for specific purposes and hence, it becomes important to know which one will be best suited to your cat.

1. Standard Backpack with Transparent Dome

Starting with the most common cat backpack carrier that you will see on the market – the standard cat backpacks with the transparent dome. The transparent dome either has the ventilation holes on it to allow utmost air circulation inside the backpack or it does not have the ventilation.

Along with that, these backpacks feature the ventilation holes on its side, front walls which rapidly improves the air circulation inside the backpack. Not to mention, the open air vents are going to allow the small particles inside the backpack easily. Hence, it can be a risk when you are going to travel to a dusty area or the place filled with flies, insects.

Nevertheless, the dome is going to allow the cat inside the backpack to have a look at the outside world. It will be a useful trick to keep the cat busy while inside. Because strangers will keep your cat engaged in gazing at them. In the same manner, the transparent dome is going to allow the light exposure inside the bag which will make it an even better experience for the cat.

2. Ventilated Backpack

As we mentioned, there is a backpack which features the open ventilation holes for utmost air circulation. Having said that, there is another type of cat backpack carrier which is made of meshed net ventilation. It will be helpful to hold the anxious cats inside the backpack. Because of the meshed net, the backpack will have limited light exposure inside as well as utmost air circulation.

Adding to the fact, some of the backpacks feature the nets with zippers. This component of the cat backpack is one of the most desired as it increases the ease of use for the parents. In this manner, the use of the ventilated cat backpacks is now hitting the market with an abundance.

3. Ventilation Net

Having talked about the ventilation net, it is useful when a cat behaves madly inside the backpack due to anxiety. Hence, if you happen to own a cat who can get uncomfortable being in an enclosure with optimum air and light availability then go for this type of cat backpack carrier.

4. Shoulder Straps with Carabiner

Here, we have the cat backpack carrier which features the removable shoulder straps. It will increase the ease of use while the backpack remains the same all the time. You can even use this type of backpack as a tote or shoulder luggage.

5. Open Peep-Window

Coming to the last cat backpack carrier which is made of the nylon soft sided or the hard shell material which is going to have an opening. You can use this opening to have your cat look outside taking his/her head out of the backpack.

The 10 Best Cat Backpacks (Reviews) in 2023

1. Pet Gear I-GO2 Roller Cat Backpack

Starting with the most popular and the best cat backpack carrier from the brand Pet Gear. This is not just a regular cat backpack but also a trolley bag, tote, cat carrier for a car seat. Its thick nylon material makes it a rugged product which will last for years if not a decade. Not to mention, you can even use this bag like a trolley suitcase using its telescopic handle. That said, its telescopic handle is smooth and easy to use makes this deal even more desirable.

 Pet Gear I-GO2 Roller Cat Backpack

Furthermore, this backpack comes with the expandable pocket measuring a total of three inches in the core backpack. It means you can increase the storage of the backpack by unzipping the expandable pocket. As well as, you can use the two side pockets to store the cat accessories and essentials.

On the down side of using the Pet Gear cat backpack, it comes with net as its only source of visibility from inside and air circulation. Hence, if you happen to own a cat who can easily get anxious or scared then this is not the best option for you. Instead, you shall go for the backpacks with the transparent dome and open vent. It will not only make the use of the backpack easier but also the kitty inside will feel safer.

In the end, this cat carrier is more suitable to the cats who usually prefer dark enclosures than the noisy bright ambiance. In fact, the dark vents made of nylon net are going to provide minimum brightness inside the backpack yet have sufficient light exposure. On the other hand, the feature making it the best cat backpack carrier is its multipurpose use. It includes using the cat carrier as a car seat, tote, trolley bag, etc.

“To conclude, we think this is the overall best cat backpack carrier.”

2. PetAmi Deluxe Pet Carrier Backpack for Small Cats

Coming to the second best cat backpack carrier which is not only made keeping cats in mind but also it can be useful for the other pets too. However, this is a small cat backpack that suits cats the most because of its cozy structure and design which are going to be useful for the kittens as well as adult cats.

PetAmi Deluxe Pet Carrier Backpack

In addition to that, PetAmi Deluxe Pet Carrier Backpack for Small Cats is made of three wide ventilation nets on each wall of the backpack. It means the cat inside will have clear visibility of the outside world on its three side I.e. front, and two sides. This design again raises the question of getting enough light exposure and air circulation, which is not in abundance but sufficiently available.

Furthermore, using this cat backpack is the best option when you have a placid kitty who enjoys the backpack rides. However, if you have not used the backpack for your cat and do not know if your cat will do good inside the bag. Then recall your cat’s behavior when you take him/her in your hands for a walk or a car ride. If your cat is accustomed to these kinds of treatments then he/she will fall for the backpack instantly after a short walk or two. Because of the soft fabric, and utmost ventilation cats do not have a hard time being in the backpack.

Lastly, this cat backpack carrier is a great choice for all the cats who love going to walks. In fact, this is the best cat carrier backpack for the variety of color options that suits all type of cats with vivid color of fur. On the contrary, this backpack does not a variety of size options but only one which measures 12.5×10.2×16.3 inches.

3. Natuvalle 6-in-1 Pet Carrier Backpack

Natuvalle 6-in-1 Pet Carrier Backpack is the duffle plus a backpack that increases the convenience of carrying the cat along with you using the backpack. Its straps feature the metal carabiner which are easy to attach to the backpack. In this manner, this cat backpack carrier can be used as a duffle or the backpack. Along with that, you can use this cat backpack as the cat crate because of its large vents walls. One side of the carrier is made of the net which will act as the ventilation and opening with zipper for the cat.

Natuvalle 6-in-1 Pet Carrier Backpack

Adding to the fact, there are four variants of different sizes ranging from about 13×8 inches to 17×14 inches of length and height respectively. Not to mention, this backpack is going to last a long span due to its thick nylon fabric. It would take a decade of use when the backpack will begin to wear slowly until then this product is going to the favorite for your kitty.

There will one feature of this backpack which sets a few customers off from the deal is its expensive price tag. This backpack is priced a little more than that the most on the market because of its fine quality. In contrast to that, if you require a backpack for your cat which lasts for a long time and is willing to spend the cost it requires then this is the product for you.

Nonetheless, the Natuvalle cat carrier backpack comes with one unique feature which sets it apart form the rest of the products. As a matter of fact, this feature is the reason behind the price tag with huge figures i.e. the Natuvalle is air approved bag. You can carry your cat in this backpack in the airplane of many airline companies. Lastly, these features justify the price of this backpack perfectly.

4. Blitzwolf Pet Portable Carrier Space Capsule

Coming to our fourth backpack with the transparent dome on one of its walls which allows the cat to peep outside. You can easily let the door open for your cat who seeks entertainment looking at the things and people on the street. Because this backpack from Blitzwolf comes with the rugged bubble shaped body and a large hemispherical dome on one of its walls. It is the place where the cat can peep on the outside world feeling secure.

 Blitzwolf Pet Portable Carrier Space Capsule

Additionally, this backpack is nothing but a quality build made like a secure capsule for the cats to escape the harsh atmosphere and anxiety. Having said that, this backpack is a great commodity which not only will have your cat onboard but also some of the things you want to carry in this backpack if not a cat necessarily.

The factor making it the best cat backpack carrier is its large vents at the bottom of the bag. These vents are important for substantial air circulation but having the large vets at the bottom of the bag can even allow some dust and unwanted things inside especially during travel. Nevertheless, wide vents are essential on or off the travel because it will positively help calm the anxious cat. Hence, this bag requires a little bit cleaning more than the others since it is a shiny skinned tough make.

In the end, the Blitzwolf is a regular backpack with the cushioned straps and extra safety strap for the cat. In this manner, the capsule backpack is going to be useful for all the cat breeds and size. All you hae to do is select the cat backpack according to your kitty’s size. There are fourteen colors, styles, and three sizes of different cat carrier backpack.

5. Pawfect Pets Soft-Sided Pet Carrier Backpack

Here, we have the cat carrier backpack which is made of maximum cover of ventilation net which is desirable. This backpack is specially designed to carry your cat like you carry your regular item in a regular backpack. The Pawfect backpack comes with a hassle-free top load option which is a convenient choice. Along with that, you can even use the front load ventilation net.

Pawfect Pets Soft-Sided Pet Carrier Backpack

Additionally, there are two side pockets with the zippers to store the cat-oriented essentials that come in handy when required. You can have your cat peep outside by opening the top ventilation net. However, you will have to take utmost precautions that your cat does not jump out to run away because of the same. Having said that, this cat backpack comes with a collar fastener which does not allow your cat to jump out of the backpack even when you keep the zippers open.

Coming to the most important factor, the Pawfect cat backpack carrier is made of nylon material which is padded with the soft cushion layer inside. It makes a ride of a cat inside the Pawfect backpack a glorios experience. Not to mention, the ventilation, collar fastener, and the top load opening ventilation are all the pieces of the puzzle which a happy cat usually needs.

In the end, this backpack is an airline approved product which makes it even more desirable for the cat parents. In fact, Pawfect is the best cat backpack carrier if you are expecting to travel overseas with your cat.

6. Giantex Astronaut Pet Cat Carrier Travel Bag

Coming to the cat backpack capsule again with the hemispherical transparent dome. This is a tough build with a sense of elegance. The Giantex cat backpack carrier is one of the most attractive and bubbly backpack for cats because of its vibrant colors. That said, this backpack is not just a series of one or two colors but a total of five vibrant colors. You can select a backpack that matches your cat or even your personality the most depending upon the color.

Giantex Astronaut Pet Cat Carrier Travel Bag

Additionally, using there is a huge advantage using this bag for your cat with its wide shoulder straps. It gets the work done without even feeling any fatigue for an instance. Along with that, there a large top handle with a soft cylindrical grip to carry the bag without any marks or discomfort.

Moreover, the cat parents who have bought this cat carrier appreciate the rugged design and capsulated structure. Because of the capsule design of the bag, it is possible for cat parents to keep the bag in the storage room while not in use. The shape and color of the backpack is meant to last for a years if not a decade.

In contrast to the positives of the backpack, there are a few things of this backpack which can be a concern. To say so, this backpack comes with huge ventilation holes which can attract contaminants. It can be a little set back for the cat who is going to stay inside the backpack.

7. LEMONDA Portable Travel Pet Carrier Backpack

Coming to the capsule-shaped cat carrier backpack by Lemonda, which is similar to the product we have seen in the previous place. This product is not only rugged as the previous backpack but also it has the soft padded layer inside the bag. It will help the cat feel comfortable. In addition to that, there are unbelievable fourteen color series of this backpack which will keep you in the aww feeling.

 LEMONDA Portable Travel Pet Carrier Backpack

Further, there is a wide transparent bowl on the top of the bag which is going to be the basic thing to call this backpack a capsule. Because the transparent dome is the best factor which allows a cat to have a clear look outside from the dome.

In addition to that, there a ample of ventilation via the vent holes. This bag is going to be useful for the rambunctious cats who are not very comfortable in a regular cat crate of duffle carrier. Since this a backpack carrier with utmost ventilation and a strong structure, it is going to be a place where your cat will love to be. Not to mention, the ventilation holes in the backpack are going allow a lot of circulation and even the bright exposure.

In the end, this cat backpack carrier is made of the hard and shiny polymer material which is going to have a long life. On the contrary, this backpack is not as strong as the previous one which we have seen. This carrier will be the best cat backpack for the placid and obedient cats. Because cat backpack’s dimensions measuring 12.6×11.5×16.5 inches is going to be crucial for the cats especially the ones who are active all day long. On the other hand, it will be a great deal for the calm cats weighing up to 14 pounds.

8. Texsens Innovative Traveler Bubble Backpack Pet Carriers

We have seen the cat carrier backpacks in the shape of a capsule with the hard shell outside. However, here we have the cat backpack which is similar to the shape of a capsule but it is not much a regular cat backpack carrier. Because this is a backpack made of the soft fabric on its outside and inside as well. In fact, there are a total of ten cat backpack options which are going to be sufficient if you for you if you have some specific requirements. Since there are ten different variants available with this brand of cat backpack carrier.

Texsens Innovative Traveler Bubble Backpack Pet Carriers

Additionally, this backpack is a huge set up for the fat cat or the large-breed cats. This is not just a backpack with a huge dome but it is the backpack with a ventilated transparent dome. Because the dome has small ventilation holes. In fact, there are optimum ventilation holes that are going to be enough for even multiple kittens kept inside. Having said that, this bag is sufficient for multiple cats if placed inside the backpack.

Moreover, this is the best cat backpack carrier if your cat suffers from unusual anxiety due to enclosures. It can start making things go easy between your cat and the strangers. In the same manner, this backpack with its tough handle and cushioned straps for the better comfort of both the cat and you.

Lastly, the Texsens backpack does not only have one simple designed backpack but there are a total of three different models. You can select the one which suits you and your cat perfectly. It will not only calm down your cat when the environment is making him/her anxious but also it will be comfortable for the long rides.

9. Mogoko Comfortable Cat Carrier Backpack

Mogoko is one unique cat backpack carrier that is made like kangaroo’s bag. This is not the backpack coming close to the capsule-shaped backpack that you have seen previously. Instead, this a simple cat carrier backpack that even allows your cat to peep outside the bag because of it of the wide opening.

Mogoko Comfortable Cat Carrier Backpack

Moreover, this backpack is suitable for all the cats espicially the young kittens. Because of the simple and useful design of the backpack getting your cat inside is just child’s play. Hence, if you are going to get a cat backpack for the first time then this product is the best backpack for you.

In the same manner, this deal has more inclusive for you to select. There are five different color options and three different size options which are going to be the vital factor buying this backpack. That said, the size options of the backpack include bags measuring from 12 inches to 17 inches. These sizes are going to be sufficient for you to choose the best backpack for your cat.

Not to mention, this backpack comes the sweat-absorbent material stitched all around the backpack. It will be the most desirable feature if you are going to travel in the streets with your cat inside. Because the cat backpack carrier you have seen the previous positions are going to clearly show the shades of sweat deposits on its layer since it cannot absorb the sweat. However, this makes the apparent cat backpack vulnerable to the water especially the rains when you would be expecting to save your cat for some time. At the same time, the high absorbent material is going to suck in most of the water getting dampened.

10. AntTech Breathable Pet Travel Backpack Space Capsule

Coming to the last cat backpack carrier on our list, AntTech Breathable Pet Travel is the cute cat backpack similar to the capsule for cats. There is a scratch-proof transparent dome allowing the cat to look outside. Along with that, there are substantial holes in the backpack that makes it easy for the cat to breathe and remains comfortable inside.

AntTech Breathable Pet Travel Backpack Space Capsule

Additionally, carrying a fat kitty won’t be a huge problem while you are using this bag because of its cushioned straps. In this manner, the cat backpack is made up of the hard shell material which is going to be useful while traveling.

Furthermore, this backpack is perfectly suitable for all the cats who like to peep out of the backpack while you take them on the streets. Ultimately, this backpack is not suitable for anxious kittens who do not like bright light exposure. Since the transparent dome is going to allow most of the light inside the backpack.

Nevertheless, the AntTech backpack with its hard shell, cute design, vivid colors, and easy to use structure. These features are more than enough to rank the AntTech backpack in our review list.

Buyer’s Guide for Cat Backpack Carriers

Selecting the best cat backpack carrier can get difficult if you are new to purchasing the feline products. In fact, the products very similar to each other will often increase the confusion for the cat parents.

Hence, we have provided the organized step to step buying guide which will be useful to narrow down the products from this list into the best.

How to Choose the Perfect Cat Backpack?

All you have to do is go through this list of the features of the products and factors affecting its performance. Thereafter you can eliminate the backpacks which do not fall under your requirements list. In this manner, the best cat backpack carrier for your kitty will outlast others.

  • Material

Starting with the best cat backpack feature i.e. it’s material. The gut of the cat backpack could be known simply by understanding the type of material it uses. Hence, getting to know about the material will basically make a clear picture in your mind of the backpack.

There are a few backpacks which are made of the nylon soft-sided fabric, some will have the extra padded nylon material, whereas, you will even find the cat backpacks made of the hard polymer material which will be useful as a capsule to carry your cat during a trip.

  • Color Options

Thereafter, the second thing you will have look at is the color options of the cat backpacks. Colors of the backpacks are going to be the vital element when you would be wanting to twin with your cat. You can even have the backpack which matches the color of your cat, your hairs, clothes, car, and whatnot.

All we can suggest in this case, you shall not prefer buying an economical cat backpack when vibrant one costs more. Instead, you shall prefer getting the cat backpack with an elegant appearance.

  • Size Variants

Coming to the size of the best cat backpack, this factor should be your concern if you have extra fat or tall cat. At the same time, you shall look for the size of the backpack when you happen to own a kitten or the cat breed that grows to not a huge size in their adulthood.

Generally, the cat backpacks will display the height and width for you to ensure that the product you buy matches your cat’s size.

  • Type of Cat Backpack

In the end, you need to see the best cat backpack carrier that matches your requirement perfectly. You can refer to the types of cat backpacks we have explained before the reviews of the backpacks itself. It will help you to choose the best one for your cat.


Your cat also loves to travel despite the conventional saying states something else. However, you will have to get your cat accustomed to the backpack carrier first and then get going to the busiest streets to amuse the cat and continue your daily chores.

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