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Why Do Dogs Eat Cat Poop? Reasons & Risks!!

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If you really want to know why do dogs eat cat poops, you can read this article.

One day when I was working from home, I saw my dog eating acting cat’s poop! AHH! That was so disgusting; I can’t even imagine this! But this made me ponder why do dogs eat cat poop?

What’s the reason my dog eating cat poop!

We have covered four reasons dogs eat cat poop. You can also learn how to stop it and what are the side effects of dog eating cat poop!

why do dogs eat cat poop

Why Do Dogs Eat Cat Poop?

Most Veterinarians say that dogs eat cat poop because it smells like cat food to your dog. As we know dog loves cat food smell and many prefer to eat. It is the most common reason behind dogs eating cat poop. Pet parents do believe that dogs are drawn to the protein content and it is another reason why dogs chose to eat cat poop.

Read the reasons below why do dogs eat cat poop!

dogs eat cat poop

1. Dietary Deficiency

Sometimes nutritional deficiency can be an important reason why do dogs eat cat poop.

The dog-eating poop behavior is called coprophagia, caused by the lack of nutrition in his diet. This can later become his habit. It is not just limited to cat feces, but they generally eat all animal’s feces.

Check your dog’s diet. Does it lack fibers, protein, or vitamin B1? Look for that especially, because lack of these can be a major reason for dogs eating cat poop.

It is a fact that cat poops attract dogs the most because their food is not completely digested, so there are nutrients and protein still left in it. So, when a dog eats cat poop, they feel and smell it as a portion of food.

2. He Likes the Taste

Science says it is common for dogs to eat poop!

Dogs like the smell and the taste of cat feces. And, therefore they search for cat poops.

As discussed earlier, cat poop is undigested and still has the nutrients which make it smells like cat food. That’s the reason why do dogs love to eat it.

3. Lack of Stimulation

One more reason why dogs eat cat poop is because of boredom, and due to this, he can also unnecessarily start barking!

A bored dog needs to be physically stimulated. So, when they are bored, they start to explore the house, and when they find a cat litter box, it excites them. It is like a treasure box!

Due to boredom and lack of mental stimulation, they can undergo stress and anxiety too! Well, dogs are sensitive animals, and changes in his or your routine can also affect their mental health. And hence that’s the reason why do dogs like to eat cat poop as they find it exciting.

Gradually, it becomes their habit!

4. Natural Instinct

As we know, dogs’ relatives’ werewolves, and they used to eat poop to fulfill their stomachs, mostly when they would fail to hunt their prey! It is their survival instinct that is still living with them. When street dogs are hungry, and they do not find something to eat, they eat poops on the roadside.

So, when puppies observe their mother dog eating poop. They also adapt this behavior and eat cat poops.

Thus, this is the reason why the dog keeps eating cat poop!

You can also give a glance look at

Know the Side Effects of It!

side effects of poop eating

If your dog eating poop, then, let me tell you, it is not healthy for his body.

Yes, it’s true because a dog eating cat poop can develop pathogens in its body. Poop has a lot of microorganisms and germs like Clostridia, Parasites, and many others bacteria. And, for your information, it can pass to you too!

Dog eating cat poop symptoms are abdominal pain, vomit, nausea. This happens because of the digestive system blockage.

Keep the dog out of the litter box as if he gulps down a huge amount of clumping litter. He will face irregular bowel movements! This can lead to potential health problems. Later you have to take veterinary treatment.

How to Stop Dog From Eating Cat Litter?

stop dog eating litter

Stopping dogs from eating cat poop is vital. It can make him sick, and it is hazardous for his health!

Dog-eating cat poop can be stopped if you get baby gates for your cat. Cats can easily go through that door and do their toilet business. Plus, your dog won’t be able to nose in between. You can also get a dog-proof cat litter box.

Feed him various dog food to reduce vitamin deficiency. You can give dog supplements too! Offer him tasty dog food, get tasty peanut butter treats, sweet potatoes treat, etc.

To stop a dog from eating poop, you can take him to your yard for a walk, give him puzzles, mind games, toys, keep him busy, give him leash training if required and make him fit, and provide him a happy place.

Regularly clean your kitty litter box. If you find it hard, you can purchase PetSafe’s Smart Automatic Self Cleaning Litter Box to save your energy. It will automatically clean the litter box via a smartphone and keep bad odors out of the house. Amazing tech, good idea indeed!

When your dog is sniffing around your feline friend’s litter boxes, make sure you teach him to stop and say no. You have to give him the training to stop this gross behavior appropriately. Because he can get sick, so teach him the Leave command! And, when he quickly obeys your instruction, reward him.

If he still continues to raid the litter box, then as a good owner, you should take him to a veterinarian.

Well, That’s a Wrap!

There are multiple health issues your dog can get if he eats cat poop. Therefore, it is necessary that you must know why do dogs eat cat poop!

Also, you should know ways to stop dog eating poop so that you can control the serious health problems of your canine friend!

A dog eating cat poop can be because of vitamin deficiency, lack of mental stimulation, a stressful environment, and a lot more. To know other reasons you can read the article.

Plus, if you know any other best tips and tricks related to this, do let us know in the comment section below!


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