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Are Munchkin Cats Hypoallergenic? All You Need to Know

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After making up your mind to adopt an energetic, active Munchkin cat to your family. But you are prone to cat allergies and have doubts about whether you should adopt Munchkin or not. In that case, it’s better to identify first whether Munchkins are hypoallergenic or not.

Are Munchkin Cats Hypoallergenic

To overcome your doubts, we have gathered some fruitful knowledge regarding whether Munchkin cats are hypoallergenic or not, and other more related information which is useful for your future reference.

Without wasting time, let’s dive in to get the information and clear your doubts about whether it is a good idea to add a cute Munchkin to your family if you are prone to allergies.

Munchkin Cats Facts Check

Munchkin cats belong to “Sausage cats”, they are considered one of the most intelligent breeds on the planet, and Munchkin cats are also known as dwarf cats.

Munchkin Cats Facts Check

Munchkin cats are a great option to add to your family, they are a friendly, smart, and active breed. These breeds are great learners they can easily adopt new tricks, and rules, so you don’t have to worry about their training.

They come in various length small to medium and weighs about nine pounds. Plus, have a shiny coat which adds extra spark to their beauty.

Are Munchkin Cats Hypoallergenic?

The answer is no, Munchkin cats are not considered hypoallergenic, even though they shed less as compared to other breeds. But, they can trigger allergies easily by producing allergy-causing protein, which is not good for people with allergy symptoms.

As you keep on reading, you will get to know that Munchkin cats do not shed more. Still, there is a high tendency that dander can cause irritation and skin diseases. This is the reason they are not hypoallergenic, so if you have hypersensitive skin, it is advisable to not adopt Munchkin cats.

Do Munchkin Cats Shed?

Well no, Munchkin cats are moderate shedder, and they experience seasoning shedding. Either they have long or short hair, and mostly they shed their hair during summer. Munchkin cats with long hair have a silky coat and short hair has medium polished shine.

Do Munchkin Cats Shed

During summer, you will encounter their fur all over the furniture, and corner of the house when they start shedding. They are also likely to shed more when the temperature is high and when they are stressed or suffering from any severe health issues.

What Makes Munchkin Cats Hypoallergenic to You?

Most humans who are prone to cat allergies are generally due to urine, saliva, dander, skin cell, and dead pores which are shed through the kitty’s coat. The particles shed by your feline trigger a variety of hypersensitive reactions, which leads to respiratory problems.

Those who have respiratory issues are recommended to spend less time with Munchkin cats because airborne allergies will create breathing issues for them, and it is not safe for their health. However, if you are not allergic to your feline’s fur then you can spend time with her freely without worrying much but still, precautions are better like maintaining distance.

Munchkins produces numerous substances which can lead to skin and pores allergies. People with hypersensitive skin are advised to stay away from Munchkin cats but if you are not one of them then freely spend time with them.

This is one of the reasons it is advised that before adopting munchkins first spend some time with them and if you are comfortable in parenting them no reaction is caused by their fur or coat then go for it or else simply drop your idea f adopting Munchkin.

Factors to Look Before Parenting Munchkin Cats

Here are a few things that need to be considered before adopting Munchkin cats. Let’s dig in to get fruitful knowledge for better parenting.


Cats like grooming themselves they enjoy pampering and feel good. They also groom one another to share love and positive energy. Pet parents have a habit of sending their feline pal to a grooming center but if you are adopting a Munchkin cat then avoid bathing her frequently.


This is because over-bathing can damage their coat and lead to more shedding of hair and dander. Plus, there are chances of other skin issues and coat dryness which means more allergens in your home.

It is friendly advice for you to provide a bathing session to your Munchkin only once a month with appropriate shampoo which suits her coat. In this way, you can reduce the chances of shedding dander, and hair as well as prevent skin problems.

Health Issues

Just like other cats Munchkin also has some health issues that you should know about beforehand such as they have genetic issues like short legs, bowed jaws, and thick joints. This lead to severe health issues such as lordosis, hypochondroplasia, and pectus excavatum.

Health Issues

So, it’s better to get an idea about her health problems so that you can handle them wisely rather than getting confused or panicked at that time.

Saliva and Dander Exposer

If you are planning to adopt a Munchkin cat or already parenting one, you should have knowledge regarding her saliva and dander exposure. Munchkin cats like grooming themselves, so there are high possibilities that their saliva might get dried up all over the coat and lead to skin reactions or allergies.

Most allergens are triggered by dander, shedding fur by your feline. Just like other cats, Munchkin also has a habit of shedding their fur but on an extreme level. Breathing issues are caused by such airborne dust particles, which are not good for you and your family members.

Munchkin coats shed several particles which lead to major allergen symptoms, so it is advisable to spend some time with them before adding them to your family.

How to Reduce Allergies When Munchkin Is Around?

If you have a dust allergy or any other mild allergens symptoms but still want to parent Munchkin cat. In such a scenario, there are a few precautions that should be kept in mind while parenting so that it will aid to reduce the chances of allergens issues.

We have jotted down a few tips which will surely help you to keep a fresh environment around you, and you can enjoy your parenthood also without getting affected.

Clean your house

One of the best ways to reduce allergies when Munchkin is around is by keeping your house clean. Make sure you vacuum your floor and carpet on a regular basis, no fur should be left in any corner of the house.

Clean your house

Installing an air purifier is also a great option that filters out the dander, and any other dust particles which can lead to allergies issues. Provides fresh air to your feline and family members.


Keeping your kitty’s diet appropriate and providing her with all the essential nutrients is good for her body. This is because if you offer her cheap food then there are chances that she might get a skin allergy and start scratching her body which ends up shedding more hair.


All of these can create problems for you and your family and might encounter allergen symptoms.

It is advisable to give them good food enriched with all the nutrients, and twice a week you can feed her fish for healthy texture, coat, and shine.


Even after taking so much care still if you observe that you have any cat allergies. In such a scenario, it is advisable to start your medication rapidly to avoid future health issues. You can also take help from your doctor regarding appropriate tablets to overcome the allergy.

There are different methods of applying antihistamine medication, so you can ask experts which one will work for your body function and start the procedure.


Munchkin cats are a smart breed and they easily adapt to new things and tricks. In other words, their brain is active in learning rapidly, they have high concentration levels. Munchkin cats like being engaged, it is advisable to offer them toys, and puzzle games to keep them active and busy.

From day one if you guide them not to enter certain areas, and always use the litter box for their toiletry routine. So, they won’t repeat the mistake and will strictly follow the rules.

While training her if you strictly guide them in the following areas such as

  • Always stay away from furniture
  • Do not lick anything in the house
  • Warn her about prohibited areas
  • Proper toiletry training
  • Avoid licking you

These tips will surely help to reduce the allergens when Munchkin is around and will also keep your house neat and tidy.


Now, you know Munchkin cats are not hypoallergenic. Hopefully, we have cleared all your clouds of doubts regarding this breed’s basic information.

As you know we have covered all the points like whether they are hypoallergenic or not, tips to reduce allergens, how much do they shed, etc.

If you are allergic to cat’s coat then it is advisable to stay away from Munchkin’s and if only have mild symptoms you can easily live with them and have happy parenting. But, you have to keep one thing in mind on a regular basis, you have to clean your house and remove all the shredded fur.


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