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The 5 Best Cat Toys to Keep Them Busy In 2023

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Cat toys to keep them busy are the hardest to find. So, we have done the job for you. Continue reading till the end!

Cats have the highest energy in the early mornings and in the middle of the night. These are the times when you can’t give her enough attention, but you can’t just leave your cat alone.

Thus, you must have a whole bunch of cat toys to keep cats busy so that you can peacefully head on to your work or sleep better.

Without further-a-do, let’s begin the review, shall we?

A Quick Comparison of Our Winners (2023)

Best Overall

Gold medal by vets winner

Petstages Tracks Cat Toy

best cat toys to keep them busy
  • Helps to stimulate your kitty’s sense of hunting
  • It is safe for your kitty
  • The balls glide way smoothly

Editor’s Pick

Silver medal by vets second place

Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture

go pet club cat tree furniture
  • It can be used by multi-cat household
  • The toy is extremely compact
  • The length of the toy is suitable enough for cats to survey the land

Affordable Pick

Bronze medal by vets third place

Petstages Catnip and Dental Health Cat Toys

petstages catnip dental health cat toys
  • It is apt for felines of every age
  • Keeps your kitty busy in chewing
  • Toy is made from food-safe rubber and strong fabric is used

The 5 Best Cat Toys to Keep Them Busy Reviews

Cats are inquisitive and active pets who constantly search for something to entertain themselves. You can’t always be there to play with them. But as a cat owner, the whole responsibility falls upon you to choose the best cat toy to keep them busy.

To make your work easy, we have prepared a list of the best cat toys to keep them busy while you are away. We have also included all the benefits and drawbacks of each of these toys to give you a much clearer view.

1. Petstages Tracks Cat Toy

Petstages Tracks are the best cat toys to keep them busy! Petstages is a perfect toy to keep your kitten’s attention diverted on the toy. It has 3 levels for the cat to track with 3 differently colored balls on each level. Your cat will love batting, chasing, pouncing, and swatting the balls.

Best Cat Toys to Keep Them Busy

Keeping your cat’s safety in mind, the manufacturers have kept a small bar at the top. Thus, your curious cat’s head won’t get stuck while playing with the toy. It is made from strong plastic so that it won’t break easily.

Even if your feline loves to play with her toys vigorously, the toy won’t slip as it has a non-slip rubber base at the bottom.


  • This is a perfect toy to stimulate your cat’s senses for hunting. Your cat will be very excited while playing with the toy.
  • The toy is so safe for your cat that you do not need to monitor your cat while she is playing with it.
  • The balls glides way smoothly, so your cat will remain busy for hours at a stretch.


  • None, trust me. This is the best buy as cat entertainment toys.

2. Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture

A perfect Go Pet Club Toy for multiple cats. Use these toys to entertain cats while you are at work. The toy is made from pressed wood and covered with a faux fur board. The toy is extremely compact and won’t break easily. The length of the toy is suitable enough for cats to survey the land.

Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture

The inside of the baskets is made from metal, so it will not break even by the most energetic cats. Your cats won’t have any difficulty climbing and reaching different levels of the tree. The tree is made so beautifully that it won’t spoil the look of your room.

Even the most upscale room looks ravishing and bewitching with this toy in it!


  • The stability of this toy cannot be doubted even when used by multiple cats. It will never wooble.
  • It comes with a very easy to read instruction manual. Even a 15 year old kid would easily assemble it.


  • The toy is quite big if you live in a small-limited space.
  • The toy is a little expensive but it is worth the quality and fun it gives your feline friend.

3. Petstages Catnip and Dental Health Cat Toys

Whether you have a kitten or a cat, Petstages Catnip and Dental Health Cat Toys is to keep them busy is the one you must-must have in their toy basket. The toy is made from food-safe rubber and strong fabric streamers so that your cat does not hurt herself while chewing the toy.

Petstages Catnip and Dental Health Cat Toys

The toy is going to keep your cat busy and entertained as it is infused with catnip oil. And the best part about the toy is that this is not just a toy-toy! It even helps your cat to clean her teeth and remove tartar as she plays and chews the toy.

It is the most loved toy even by the pickiest cats. Take my word and just go for this toy.


  • The chew toy is apt for felines of all ages. So once you buy this toy, you will be able to use it for a long time. As the toy won’t become useless.
  • This is the least expensive toy and keeps your cat extremely busy in chewing.


  • If left unsupervised, the toy might get broken. So, it is better that you give this toy to your cat only when you are available next to her.

4. Catit Digger Cat Toys to Keep Them Busy

The Catit Digger Cat Toy is a 2-in-1 product as it can be used as cat toys to keep them busy as well as a treat dispenser. This interactive toy is surely going to keep your cat busy. The bowl comes with many tubes. You can put some treats or dry kibble for your cat. Let her struggle to get those out.

Catit Digger Cat Toys to Keep Them Busy

This toy will make sure that her pawing instincts are satisfied. The toy has a rubber mat at the bottom so it won’t tip while your cat is using the toy. It is built from BPA-free materials, so you do not have to worry even if your cat excessively licks the toy.

The toy is very easy to clean. You just need to remove the green tubes, and the toy is ready for the wash.


  • BPA-free materials make the toy very safe.
  • It is a 2-in-1 purchase. You can use it as both a toy and a treat dispenser.


  • If you use oily treats, make sure you clean the tubes regularly. Otherwise, it would get gressy.
  • For some picky cats, this toy might not be that interesting.

5. PetSafe Bolt Automatic Laser Light

The Petsafe Bolt Automatic Laser Light is a highly interactive toy that will satisfy your cat’s hunting instincts and keep them busy for an extended period of time.

PetSafe Bolt Automatic Laser Light

This toy offers you two modes, an automatic mode that creates random patterns to attract your cat and a manual mode where you can control the actions of this toy on your own.

This toy’s 5mw power output ensures safe play for your cat, and it smartly turns off itself after 15 minutes of inactive play to save battery and prevent your cat from being overstimulated.


  • There are two modes in this toy to control the actions of your cat’s play.
  • This is a smart automatic toy and turns off after 15 minutes of inactivity.
  • The exciting laser of this cat toy moves in random direction, which appeals your cat’s natural hunting instincts.


  • These toys for cats requires two AA batteries, which are not included in the pack.

How to Choose the Best Cat Toys to Keep Them Busy

Sometimes we know what we want, but we are confused if it is the right product or not. Every toy is different, and each has its own specifications. But there few standard points that you should look for while buying a toy for your cat.

Here’s a list of the considerable features that you should look for in a toy.


Your Feline’s safety should be your first priority no matter what. Many toys are made of toxic materials. If your cat takes those chemically harmful toys in their mouth, then it can have a very damaging effect on their body.

Other than that, you should also see that the product is not made of flimsy material or has any small pieces, which can become a choking hazard while you are checking for safety measures when selecting a toy.


A cat can get very aggressive while playing with their toys, and sometimes they may break them while playing. Getting a new toy every time your cat breaks can be heavy on your pocket. So it is advisable to look for durable toys to withstand your cat’s rough and tough play.

Choking Hazard

You should always check the toy properly before you give it to your cat to play with, especially the one that is flimsy and not durable enough. A damaged product may have small bits and pieces which can get stuck in your cat’s throat and can get ingested in their bowel also.

Objects like small balls, yarn, strings, furry toys, or broken plastic toys are a few choking hazards that every pet parent should avoid.

Engagement Factor

Cats like chasing, and they mostly go for toys, which gives them a nice run. The engagement factor is not only about your cat, but it’s upon you also. If you choose a teasing toy like a wand, you will have to stay with them and supply your engagement in them.

On the other hand, you should use interactive toys if you wish to increase your cat’s mental stimulation. This way, you wouldn’t have to keep an eye on them all the time, and your cat will love the free a lot as well.

FAQs About Cat Toys to Keep Them Busy

Which is the best cat toy to keep them busy?

The best toys to keep cats busy are from the Petstages brand! Petstages Cat Tracks Cat Toy is undoubtedly the best cat toys for bored cats. At such a low price, the toy is able to entertain and keep your cat busy. The toy even manages to give a good exercise session to your cat.

How do I keep my cat entertained while I’m at work?

While you are at work for hours, you can get bored alone. The best way to keep your cat entertained while you’re at work is by providing them climbing areas or toys which support independent play.

Apart from that, you can get them some interactive toys, prepare a treasure hunt for them, give them a view where they can see birds, people or animals walk by or leave some soothing sound they can enjoy.

How do I keep my indoor cat busy?

Apart from toys, there are other alternatives also to keep your indoor feline friend entertained. You can use cardboard, paper bag, buy a scratching post. If your cat is motivated by food, then you can prepare a food puzzle for your cat.

You can also buy cat-friendly furniture like a scratch bench or a cat tree to keep her busy.

Final Words

Keeping your cats busy is one of the many difficult tasks you need to do as a pet parent. We all know cats are very picky, and keeping them busy and entertained is not easy.

That is why we have reviewed the 5 best cat toys to keep them busy. These toys will surely keep your feline intrigued while you are not able to give her enough time. Whether you go shopping or at work, these toys will assuredly be your rescue.

Thank us later, first; order the toys for your lovely cat!


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