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The 7 Best Food for Persian Cats in 2023 | Reviews & Top Picks

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Are you a proud owner of a purebred Persian cat? If so, you already know that these beautiful felines are a bit different from other cats. But did you know that their unique genetics can sometimes lead to health problems? To help your precious Persian stay healthy and happy, it’s important to feed them a special diet of Persian cat food.

While Persian cats are known for their love of lounging and napping, they aren’t exactly high-energy creatures. They tend to be more laid-back, content to curl up and snooze the day away. However, as they age, they may be more prone to certain genetic issues.

As a responsible cat parent, it’s important to make sure your Persian is getting all the nutrients they need to stay fit and healthy. By providing a balanced diet, you can help them maintain a healthy weight and keep those pesky genetic problems at bay. So if you want your Persian to live their best life, make sure you’re giving them the best food possible!

A Quick Look At Our Favorites of 2023

Best Overall

Gold medal by vets winner

Iams ProActive Persian Cat Food

iams proactive persian cat food
  • Helps to increase and maintain metabolism
  • Suitable for all ages and types of Persian cats
  • Provides all essential nutrients needs

Editor’s Pick

Silver medal by vets second place

Diet Canned Persian Cat Food

diet canned persian cat food
  • Includes a high amount of protein, omega-6, and vitamin E
  • Veterinarian recommended
  • Made with global ingredients you can trust

Affordable Pick

Bronze medal by vets third place

Royal Canin Persian Wet Cat Food

royal canin persian wet cat food
  • Helps to nourish skin and coat
  • Supports digestive health
  • Even picky eaters will love the taste

The 7 Best Food for Persian Cats Reviews

Persian cats are picky eaters, they like to eat both dry and wet food, but there are numerous options regarding flavors and types of cat foods for Persian cats.

While choosing cat food for your Persian cat, make sure there is an adequate amount of minerals, quality protein, fiber, and minerals that are vital for your cat’s growth.

Now, let’s look at the seven best cat foods for Persian cats!

1. Iams ProActive Persian Cat Food 

There are several reasons why this best cat food for Persian cats comes first on this list. It is a perfect mixture of dry Persian cat food that contains a pure blend of minerals, nutrients, vitamins, and minerals for kittens as well as grown Persian cats.

Best Food for Persian Cats


It will help your fat Persian cat in maintaining her weight and health with help with fat burning and increasing metabolism. It is especially a combination of beetroot pulp and high fiber that will help your cat’s digestion and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Even though this is Persian cat diet food, it is suitable for all ages and types of Persian cats as it has quality protein content with less than 10% of fat. In addition, it also contains omega-6, omega-3, and fatty acid ratios for luscious hair and soft skin.


  • Being rich in protein, this is the best cat food for Persian cats to increase and maintain metabolism. Hence, the can will grow muscles instead of unwanted fat.
  • Iams proactive Persian cat diet food is applicable for all ages and types of Persian cats.
  • It is a type of best dry cat food, so you can store it for a long time, or you can mix it with wet Persian cat food.
  • This cat food is formulated to take care of hairball problems and skin issues that can be common in Persian cats.
  • This product aims to complete the nutritional needs in a form of a healthy treat.


  • If not stored properly, this food for Persian cats can be victim of mold.

2. Diet Canned Persian Cat Food

No one likes to see their cat suffer from tragic issues like a hairball in your adult or elderly cats. If not given proper food, which is bland, can especially give rise to issues like hairball or urinary hairball difficulties.

Diet Canned Food for Persian Cats


This canned Persian cat diet food is a special science-led nutrition mix that is specially created for adult and elderly cats. It contains a high amount of protein content and vitamin E that helps their skin and hair to nourish, and a high protein diet helps them to regain their energy and helps them to stay healthy.

Approved by vets, this canned Persian cat diet food is healthy and full of rich ingredients. A single can contains 156 grams of the food, which is an ideal proportion for an adult Persian cat or a perfect dietary option fat Persian cat diet.


  • The high amount of protein, omega-6, and vitamin E helps in muscular and physical growth, besides it helps in hair growth and maintains skin barriers.
  • This canned Persian cat diet food is wet, thus it helps in sustaining the hydration level.
  • The single server has the perfect quantity to fulfill the nutrition value for an adult cat, besides the portion is appropriate for a Persian cat diet.
  • This wet Persian cat has a natural source of fibers that will help them in proper digestion. Thereafter, reducing and preventing the hairball problem.


  • This Persian cat food is quite expensive.

3. Royal Canin Persian Wet Cat Food

Long and feathery hair is one of the main features of Persian cats. It’s necessary to feed your Persian cat foods that are necessary for her physical growth as well as their hair nourishment.

Royal Canin Persian Wet Cat Food


This Royal Canin Persian wet cat food is a fancy feast cat breed combination for a portion of wet cat food and nutrition that is essential for your pure breed Persian cat. It is rich in fiber so helps in all the digestive-related concerns, it has complete and balanced nutritional values. If your cat doesn’t like to eat wet food alone, you can mix the dry cat food with it.

This nutritious formula contains omega-3 and omega-6 and to help with a healthy heart and skin. This Persian cat food has a 7.5% protein content level and amino acids for that source of energy your cat needs.


  • This is a type of wet Persian food that can be consumed alone or, for a different taste preference, you can mix it with dry Persian cat food.
  • It contains various sources of vitamins like omega-3, omega-6 and has a proportion of 7.5% protein.
  • Formulated with a loaf in the sauce it is tasty moreover, it is made especially to support digestion in indoor cats.
  • Breed-specific nutrition is added to the food for the health of skin, heart, and energy in this Persian cat diet.
  • The price of this product has favorable price for your convenience, it comes in different quantities.


  • Some cats don’t seem to like the taste. However, if you consider it mixing with dry food, the taste can change.

4. Royal Canin Persian Dry Cat Food

This Royal Canin Persian dry cat food is a natural blend of and is specially formulated to meet the needs of Persian cats. Made mainly of chicken fat, chicken liver, chicken breast, wheat gluten, pea fiber, and corn, etc. it is high in fiber and quality protein. This dry food for Persian cats is mainly for cats that are 1 year or older.

Royal Canin Persian Dry Food


This dry food for Persian cats comes in different weights, so you can choose as per your requirements. The size of the kibble is small and perfect for your flat-faced felines. This product has quality protein content and fiber that helps them in hairball problems and provides muscular growth.

It is suitable for the taste of Persian cats, they will enjoy it but for some reason, if they are not eating it properly you can try mixing it with wet Persian cat food.


  • This dry food for Persian cats comes in different weights, so you can choose as per your requirements.
  • The bag of cat food comes with a seal, so you don’t need to store it.
  • It can be mixed completely with wet food for Persian cats for extra benefits or easy consumption.
  • The size of the kibbles is perfect for flat-faced felines.
  • It has the perfect mixture of protein, amino acids, fiber, vitamins and, minerals.


  • If not sealed properly, the dry food for Persian cats can have an odd smell.

5. Wellness Persian Canned Cat Food

Wellness canned food for Persian cats is preferred for Persian cats that suffer from grain allergies. This product is 100% grain-free wet food, and it has chicken breast as the main ingredient and also contains turkey, chicken broth chicken fat, chicken liver, etc.

Wellness Persian Canned Cat Food


It contains 7% fat and 10% protein, which is a sufficient amount for an adult Persian cat. This processed Persian food for cats doesn’t contain any fillers, thus every ounce of this cat food contains nothing but nutrition. Wet Persian cat food is the best way to make sure that your pure cat breeds Persian cat is getting proper hydration, as wet Persian cat food has moisture in them.

It doesn’t have grains in the ingredients, that doesn’t mean it’s not healthy or has less nutritional value is a full pack chicken meal. This wellness canned cat food is ideal for an adult Persian cat since it is a mixture of natural ingredients like lean meat ingredients, healthy fats, fruits, and vegetables that can be heavy for kittens.


  • This cat food for Persian cats is a type of wet food that maintains the hydration level in the cats.
  • This food product is grain-free wet food, hence best for Persian cats with grain allergies.
  • It comes with a lifetime of well-being, providing ingredients for healthy skin, eyesight, proper digestion, and building strong immunity.
  • This wet Persian cat food has well-balanced nutrition.
  • The taste is suitable for the cats, as it mainly contains chicken breast, turkeys, chicken broth, chicken liver, then, etc.


  • If the food is not stored properly, the food might have a foul odor.

6. Royal Canin Persian Dry Kitten Food

Persian cats are known to be very picky and choosy about eating food. And buying food with a lower nutrition value can affect their health and can be problematic effects on their hair and skin. It’s better to start with food that has a proper nutritional value from a younger age.

Royal Canin Persian Dry Kitten Food


Royal Canin kitten food is the best option you’ll have for your little Persian kittens. It has a properly balanced amount of nutrition that a Persian kitten needs. This Persian kitten food is cat breeds-specific, formulated to provide your kitten with the vital nutrients and minerals they need to grow up.

This Persian cat food has an adequate amount of antioxidants that help the kittens to show indications of substantial growth. Furthermore, as the size of the Persian kittens is small and flat, the size of the kibble is small, so they can eat dry food precisely. It is high in protein and probiotics, so it is easy to digest, and it contains an even amount of fatty acids with will help the hairs and skin to flourish. This product is undoubtedly one of the best foods for Persian kittens.


  • It has a high amount of protein, which helps in increasing or fasting the optimal growth.
  • This Persian kitten food comes in small size, which is perfect for kittens as they have small mouths.
  • This Royal Canin Persian kitten food has a propositional blend of antioxidants and vitamin E that will further help them in building good immunity power.
  • Being rich in protein and probiotics, this Persian cat food for kittens will help in proper digestion and will provide energy.
  • Comes in a compactible size which is easy to store. If you want a change in food, the size is perfect to try the taste buds of your cat.


  • This food for Persian kittens is dry, so there might be a problem with hydration. However, if you want, you can mix a little proportion of wet food.

7. Purina One Chicken Pate Cat Food

If you are a Persian cat parent, you should always give food to your cat that can satisfy their nutritional needs. As Persian cats are pure breed, they bring their genetics and issue related to genetics with them.

Purina One Chicken Pate Food for Persian Cats


Persian cats require food that has high-quality protein to stay active. Purina one chicken pate cat food is a full chicken meal in one. Purina one Persian cat food is a chicken-flavored, moisture-rich canned wet cat food, and has fish oil. It is grain-wet food, so you can feed the cat that has a grain allergy. Moreover, it is a zero filler and avoiding artificial ingredients, artificial colors, or artificial flavors in this cat food, hence every bit of food is full of nutrients.

It comes in a portable size that can hold up to 85 grams of food in one can with a pull-up facility. The mixture is created with added minerals, nutrients, vitamins, and minerals it has a high level of moisture, so you can stay hydrated as Persian cats tend to drink less water.


  • This Persian cat food with different blends according to age, flavor, and health preference.
  • This food for Persian kittens and grown cats is rich in moisture so, besides nutrition and minerals, it also provides hydration.
  • This product is filler-free, thus every bit has a blend of minerals, vitamins, and nutrients in it.
  • It is made from real meat protein and poultry and fish oil.
  • This Persian cat food is suitable for both kittens and grown cats.


  • As this wet Persian cat food is high in moisture, it can go rotten or dry easily. Therefore, you should order the quantity according to the diet or number of your cats.

 How to Choose the Best Persian Cat Food

Cat food for Persian cats has many options, and as a Persian cat parent, it must be difficult to select the best cat food for your feline friend.

While there are many factors to keep in mind while selecting food for your Persian cat, here are some of them.


There are many types of Persian cat food, selecting the type of food which is preferable to your cat must be the topmost priority.

Persian cats are known to be picky eaters. A perfect blend of wet cat food and best dry food is recommended, but some cats like dry food, and some like wet cat food.


Persian cats are known to be purebred, therefore they have many genetic tendencies with them. When selecting or purchasing food for them, always see the contents or ingredients written at the back and make sure there are fewer artificial ingredients, artificial colors, and artificial flavors in cat foods.

In general, these cats love eating protein, but some foods are unhealthy for Persian cats, while some provide innumerable health benefits. While searching for the ingredients, always keep in mind the ingredients your cat is allergic to.


Persian cats have small mouths and flat faces, so they might face a problem while eating big chunks of food.

While selecting dry foods for Persian cats, check the size of the kibbles and shape that should be small, so they can eat dry food easily. Also, check that they are chopped evenly in small sizes.

FAQs About Persian Cat Food

Which is the best Persian cat food?

According to the resources and list, if you are looking for wet food for Persian cats, then Diet Canned Persian Cat Food could be the best way to go. If you want to go for the best dry cat foods, then the best foods for Persian cats will be Iams proactive Persian cat diet food.

Both of the Products are full of nutrients and have plenty of minerals in them, so they are good for cats.

How much does Persian cat food cost?

The cost of the best cat foods for Persian cats varies from product to product or for types of food, and the main factor is ingredients. You should always check prices and compare them.

Mainly, wet Persian cat food costs more than dry cat food. The product with high-quality protein content with low or zero fillers and avoided artificial ingredients, artificial colors, or artificial flavors is one of the best foods’ products for Persian cats but is relatively expensive.

While products with ingredients like vegetable and fruit mix or are a mixture of chicken fat, chicken breast, and vegetable stocks are of lower rates.

Can Persian cats eat normal food?

You should avoid giving your cat food from your plate, as this type of food can be toxic and harmful for your cat.

Before giving your Persian cat normal or food from your plate, you should check the allergy of your cat. Foods like bananas, peeled apples, wheat, pumpkins, blueberries, sweet potatoes, etc. are the type of food which is healthy for your Persian cats.

The main thing is to have a note of things your cat is allergic to.

Which nutrients are essential for Persian cats?

Persian cats are purebred, so they tend to have genetic issues. A Persian cat’s diet depends on its activity.

To avoid the genetic problem, you should feed them food that would support their body to fight against these issues. As suggested by vets, Persian cats should be provided with food that has high-quality protein, fiber, vitamin E, minerals, omega-3, omega-6 and, amino acids as they are good for cats.


Having a balanced diet is essential for a Persian cat, while feeding the cat there are some important factors you need to keep in mind like age, productivity, health, personality, etc.

Persian cats are very picky about eating their food. While selecting the best food for Persian cats, you should always keep things in mind like what they like, what are they allergic to, or what type of food can be unhealthy to your Persian cats.

I hope you find this article useful, and it can be the ultimate guide for selecting the best Persian cat food for your Persian kitties.


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