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The 10 Best Toys for Bengal Cats of 2023

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Do you have a Bengal cat at home? Does she get bored easily? Are you trying to figure out which are the best toys for Bengal cats?

What if I tell you I got the words to each one of these questions?

Yes, of course! You read it correctly. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the best toys for Bengal cats and will provide you with a comprehensive review as well as a buyer’s guide.

A Quick Glance At the Winners of 2023

Best Overall

Gold medal by vets winner

Petstages Tower of Tracks Toy

Best Toy for Bengal Cats
  • Helps to keep them mentally engaged
  • Sturdy and durable enough for your cat’s rough play
  • Close track, protect your kitty’s paw from getting stuck

Editor’s Pick

Silver medal by vets second place

Kong Naturals Scratcher Bengal Cat Toy

Kong Naturals Scratcher Bengal Cat Toy
  • It can handle twice the amount of scratching as compare to normal
  • Helps to satisfy their instinctual needs
  • This one is reversible, it can be used as both ways

Affordable Pick

Bronze medal by vets third place

Cat Dancer 101 Interactive Game

Cat Dancer 101 Interactive Game
  • Simple design toy
  • Helps to keep your kitty busy for hours
  • It enhances your cat’s hunting skills

The 10 Best Toys for Bengal Cats Reviews

1. Petstages Tower of Tracks Toy

Our top pick from the entire list is the Petstages Tower of Tracks Toys for Bengal Cats. This mentally engaging track toy is designed with three levels of tracks and three bright-colored balls, which will keep your cat engaged for hours.

Petstages Tower of Tracks Toy

If you own more than one feline, then these toys for Bengal cats will entice all of them. The sturdy and non-slip base of this Bengal cat toy can hold your cat’s vigorous play.

These tracks tower toy is a safer option as compared to other toys because the closed track helps to keep your kitty’s paws from getting stuck in the tracks while they play.

To conclude, we think this is the overall best toy for Bengal cats.


  • This toy encourages Bengal cats to play independently and keeps them mentally engaged
  • It is very sturdy and durable enough to handle your cat’s rough play
  • The non-skid pads on the bottom of this toy prevent it from sliding


  • Some cats are overly curious, and they might try to peep their head over the central opening and might get their head stuck while playing with the toys

2. Kong Naturals Scratcher Bengal Cat Toy

Our runner-up is the Kong Naturals Scratcher Cat Toy. It is the best cat claw scratcher. Bengal cats have a habit of scratching a lot, and hence they tend to destroy your furniture in the process. To save your furniture and give your cat a fun playtime, get him a Kong scratcher.

Kong Naturals Scratcher Bengal Cat Toy

This scratcher is quite strong and can withstand your extremely active Bengals scratches. These toys for Bengal cats sustain twice as compared to other brands of scratchers. Its reversible feature extends the longevity of this scratching pad.

It is a bit expensive, but with its excellent functionality and durability, you will be more than happy to pay for the listed price.


  • This toy scratcher can handle twice the amount of scratching as any other normal cat scratcher
  • The Kong scratcher enhances your cat’s play and satisfies their instinctual needs
  • It is reversible and hence you can reverse this scratcher for extended use


  • This is a flat scratch surface pad and not suitable if your cat has a habit of inclined scratchpad

3. Cat Dancer 101 Interactive Game

The Cat dancer 101 is the best and the most affordable interactive toy for Bengal cats. It has tested over 8 million cats, which is enough to give a guarantee of its performance and safety.

Cat Dancer 101 Interactive Game

These original interactive Bengal cat toys include a spring steel wire instead of string and rolled cardboard, making it a simple but irresistible lure for the cat. It enhances your cat’s hunting skills as well.

This cat toys is simple, functional, and affordable; it has been singled out as safe by veterinarians for its safe design. You can hang it or drag it across the floor and have fun playtime with your Kitty.


  • The toys for Bengal cats is inexpensive and safe for all breeds of cats.
  • The cat dancer is an irresistible toy and hence it will keep your cat busy for hours.
  • It is a very simple designed cat toy so it is not harmful to your cat.


  • These toys for Bengal cats aren’t much durable and the toy may get broken easily if not handled with care.

4. Friends Forever Variety Pack of Toys

The best way to impress a Bengal cat is by providing them with numerous options to play with. The Friends Forever Variety Pack of Toys for Bengal cats provides you 20 fun-filled pieces of toys in a single pack. These will be the perfect Bengal cat gifts that will provide her lasting fun.

Friends Forever Variety Pack of Toys

Kittens will get a plethora of options to choose from in this pack of toys, that too at a really affordable price. It includes a crinkly ball, fishing wand stick, mice pillow, feather, various colors of catnip, and many more things.

This cat toy brings out your cats’ instinctual nature of hunting and keeps them busy, happy, and healthy at the same time.


  • This kitten toy pack is quite inexpensive and provides your cat with numerous options of toys to play with.
  • It takes a lot of toys to entertain a bored Bengal cat, hence by buying this one toy set, you won’t have to buy three different toys for your cat.


  • Most of the toys inside this pack are flimsy and can break easily. Few of them are too small and are choke hazard.

5. Bergan Turbo Scratcher for Bengal Cat

The Bergan Turbo Scratcher for Bengal cat is a racetrack cat toy that includes a cardboard cat scratcher, a rolling ball, and a catnip for an exciting play with your cat. Your cat can have all the fun & playtime even when you’re not around them.

Bergan Turbo Scratcher for Bengal Cat

Your furniture will be saved by your cat’s brutal scratches after you present him with this turbo scratching toy. Also, you don’t have to worry about the toy slipping as this toy is equipped with anti-slip bottom.

These toys for Bengal cats provide your cat with multiple playtime options and proper mental stimulation.


  • The scratch pads give a place to scratch whenever he needs and saves your furniture from getting destroyed.
  • The anti-slip bottom of this Bengal cat toy prevents it from slipping or skidding.
  • It also includes a catnip, which is also a nice added feature.


  • Cats are smart and hence eventually they will find a way to pull the ball out of this toy, which can be dangerous.

6. Smartykat Concealed Motion Toy

The Smartkat Concealed Motion Cat Toy keeps your cat entertained for a long duration and encourages independent play by keeping her occupied. You can customize the speed settings and wand attachment to give a new experience to your cat.

Smartykat Concealed Motion Toy

The toys for Bengal cats have been tested through child safety standards. Hence, you can be sure that it won’t cause any harm to your kitty.

The toy attachments provided with these electronic toys for Bengal cats mimic the motions of hidden prey and satisfy your cats’ playful nature.


  • These toys for Bengal cat gives hours of exhaustive fun to your cat and fulfills her need for exercise.
  • It has different speed function to give the full control of the toy in your hand.
  • Even when you are away, this toys for Bengal cats keeps your cat occupied and promotes independent play.


  • The fabric of this toy can be easily ripped by a Bengal cat.
  • Your cat may get scared because of the loud noise coming out of the motor.
  • It doesn’t have a timer function, and hence it stays on even when your cat walks away.

7. Go Cat Cat Catcher Teaser Wand

The Go Cat Catcher Teaser Wand is a veterinary-recommended interactive exercise toys for Bengal cats. It has a flexible wire and equips a mouse cat toy. This cat toy has a handwoven mouse which has a nice texture and is loved by all the cats.

Go Cat Cat Catcher Teaser Wand

Your cat will find this teaser wand so intriguing that they will just forget about the wire which is connected to the toy and spend hours focusing on catching the mouse.

For utmost safety, this want has a soft tip, which prevents injury. Also, the swivel clip creates more movement for your cat that makes it easy for you to add or remove new toys.


  • This is one of the best toys for Bengal cats as it is very interactive and perfect for energetic cats.
  • The natural looking mouse makes your cat feel like it’s a real mouse and keeps your cat engaged.
  • It is a durably constructed cat toy which doesn’t break easily like any cheap flimsy cat teaser wand.


  • The internal pin near the end of the mouse tail is quite exposed and can cut your cat’s mouth or paws, creating a safety concern.
  • You will always need to be around your cat while she plays with this toy, as it is choke hazardous and can get caught in your cat’s throat.

8. Catit Design Senses Roller Circuit Toy

The Catit Design Senses Roller Circuit Toys for Bengal cats that are specially designed to fulfill your cat’s highly active, playful nature. It constitutes an 8-piece circuit that has a high and low section at various sections for making it more interesting. This is a great stimulator for your cat’s exercise.

Catit Design Senses Roller Circuit Toy for Cats

Along with the circuit, there is an attractive motion-activated illuminated ball that zips around inside the circuit. Also, the high-low design of this cat toy makes the ball move faster and gives your cat an itch to go and chase it.

There are large openings present along with the circuits from where the ball is visible. As this ball passes through the circuit, it makes your kitty curious. Your cat can safely reach through these openings and touch the ball.


  • This cat toy is very easy to assemble and can be done by anyone.
  • It is ideal for cat owners who have multiple kitties as they can surround the track both from the inside and outside.
  • It keeps your cat engaged for hours and stimulates them for exercise.


  • There are high chances of your cat trying to reach for the ball and remove it from the track.
  • The batteries don’t last long and once the ball is damaged you’ll have to pay for a new one or instead use an ordinary ball.

9. Smartykat Feather Whirl Electronic Game

Next on our list is the Smartykat Feather Whirl Electronic Motion Toys for Bengal cats. It satisfies your cat’s natural instinct of hunting. It is one of the best Bengal cat toys that create an exciting chase for your cat, which encourages their health by means of exercise.

Smartykat Feather Whirl Electronic Game

This is an environmentally friendly toy that is safe, attractive, and affordable. Bengal cats are energetic and have a playful spirit. This interactive nature toy caters to all of their needs and promotes independent play away from their owners.

This toy has a quiet motor that wouldn’t annoy you or scare your cat, which means you can switch it on and leave your cat alone to play with it for hours.


  • This toy equips a feather whirl, which helps to satisfy your cat’s need for exercise.
  • The quiet motor of this toy won’t scare your cat.
  • The smart design of these toys for Bengal cats encourages independent play.


  • This is an overall good product, but it doesn’t come with a replacement feather to change when your cat pulls it from the stick.

10. Petfusion Interactive Electronic Cat Toy

Last but not least is the Petfusion Interactive Electronic Cat Toy, which will catch both you and your Bengal cat’s attention. This electronic toy satisfies your cat’s hunting instincts as it has prey popping out of six entries at a random pace.

Petfusion Interactive Electronic Cat Toy

If your cat stays awake at night, then the LED light will be great for their nighttime play. This toy also keeps your cat focused and physically fit. You can place this toy anywhere on any and of flooring, as the anti-skid feet of this toy will prevent it from moving.

To keep your feline busy and happy, this toy has various levels of play. You can turn it into fast mode or slow mode, depending upon your cat’s energy.


  • There are three pack replacement feathers available with these toys for Bengal cats.
  • This toy has a long battery life for a longer run.
  • If your cat falls asleep, or you forget to turn the toy off, then this toy has an auto shut-off feature that turns the toy off after 8 minutes of inactivity.


  • This product is quite expensive and might not fit everyone’s budget.
  • The sound of the motor is too loud and can scare your cat, making them run away from it.

How to Choose the Best Toys for Bengal Cats

Bengal cats, like humans, have unique personality traits. Hence their toy preferences differ from those of other cat breeds. If you have a Bengal cat, you will have a lot of options when it comes to toys for Bengal cats. However, there are some considerations to make while selecting the finest toys for Bengal cats.

Here’s a rundown of all the features to look for in a Bengal cat toy.


Your pet’s safety must always come before any other feature. You should always look for a pet-friendly product. These kinds of products are free from toxin material and dyes, which are used for manufacturing and coloring.

Apart from that, also make sure that your cat doesn’t consist of any small parts that can get in their mouth easily. A toy with small parts can get stuck and become a choking hazard for your Bengal cat.


Bengal cats are energetic cat breeds, and they can be a bit aggressive while playing with their toys. Therefore, it is advisable to choose toys for Bengal cats that can withstand their abuse and last for a long period of time.

Besides, a poor-quality toy will be flimsy and may break easily, which can be dangerous for them or any other animal living in your house.

Age and Health

The factors of age and health are interconnected. A young Bengal cat is full of energy and can readily handle extra exercise and physical stimulation.

On the other hand, an older Bengal cat will be less active, and healthy and may face trouble in running, jumping, and chasing their toys. Hence, their choice of toys may differ from a younger cat.


Bengal cats are bigger than other cats, and hence you cannot buy small size toys for Bengal cats. Larger breed cats require bigger size toys because there are chances of them getting choked by them.

Bigger size toys will be hard to put in the mouth ad swallow, and they will also do the same work of entertaining your cat just like any other toy while keeping them safe.

FAQs About Toys for Bengal Cats

Which is the best toy for Bengal cats?

The best toys for Bengal cats are the Petstages cat tracks cat toy.

This is the best toy because it encourages independent play among cats, keeps them busy and excited, it is available in vibrant colors. Apart from that, it is not only affordable, but it is durable and keeps your cat’s safety as a priority as well.

How do you keep a Bengal cat entertained?

The simplest way to entertain your Bengal get is by getting them lots of toys. It will keep them busy for a long period of time. You can even play with them at least 2 to 3 times a day.

The types of toys your Bengal cats love are interactive toys, catnip, cat trees, and pools. Bengal cat is not difficult to handle. Hence you can easily keep them engaged using these toys, and activities will help to keep them engaged.

Why does Bengal Cat hide their toys?

This behavior trait of Bengal Cat mostly comes because of their feeling of distrust of the surrounding environment. A theoretical reason a cat does that is because your cat sees the area as a safe place.

They believe that their hiding place is their territory, and hence they put their toys there to keep them safe from away others’ reach.

Why does my Bengal Cat put her toys in her water bowl?

As previously stated, a cat does not easily trust anyone, so it is natural for them to hide their belongings in a place where they feel safe rather than leaving them anywhere around the house.

This being the prime reason, another reason for your cat to do this is to protect their toys from other predators, animals, and people. They feel that their water bowl is a safe place where the predator won’t be able to go and steal their toys.

Final Words

We’ve arrived at the end of our list of the best toys for Bengal cats, and it’s time to wrap things up. Playtime is essential for the healthy development of your Bengal cat, so you must select a toy that will suit her best.

Every cat has her own preferences, so we’ve included a wide range of toys, including puzzle toys, interactive toys, electronic toys, catnip toys, and ball toys. We also made certain that all of the toys are safe and will satisfy even the pickiest of cats.


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