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Can Cats Eat Honey? Quench Your Curiosity Now!

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Can cats eat honey? Does your cat have a sweet tooth? What do you feed her when she begs for something sweet?

Well, you can use honey, it is sweet like sugar and a healthy substitute for sugar! But, before that, do you want to know for real if honey is good for cats? Can she digest honey, and what happens after it?

Well, the answer to the above is yes, cats can eat honey. It is safe for them, but quantity matters. You can give honey in its liquid form to your kitties.

It has antibacterial properties, amino acids, antioxidants. But consuming more can show symptoms like vomiting, obesity, and diarrhea.

can cats eat honey

Can Cats Have Honey?

The short answer is yes; cats can safely eat honey in small amounts. In fact, it can control her blood pressure and can improve cholesterol, it is good for immunity booster, includes antioxidants. However, overfeeding can spike her sugar level which can lead to diabetes. So, no more than half a teaspoon per day.

Technically, honey is not a food that can make cats sick, and it’s not poisonous too. In fact, many human foods are harmless for your cat till it is fed in a small amount.

cats can eat honey

You can give your cat a few drops of honey as an occasional sugary treat. The health benefits of honey are that it helps build her immune system adds antioxidants and potassium to her body.

But, it should be in the minimal amount because processed honey has maltose, sucrose, fructose, and glucose which is not good for your kitty. It can lead to health complications like tooth decay, obesity, and diabetes.

It doesn’t include any dietary fiber or protein; thus, it won’t qualify your cat’s daily crucial nutrients’ requirement list. Therefore, nutrients derived from real meat are important to them.

Most importantly, before adding it to your feline’s meal, make sure you speak with your cat’s vet first.

Is Honey Good for Cats?

Do you know you can apply honey to your cat’s wounds for healing!

The nutritional benefits of honey are that it controls blood pressure, improves cholesterol, and is enriched with antioxidants. Therefore, it is off the list of toxic food!

Honey is delicious and definitely good for cats. It won’t harm her if it is given in the right dosage. It can be a tasty treat. Eating honey in a sufficient amount can boost her overall immunity.

Moreover, honey contains 64 calories and 17 grams of sweet properties; therefore, it has minimum health benefits for cats!

When Is Honey Harmful for Cats?

Honey in moderate amount if safe and non-toxic for cats. And, if you let her enjoy it as a daily meal, then it is not healthy for her.

is honey bad for cats

Add a half teaspoon of honey in a day to your cat diet because more than that is just bad for cats.

Next, if your cat eats honey in large quantities, she can suffer from digestion problems like diarrhea. An unusual bowel moment can make your cat irritate.

Diabetic cats must avoid having honey as it can spike insulin levels which can be a hazardous condition too.

Even though the facts are yet to be confirmed but cats eating honey can also suffer from botulinum. Botulinum toxins are neurotoxins that cause paralysis of the respiratory and muscular systems.

Can Honey Help My Sick Cat?

Although honey lacks the crucial nutrients, if you live in a cold-weather condition where your cat is affected by a sore throat, you can give honey to a cat for recovery.

Other than that, it also helps in enhancing her appetite and curbs problems related to stomach aches.

It also helps her in numerous ways; as you know, a hypersensitive cat suffers from various allergic reactions. If you have a sensitive cat, too, then there is a home remedy for your cat.

You can let your cat lick some honey. It will suppress allergens from the environment and fight against reactions caused by pollen, food, and surrounding.

For the safe side, if she has another problem because of honey, you can consult with your vet too.

Moreover, a skinny cat can eat honey for weight gain.

So, to answer to do honey has any benefits for a furry friend is yes!

How Much Honey Is Too Much?

The general principle for feeding honey to your cat is a half tbsp in a single day!

More than half a tablespoon of honey can have harmful side effects on your cat.

If your cats have more honey than their body requirement, they can face diabetes and obesity problems. Therefore, it is recommended to give just a moderate amount of honey to your cat!

There is more on can cats eat honey, don’t go anywhere!

Can I Feed My Cat Raw Honey?

Do you know raw honey is engulfed with many antioxidants that help curb heat stroke and many types of cancer? It also helps to give healthy eyesight.

can cats eat raw honey

Thus, a sufficient amount of raw honey can be consumed by your feline friends.

She can also eat natural manuka honey which is made from the nectar of the organic manuka flower. It is safe for your cat, but quantity is the key!

Can I Give My Cat Honey as a Treat?

If your cat likes honey, you can definitely give this as occasional treats. It can work like a wonder to your cat. You can use this as a reward while training her.

But, most of the felines don’t like the taste because they have only 460 taste palates, and they may fail to feel the experience of honey. If this made you think can cats digest honey, then the answer is no!

But remember that cats are obligate carnivorous animals which mean their diet is based on meat, beef, and organs. Therefore, you must not just feed honey to cats but also include meat and fleshes too.

Can Hypoglycemic Cat Have Honey?

As you know, hypoglycemia cats are sugar deprived. And, as it is the main source of energy, the disability can make her faint and even dead. That time giving honey to your cat will help to level up the blood sugar.

But make sure that you are giving your cat honey with not more than 50 sugar levels.

Can Kittens Have Honey?

If you like to give honey to your kittens you can surely do, it is a good idea. But if a cat’s digestive system is weak, or they have weak immune or health condition, then it’s not recommended.

can kittens eat honey

However, high-quality enzymes in honey can be easily digested by your cat and kittens as compared to sugar.

Also, only a small quantity of honey can benefit your cats and kittens because overfeeding can make her fat and diabetic.

The protein that’s based on meat must also be included in her diet as they require fiber for good health.

Well, That’s a Wrap

Cats suffering from diabetes should completely avoid honey as it can be toxic to them. Most vets don’t advise giving them honey as a major cat food diet.

Giving your cat honey can help in prohibiting problems like sore throat, allergies, and upset stomach. But don’t forget a large amount of honey is vital to neglect!

So, if you want to know about can cats eat honey, go read above!

Approved by Veterinary – Anthony Brooks, DVM!


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