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Can Cats Eat Parsley? Is Parsley Toxic To Cats?

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Can cats eat Parsley? What happens if she nibbles it? Can Parsley kill my cat?

I had a series of questions striking in my head when I saw my cat eating parsley for my garden.

When you have a kitchen garden, most of the curious cats love to explore there. While wandering nearby, they must have tasted a few vegetables too. In my case, my cat is always attracted to parsley, and I don’t know why.

This is a common situation faced by many cat parents. But, don’t worry if your cat eats parsley; it is safe if she consumes it in a moderate amount.

But there are many types of parsley amongst which she must not consume such as spring parsley!

can cats eat parsley

Can Cats Have Parsley?

Can cats eat parsley? Yes, cats can safely eat parsley as long as it is feed in a moderate amount. Its fiber helps your cat to clean up her body fluids and have healthy digestion. However, you must avoid spring parsley it is fatal for them.

But, this herb is not only great for us but for your feline as well! It can help in fighting against bad urinary conditions if she intakes it in a considerable amount.

is parsley safe for cats

Parsley is not just used as a garnishing ingredient but also as a medicinal plant containing various nutritional supplements.

You know it adds vitamins such as vitamin K, A, and C to your kitty’s healthy diet, which tends to naturally improve their immunity.

But if she munches in large amounts, it can give her sunburn, oral irritation, and she can also face seizures.

I hope now you are clear with the doubt can cats eat parsley or not! Right!

Is Parsley Safe for Cats?

Yes, cats can have parsley. It is safe for them but only in two circumstances.

  • First, feed them in calculated amount!
  • Second, it should not be spring parsley (Italian parsley).

As per ASPCA guidelines, don’t offer your cat spring parsley; it is toxic for them. It can lead to seizures and oral irritation like excess drooling and foaming at the mouth. Her skin can also suffer photosensitization (a health condition where the skin becomes very sun-sensitive).

Therefore, while feeding your cat, always choose flat-leafed parsley over curly parsley because it is non-toxic for them.

Powerpack Parsley – The Health Benefits!

As you know quite well, can cats eat parsley or not! But are you aware of the nutrients involved in it?

cats can have parsley
  • Well, it is enriched with anti-inflammatory properties which protect their kidneys.
  • Vitamin K inside this prohibits problems like blood clotting, poor liver condition.
  • Whereas a good portion of vitamin A will protect your cat’s eyes and give her a healthy body.
  • It has an anti-fungal quality that will not let your cat suffer from UTI (urinary tract infection).
  • Your cat will have a good digestive system after eating this leafy green vegetable because it has huge fibers and a diuretic.

So, let your cat eat parsley in small quantities without being worry. It has a lot of health advantages.

Can Parsley Kill My Cat?

Cat can’t die because of parsley; they are safe to be consumed. But, only if you give her in moderate amount.

However, you have to be pretty sure while choosing parsley for your cat because not all varieties of parsley can kill your cat. Only spring parsley is fatal for them as it contains furanocoumarin compound, which is extremely poisonous, so always remember to avoid it.

This brings us to the conclusion that you must know all types of parsley before you feed them to your pet. So, check our next section right now!

The Different Variants of Parsley!

Given are the five kinds of parsley that are safe for your cats and can be given as occasional treats.

parsley safe for cats

Fresh Parsley

As too much of everything can make things go worse, likewise, a considerable amount of fresh parsley is also okay for cats to eat.

You can chop and garnish a few leaves of parsley for cats and add it to her chicken meal. It won’t harm her if she eats like this.

Parsley Water

Your cat can quench her thirst with parsley water too. It is healthy for her again as per rules, only in moderate amounts.

In three days, you can feed her 2 tbsp of parsley water. It will eradicate ringworms and parasites from her belly.

Raw Parsley

Raw parsley is good for your kitty only in a considerable amount. Overeating this herb can give problems like anemia. It is suggested that you talk to your cat’s vet before adding it to her daily food.

Dried Parsley

Dried parsley herbs are beneficial for cats it can use for consumed plus it also prevents parasites and worms from cats. If you make her feed some water-soaked dry parsley, it will flush out worms and parasites from her stomach because it has a diuretic.

Parsley Tea

If you enjoy parsley tea, you can also offer your cat too! Yes, it is fine for your cat to have parsley tea if you give her as per requirement.

First, you have to introduce your cat with parsley tea which should be at a slow pace. For e.g., you can give her for a few weeks and then put them on hold before continuing for another week. Repeat the cycle at the same speed each time because an excessive amount of it can be harmful.

Can Kittens Eat Parsley?

If your kitten has accidentally eaten some fresh leaves of parsley, then it is okay! There is nothing to be worried about!

Because not just cats, your kitten can also enjoy parsley in her meal. The same rule implies here, too, “only in a small amount.”

Your kitten can get essential vitamins and minerals from it, which can give her strong vision, it can keep her gut healthy, and she can even get rid of problems like blood clotting.

The Best Way to Feed Parsley to Cats

So far, we have given you reasons on can cats eat parsley, but now we will let you know what the best healthy ways to give your cat parsley are.

is parsley bad for cats

You can give it in the form of parsley tea. Hang on! I will also tell you the process of making parsley tea for your kitty.

Just fill the boiling pan with half water inside, add one bunch of parsley let it boil down. Then cool it down for around 4 hours and then again reheat approximately about an hour at low flame. Use a strainer and separate leaves, and let them cool down. And, it’s ready. Yay!

You can also give her parsley water. The process is simple just take a glass of water and boil it with few leaves of parsley. Let it cool down, then separate the leave, and it is ready to serve.


So, the conclusion on can cats eat parsley is yes, But not in a large quantity. You can sprinkle some leaves into her fish meal and can also give her in the form of tea or parsley water.

It is full of antioxidants has nutrients like vitamins A, K, and C that promotes healthy eyesight, happy liver, and a healthy reproductive system. It is enriched with fibers and a diuretic that flush out toxins from her body and keeps her digestion healthy and better.

But, spring parsley in her diet can also lead to excessive drooling, seizures, and sunburns. Therefore, choose the right parsley for your kitty is important!

Approved by Veterinary – Anthony Brooks, DVM!


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