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Can Cats Eat Roses? Are Roses Safe for Cats?

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You came back from the work and found your mischievous kitty in the backyard, and you were shocked by seeing her eating roses.

The first thing you did, take her away from the plants and out of anxiety consult her vet immediately to avoid consequences. Right?

You have landed at the right place, we have covered your doubts related to, can cats eat roses.

It’s safe or not, which type of toxic plants you should not keep.

Any symptoms that might trigger your kitty, if she has eaten too many petals or toxic plants leaves, etc.

can cats eat roses

Can Cats Have Roses?

The short answer is yes, cats can safely eat roses in small quantities. In fact, it’s non-toxic, so it won’t harm them, but you should not let her eat too many petals. However, in case she has eaten leaves, stems, or thorns that may lead to severe health issues.

A piece of advice for all the pet parents, keep a watch on your mischievous feline pal. And keep them away from the plants’ section to avoid future health complications.

Are Roses Safe for Cats?

Roses are not toxic, so yeah they are safe for your cats. However, they have stems, leaves, thorns which are not good for them.

are roses safe for cats

If you have roses in your backyard and in your absence she is playing there, then your kitty might scratch her face with thorns, or she tries to eat leaves or stem it will cause her digestion issue.

Roses Toxic for Cats

Many times we get confused regarding the identification of plants and are not able to bifurcate, which plant belongs to which family.

Similarly, there are numerous plants that are pronounced as a rose name, but actually, they don’t belong to that category.

Especially, if you have a feline in your house, then it’s necessary to clear your confusion. As these plants are fatal for them, and to avoid such complications, we have a solution for you.

Scroll down to get the list of the so-called rose plant, which is advisable to keep away from your kitty.

Desert Rose

The desert rose plant, grows in a tree form, and is also known as Adenium obesum.

It gives an elegant look to your home decor, but if you have a feline at home then it is not a good option. As it is highly toxic for them, even if they eat a small portion or lick the petals.

desert rose

In any case, if your kitty has eaten this deadly plant even in small proportion, then immediately consult with her vet because it can be lethal to your feline pal.

Christmas Rose

The Christmas Rose is also known as Helleborus niger.

If you think your kitty has ingested this highly toxic plant, then immediately visit the vet, and start the medication as soon as possible.

As it contains a cardiotoxin substance, and it may lead to health issues such as colic, diarrhea, stomachache, lethargic feeling, etc.

christmas rose

The whole plant is toxic to cats, whether its leaves, stem, petals, so better take precautions rather than feel sorry.


The Rosebay is also known as Azalea and belongs to the evergreen shrub category.

However, it is poisonous to cats and can trigger many health issues.

Symptoms like heartbeat fluctuation, depression, coma, weight loss, twitching, hypotension, stomach upset, body weakness, vomiting, etc.


So to avoid health complications, it is better to keep your kitty far from such deadly plants.

When you take her out, keep an eye on what she is eating, especially when you are in the garden area.

Moss Rose

Moss rose is one of the deadliest plants for cats, also known as Portulaca oleracea.

It contains toxic elements such as calcium oxalate, which is considered fatal for your feline pal.

moss rose

Consumption of this plant will lead to severe health issues, and if your feline pal has eaten in large quantity, then it may cause kidney failure.

So it’s better to take precautions beforehand and try not to keep such fatal plants in your house. Or backyard, when you have a feline in your house.


Primrose belongs to the Primulaceae family, its scientific name is Primula vulgaris, and blooms bright colors of flowers like orange, white, red, yellow, etc.

This plant might give pleasant look to the human eye, but it is not safe for your feline pal, it contains unknown toxic.


This plant is toxic to your cat, it will cause her nausea, vomiting, etc.

If your kitty has eaten, then visit the vet soonest as possible to avoid further health complications.

Rose of Sharon

Rose of Sharon is also known as Hibiscus Syriacus, it is one of the toxic plants that should be kept away from your kitty’s reach.

These have different color flowers that bloom on sunny days.

rose of sharon

Consumption of this deadly plant can lead to fluctuation of heartbeat, excessive urinate issue, digestion issue, vomiting, etc.

If you trigger any of the symptoms in your cat, then it is advisable to immediately visit the vet and start the medication.

Can Roses Make Cats Sick?

If your kitty has eaten roses apart from those which fall under the toxic category, then no need to worry, it will not harm your feline pal.

can roses make cat sick

However, by any chance, if she has eaten rose stem or thorns then it can create issues for her. As leaves or stems can upset her stomach or create intestine issues, and thorns can hurt her eyes or face.

Can Kittens Eat Roses?

Toxic-free roses are not fatal for your kittens, you can keep them in your backyard. Even if your kitten, plucks out roses and swallows some, you don’t have to worry, it will not harm her.

can kittens eat roses

However, it’s better to take precautions, make sure your kitten does not eat too much because then that might cause her digestion issue, and try to keep thornless roses or else it will hurt your little feline pal.


Expectantly, our blog on Can cats eat roses?

Gives you a clear understanding of the concern and symptoms, which she can trigger after eating too many rose petals or stems, thorns, which are toxic for them.

Furthermore, it will be better if you keep your cat away from plants.

However, if she has already eaten it in large quantity, take her to the vet and start her medication, she will be fine.

For the future, it is advisable to keep your feline pal away from plants and try to not keep any toxic rose plants at home.


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