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Can Cats Eat Pickles?

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While eating your sandwiches with pickle, your pickle falls to the ground, and your cat runs to eat it, causing you to panic because she has devoured a large portion of it!

You don’t know can cats eat pickles and what happens is she consumes it! Then what’s next? Well, if such kinds of questions are triggering you then you have landed on the right page!

If in case she ingests it she may do vomit, may feel weak or her blood pressure will escalate. This is because the pickling method includes extra sodium in it. Too much salt is toxic for a cat and pickle contains eight times extra salter than a feline body needs!

can cats eat pickles

Can Cats Have Pickles?

The short answer is no, cats can’t safely eat pickles In fact, pickles can be lethal for cats. It contains the ingredients salt, onion, and garlic seasoning, both of which are harmful to cats. In large amounts, it can cause death. However, they can eat a tiny piece of homemade pickle made without vinegar and zero seasoning

Cats are obligate carnivores. The majority portion of cat food must include meat and animal protein. They aren’t like canines who can eat human food and survive. However, even though cucumber has beta carotene and essential mineral but makes sure to always ask your vet before feeding human food to your furry feline.

When your cat eats pickle water or cucumber her health condition will go worse. As it is too salty she can face problems like diarrhea, imbalance, weakness, escalated blood pressure. Therefore, make sure to keep a pickle-loaded jar away from her.

Can Kitten Eat Pickles?

It is not safe for kittens to consume pickles. A high amount of salt is set off for kittens’ health. Their body is not fully developed, and they can face salt toxicity symptoms. However, it also doesn’t have much nutritional value to give to your kitten. Therefore, it is best that you avoid feeding them pickles.

Salt toxicity symptoms in cats and kittens.
Lack of balance
High blood pressure

Is Homemade Pickle Safe for Cats?

Just like you are tempted by pickles your furry may also get attracted then what to do? So, far you know very well can cats eat pickles or not so what’s the way? Is homemade pickle safe?

Well, if you exchange salt with vinegar and don’t use garlic and onion seasoning then your cat can eat a pickle. They are marked safe to eat because vinegar is safe to consume and cucumbers are also good for cats.

However, you can also feed her a small amount of homemade dill pickle without salt, onion, and garlic! It helps to relieve stomach issues plus it is fortified with vitamin 6, iron, calcium, and magnesium.

are pickles bad for cats

Side Effects of Feeding Pickles to Cats!

Pickles or their juice is not suitable food for cats they are too much salty. And, the high amount of salt is not at all good for cats. It can lead to salt toxicity.

Cat’s body does require salt but in a very limited amount. And, to preserve pickles a huge amount of salt is required.

Do you know a feline can only consume 42 milligrams of salt in a single day and when you feed her a tiny piece of pickle it is loaded with 324 milligrams of sodium?

Consuming such an amount of salt can be fatal for cats. She can face salt poisoning symptoms like loss of appetite, daily feeling lethargic, vomiting, unquenchable thirst.

In severe conditions, she will experience

  • Coma
  • Seizures
  • Tremors
  • Death

Another vital element in pickles that is extremely dangerous for cats is the presence of garlic and onion. As per ASPCA these both vegetables are under the poisonous class.

If by any chance your feline friend eats it she will have health problems, can fall sick, feel like puking, you may see blood in her urine, she can go through anemia, elevated heart rate, impatient panting, weakness, and she can be dead too!

Is this triggering you? Well, beware and keep seasoned garlic or onion pickles jar away from your kitty!

can cats have pickles

Things to Do if Cats Eat Pickles!

Till now, you know can cats eat pickles or not but what if they accidentally eat them?

Well, pickles are toxic to cats but in case your feline friend gets attracted and sneaks a pickle, and you saw her taking a bite then you must immediately take away from her then monitor her health. You have to check whether is showing any side effects like vomiting or weakness. If yes, then it can be due to pickle poisoning.

If she shows any such signs, then your next call is to visit your vet immediately. He or she will guide you properly on how to treat her medically. And, the right treatment should be followed till she gets properly well. So, don’t miss the treatment in between.

Is there any home ready that worked for your kitty? If you know any then we love to know that too!

Well, That’s a Wrap!

In conclusion to can cats eat pickles is right away no! As a responsible owner, you must not be sharing your pickle with your cat, as it’s toxic for them. This is because a small pickle has too much salt and also includes additional onion and garlic seasoning. If she consumes it in large amounts, it can be lethal too!

If your cat is enticed by your hamburger and pickled cucumber then you can make a homemade pickle with vinegar. Cucumber dipped in vinegar water instead of salty pickles is safe for them. You can also give her a homemade dill pickle also but in small quantity.


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