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DIY Litter Box Enclosures: Inexpensive & Homemade

DIY Liter box enclosure is your best bet if you hate when your cat’s litter box spoils the decor of your expensive interior!

Who does not want a house free from stinky litter smell, tracked litter, and a forever unattractive cat litter box? Every cat parent wants this, tried to achieve it, and has failed miserably!

We are right here for you with one solution that will solve all your litter box problems – A DIY Litter box enclosure!

You get a stink-free house, no litter tracks, no unattractive litter box, and a lot of money savings! What’s else do a cat parent need!

diy litter box enclosure

DIY Cat Litter Box Enclosures

If you have a tight budget, then why not make your own inspiring, easy DIY cat litter box at home.

You can upcycle a wine crate, a few pieces of furniture, some plastic containers and can easily craft a cat litter box. Want to know how? Let’s run to read this article now.

1. DIY Enclosed Wooden Cat Litter Box

Make your own wooden litter box enclosure at home. It can be time-consuming and need a lot of strength to cut the plywood, but if you have any carpenter nearby, for your ease, you can get it done by them too.

diy enclosed wooden cat litter box

Estimated time required: 1-2 hour

Things you need

1 Woodcutter or jigsaw1 Nos
Plywood6 Pieces
Nails20 – 25 Nos
Hammer1 Nos
Glue box1 Nos
Tape1 Nos
Angle plates4 Nos
Table legs4 Nos


Step 1

Measure the length and width of your litter pan. Cut out six pieces of plywood. Make sure the length and width should be appropriate so that your litter can easily get inside it.

Note: Remember to keep the length and the width 1″ longer than the pan.

Step 2

On the front piece of your cat’s litter pan, mark the length of the litter tray along with the circumference of the plate. Then with the help of a woodcutter, remove the marked circle. Rub the edges with sandpaper, so your cat doesn’t hurt herself.

Step 3

Stick the back and side piece to the bottom piece. Then tape with corner together while the glue dries.

Step 4

Likewise, glue the front and side piece to the bottom piece. Then nail the pieces together till the glue dries.

Step 5

Attach the top piece of the box with two door hinges. Attach four-angle plates and table legs to the bottom.

Now, place the litter box inside it, and you are done! Congratulations, you have successfully customized the DIY enclosed cat litter box.

2. DIY Hidden Cat Litter Box

Making this hidden kitty litter box is super easy. You can make this in 1 hour. You can also craft it in minimum stuff.

hidden litter box furniture

Estimated time required: 1 hour

Things you need

Sterilite storage container1 Nos
Any Litter tray (Ensure it fits in your storage container)1 Nos
Box Cutter1 Nos
Duct Tape1 Nos
Scissors1 Piece


I have used three drawers of Sterilite storage boxes for making this DIY cat litter box. If you want, you can buy this storage container too. I will link it here.

Sterilite 25306P01 3 Drawers. So, basically, we will locate the litter pan in the third drawer and do the DIY craft with the second drawer.

Step 1

Take out the second drawer and lay it down. Cut out the big rectangle portion that is the base of the drawer to let the cat use the litter box easily. Leave a bit of a ledge; it keeps the litter in the box.

Step 2

Then secure the shape edges with the help of duct tape so that your cat won’t hurt herself.

Step 3

Now, we will take the drawer and lay it on its side now; we will cut the entry hole, Again cut a big square similarly secure the edges with the tape. And, it is done. You can put the second drawer in its original place.

To make your cat used to it for a week, you can remove the second drawer so that she can see and use that. Once they are used to it, you can put it back. And when she sees the litter, she can easily enter from the side.

Wasn’t it easy? You can experiment and make various other DIY litter box enclosure projects with pieces of furniture or plastic box containers, too, like this.

3. DIY Litter Box Enclosure With Fabrics

We will be making a cute enclosed litter box. We will cover the area with fabric so that she can easily move in and out and enjoy doing her private toilet business there. To make these litter box covers for cats, you will need minimum stuff.

enclosed cat litter box with fabric

Estimated time required: 30 min or 1 hour

Things you need

A small table (that can fit over the litter tray)1 Nos
Piece of fabricAccording to the height and length of your table
Spray paint1 Bottle
Scissors1 Piece
Hot glue1 Nos


Step 1

Take spray paint and cover the entire table with it. Let it soak for some time. You can also let it sundry. Then make the skirt area of the box with the help of fabric.

Basically, we will be encircling the entire table from the inner side using fabric.

Step 2

If you are going to keep it against the wall, then you just have to cover the three sides of the table. Take the piece of the fabric and cut it into the height of the table.

If you like to make a split door, then take a long fabric and cut it into two halves. Measure the height and width according to the size of the table.

Now, cleanly fold the edges of the fabric so that the extra thread does not pull out.

Step 3

Apply some hot glue at the top of the table but at the inner side of the table. Take one piece of the fabric stick it there.

Then apply some glue and stick the second part of the fabric in the same way (width portion). Then cover the other two sides of the table with fabric. You will notice it will be like the skirt of the table.

If you want, you can also cover the fourth side. If not, then you can place the litter box against the wall.

Step 4

Now, you have covered all the width and the depth of the table from the inner side. It’s time to place the litter box inside the table. And, your cat can easily move in and out from the split door of the cover, just like a rock star.

Now, you can easily do more DIY litter box enclosure projects at home!

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4. Cat Litter Box Enclosure Carton Version

To make this budget-friendly decorative litter box cover, you will need a few things, plus you can conveniently move it anywhere you want. Your cat will definitely love using this.

cat litter box enclosure

Estimated time required: 40 min

Things you need

A large carton box (you can use a TV box also)1 Nos
Glue box1 Nos
Tape1 Piece
Decorative papers5 – 6 sheets
Scissors1 Piece
Plastic Bowl1 Nos

Step 1

Cut one end of the box. Don’t cut the entire box. Just cut out the extra part of one end of the box with the help of scissors. Keep the extra part aside (we will use it later).

Step 2

Now, it will be open from the top side. It’s time to make the roof of the box strong. So, use tape and stick the lower ends (base) of the cardboard appropriately. Then take the extra cardboard pieces, place them over them and use glue to stick that.

Remember that this will be the roof of the litter box, so you have to make it sturdy.

Step 3

Next, we will make the door of the litter box. Take the broader side of the box to make the door. Place the plastic bowl at the center of the box and mark the circumference with the pen. Cut out the encircled portion from the box. Make sure the entry point should be large enough for your kitty to move easily.

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Step 4

Make it fancy use decorative paper to cover the entire box with it. Then use transparent plastic paper to make it waterproof in the same way.

Well, it is ready. Now, you can put your litter box under this enclosed box. And your concealed litter box is ready for use.

Did you like this DIY hidden litter box idea? If not, then we have one more which you will definitely love.

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5. Wine Crate Enclosed Cat Litter Box

Do you have a lot of wine crates at your place and don’t know what to do with that?

wine crate enclosed cat litter box

Well, why not use it for making enclosed cat litter boxes? It’s better to upcycle things and minimize the discarded waste volume.

You can reduce the need for the production of enclosed cat litter boxes if you take this DIY wine crate idea.

Estimated time required: 1hour

Crate2 Nos
Hinge1 Nos
Staple Gun1 Nos
Plastic SheetAs per requirement
Spray paint1 bottle


Step 1

Connect two identical wine crates with the help of a hinge. Just ensure that the opening entry point of the cat is large enough to move inside.

Step 2

Place the sheet inside at the bottom side of the crate to make it waterproof. Make sure to purchase a strong plastic material sheet so that if your cat digs inside, it won’t get damaged.

Step 3

Use a color spray bottle to fill the color over the outer portion of the entire crate. Let it dry, and your DIY litter box enclosure made of a wine crate is ready to use.

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Summing It All Up!

I have listed out 5 amazing enclosed cat litter box projects for all cat parents; you can read above and do it yourself.

These are budget-friendly options, helps you keep the litter box in a secure place, and your kitty will also love using that once she is used to it.

This weekend you can try making any one of them with your kids, and if you love this article, do share it with other cat owners. You can also share your unique DIY litter box enclosure idea by commenting down below.


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