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How to Introduce a New Litter Box to Your Cat?

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We will help you to learn how to introduce a new litter box to your cat.

You have recently bought a brand-new open cat litter box for your kitty at home, and she is refusing to use it?

And, you are struggling with how to get my cat to use the litter box?

Well, it can be tough at times, and you can obviously not expect her to get to use the new litter box over a night!

So, how to fix this?

In this article, we have pointed out five major ways with which you can fix this problem!

how to introduce a new litter box to your cat

How to Get a Cat to Use a New Litter Box?

Cat won’t use a new litter box so easily. It isn’t a walk in the park! So, to train your cat to get used to the new litter box properly, you have to follow the steps given below!

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1. Keep New Litter Box At the Same Place

The simple rule for changing the litter boxes is to keep the new one at the old location!

Placing the new litter boxes in the same spot as the old one will most likely confuse her. This will also assist you in acclimating her to the new litter box you recently purchased for her.

Put that at the exact area to understand that the new one works the same as the old litter box.

If you have got a little different type of box, your cat may have an objection to it. For instance, if earlier she uses to use the covered litter box and this time you have got automatic self-cleaning litter box with no more tracking issue, and it eases your cleaning process, then place that box in the same spot. To make her get used to it.

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2. Don’t Toss the Old Litter Box!

Introduce your cat to a new litter box by keeping the old one nearby!

do not toss old litter

Yes, you read it right! If you wonder, as she will walk away from the new one and use the old litter box, then what?

Well, wait, here is the twist. You just have to keep the old litter box near the new one. But make the new litter box attractive and fascinating to her. You can put toys or get treat nearby the new litter box, so she pays more attention to the new one.

You can also make the new cat litter box more appealing by not cleaning the old litter box. As you know, cats prefer a clean litter box for doing their toilet business, and when you stop cleaning the old one, she will indirectly shift herself to use the new litter box.

3. Put Used Litter in the New One

A cat won’t use a new litter box if she doesn’t sense a familiar smell! As cats like the familiar smell, they want their things to also smell like them as it builds their trust.

A friendly odor will encourage her to utilize the new litter box. For the safe side, keep some old used litter in the brand-new litter tray. And, because the new litter box smells much like the old one, she will readily trust it and switch to using it!

Make sure the transition is at a slow pace because cats don’t appreciate any change. It will also reduce the shock level.

4. Use Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is the key step of how to introduce a new litter box to your cat. You can use her favorite toy, treat, or just spray some catnip on the entry point or at her litter mat.

use positive reinforcement

Positive reinforcement tricks hit differently to cat creatures. It motivates them to repeat those actions which you want her to do. When they obey your order and receives a reward for that, it conveys a message to her that obeying your order will lead to a positive outcome. Thus, she will repeat her action.

So, when your cat uses the new litter box, give her a treat. It is not just limited to toys or treats; you can also praise her. It will make her feel good, happy, and similarly, she will again use the new litter box.

A cat won’t use a new litter box if you keep on forcing her. As a result, don’t make your cat use the new litter box by forcing it. Patience is the key; you must have a handful of patience while training her to use a new litter box.

A new cat won’t use the litter box easily; it will take time. Cat doesn’t like to work against their comfort zone. If you scold her or punish her, it will make things go worse! So avoid negative reinforcement and only for the positive reinforcement trick!

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5. Take Things at a Slow Pace

If you are facing any issues while changing the cat litter box, then pause!

You have to take things slowly. Keep the speed of the process slow. This transition period will take time. So, if your kitten still goes to the old box even after following the above steps, make sure you don’t force her to do things.

Let her take charge. Let her come on her own and explore the new box and get used to it. If you scold her, she’ll associate the new litter box with a negative comment and may never use it again!

So, take a pause, let her explore the things, give her time, work with positivity and keep her healthy!

Well, That’s a Wrap!

A cat won’t use a new litter box if she doesn’t find a familiar scent, so you can pour some old used litter in her new box, support your kitty, and use positive reinforcement tricks to make her feel comfortable and repeat her actions.

Make sure to use the right type of litter, buy a new high-quality litter box for her. And, with time, you should switch to new things.

There are many steps on how to introduce a new litter box to your cat. For that, you have to read the entire article.

If you know any other tips on how to introduce a new litter box to your cat, do let us know in the comment section below. We would love to know your side too!

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