How to Trim Cat Nails and Claws | Best Ways

Do you know that cat nails can split or break if you don’t trim cat nails and claws?

There are many grooming tools available in the market to cut cats nails like scissors type and a guillotine type. But the question is not limited to which product to use. It is also about how to use them and what methods to follow.

If a cat is used to getting nails groomed then she will sit comfortably in your lap and let you do your job. However, if she is not used to nail-grooming then you will have to learn some ways to perform the task easily.

How to trim cat nails and claws

Best Ways to Trim Cat Nails

It would be better that you start cutting your kitty’s nails from her early kittenhood. As a result, she will grow with this habit and therefore will bother you less. However, if you are about to cut your cat’s nails for the first time, then you will need some preparation.

Make the Cat Used to Get Touched

If you’ll right away hold and press a cat’s paw to cut the nail, she will definitely not cooperate with you. You will have to pet your cat daily so that she gets used to having touched.

Rub your cat’s fur and pet her belly, legs, thighs, and paws. Give a soft massage on her legs and paws. Press her paws gently quite often. Continue this routine until she feels comfortable with you touching and massaging her.

Choose the Right Time

Try to cut the nails when your cat has had her meal and is relaxing. While resting, the cat will be calm and will make minimal movements. You may also plan a session after a long playful hour, which will tire her out. This will make it easier for you to cut her nails.

Find a Quiet Place

Sit in a place where there is no bustle. The room should be quiet. Keep other pets out of the room so that nobody can disturb you. Avoid sitting near the window. If your cat will see someone passing on the street she will get distracted and will attempt to run.

Moreover, it will take some time to cut all her nails. Therefore, it is important that your cat sits calmly until your task is finished.How To Trim Cat Nails

Take Another Person’s Help

It will not be easy to handle the cat along with cutting her nails on your own. You will, therefore, require another person to help you hold the cat while you cut her claws. Ask your friend to hold the cat’s head still. If not done so, any of you can get injured with the clippers.

Wrap the Cat in a Towel

To prevent your cat from moving a lot, you must first wrap her in a towel. All the paws of the cat should be wrapped in the towel except one. Choose to keep only one paw out at a time. Cut all the nails of one paw. Then take out another paw out of the towel. This will avoid any scratching as all other paws will be properly wrapped.

Use a Sharp Clipper

A blunt clipper can increase your problems by splitting the cat’s nails or hurting her. Hurting her would end in losing her trust on you. Once she loses trust, it will be almost impossible to convince her again. So make sure that the clippers are sharp, no matter if they are scissors-type or guillotine type. (Check out the best cat nail clippers we reviewed recently)

Calm her With Treats

If your cat is getting scared of the clippers, you can put a treat on the clipper. She will sniff the clippers and eat her treat. Later massage her gently and keep giving her treats during the whole session. She will remember this as ‘Nail cutting session means getting tasty treats’. Hence, next time it will become a lot easier for you to trim your kitty’s nails.

Cut Only the Tips

Press the paw gently to have a better view of the nail. You just have to cut the pointed tips of the claws and not beyond that. Make sure not to cut the pink part of the nail which is called quick. If anyhow you cut the quick then it will start bleeding and your cat will get really upset.

However, if accidentally you cut the quick then you can stop the bleeding by applying Styptic gel or powders. If your cat is hiding and not letting you apply the gel, then leave her alone. Forcing her will scare her more. The bleeding will stop naturally in some while.

Let the Vet do it

Learn from the professionals how to do it. Take your cat to a vet or a professional groomer and observe the process carefully. Once you have all the knowledge, you can cut her nails at home the next time.

Never Choose to Declaw

Do not choose to declaw the cat. A cat cannot do well without her claws. Cutting nails regularly is the best alternative to declawing. Follow the above-mentioned ways properly and make the nail cutting sessions easy and fun.

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