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10 Fun Facts About Silver Tabby Cat (With Pictures)

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Knowing these Silver tabby cat facts will make you go wow! Did You know that the silver tabby cat is one of the most popular and low-maintenance bread of the American shorthair? There are over eighty tone and example varieties.

These felines have a white undercoat that complements their dazzling silver hide and strong dark markings, giving them a particularly striking appearance.

Their looks, joined with pleasant characters, make them famous both as show felines and as pets. If you are planning to buy them, let’s dig into some amazing silver tabby cat facts.

silver tabby cat facts

1. M Marked on Foreheads Of Silver Tabby

One thing that all silver tabby cats share practically speaking is a mark on their head that resembles the letter M. silver tabby cats additionally seem as though they’re wearing eyeliner with pencil ragged lines illustrating their lovely eyes.

Various legends clarify the justification behind the M:


There are several well-known stories regarding the Prophet Mohammed’s fondness of cats, in keeping with the Islamic theme. Mohammed’s cat Muezza, in the Islamic religion, use to be napping on the sleeve of his robe, and Mohammed would not bother his feline, even if he had to go to prayer.

This love of Mohammed for his cat’s Muezza states the appearance of the mark of ‘M’ on all the silver tabby cats!


In Christian old stories, a silver tabby feline nestled into child Jesus, keeping him warm with the warmth of his body. As an indication of her appreciation, Mary stroked the feline’s head, and her delicate touch left behind the underlying M on the feline’s temple.

This states the appearance of the mark ‘M’ on all the silver tabby cats in the Christian religion.

Egyptian Mau

In Egypt, cats were referred to as Mau. Due to the sound, they make when searching for food, shelter, or attention. The reflection of a cat’s eyes at night, Egyptians found that so fascinating, and they related them with the light of the moon, and from that time they named ”Mark of the moon”.

People began to believe that M on the forehead of cats reflects the relation of Egyptians with the moon!

2. Scientific Explanation of M on Silver Tabby

We get it that mythological stories can be fascinating and weirdly satisfying, but for those who look for scientific reasons behind every possible happening on the planet.

m mark on silver tabby cat

We have an explanation for you to be digested very easily.

Just like zebras have black and white stripes on them, silver tabby cats suppose to have M shaped prominent pattern on their forehead.

The tabby cat’s striped pattern is a dominant gene, although there are several variant presentations of the pattern, including mackerel and blotched tabby.

The M above the eyes may be seen in each of these.

Your cat’s striped pattern is determined by his genes, which begin to express long before the actual hair appears.

3. Silver Tabby Cats Aren’t a Breed

What actually does the name silver tabby cat suggest? Tabby means a gray or brownish cat mottled or streaked with dark stripes.

That’s it!

So any cat with these characteristics will eventually be known as a silver tabby cat. This suggests that these cats aren’t a breed.

For example, if you have a cat with gray colors pattern, then it will be a ”gray tabby cat.

4. The Paws Might Be Grey or Red

The cutest feature of any cat is its little paws, which you just love to tap on.

silver tabby cats

It’s interesting anatomy, to know that the paws of silver tabby cats are either gray or red.

This being the most interesting feature of silver tabby cats make them different from other breeds.

Wait! There are more silver tabby cat facts! Don’t go away!

5. Camouflage Patters of Silver Tabby

A fun fact about the patterns of silver tabby cats is, to support their sneaky nature they have silky fur which gets camouflage easily in any atmosphere.

This is very necessary for any cat or other animal’s survival, this also makes her a great hunter.

She can hide easily to fool its prey, and once the right time comes she pounced on it, that’s why they are also known as better hunters when it comes to hunting.

6. Silver Tabbies Are Happy-Go-Lucky Cats

Silver tabby cats display similar character qualities as other American short hairs. They’re generally smooth, friendly with canines and children, and have low upkeep.

silver classic tabby

They fit effectively into a practical and day-to-day environment; regardless of whether you have a condo or a rambling house, these kitties will make themselves at home.

This nature of silver tabby cats makes them so suitable for a house with kids or other pets such as dogs or cats. They can gel along with others very nicely. Such cats might help you with anxiety, depression, and separation anxiety.

7. Silver Tabby Are Excellent Hunters

It’s no hidden fact that wild cats can survive on their own, but there are few breeds who have the capabilities of hunting food on their own, which makes them excellent hunters.

If you want a rats catcher for your house, silver tabby cats are more suitable than any other.

They get gel up easily with the surroundings due to the texture of fur. They have exceptional skills and instincts which help them to catch their prey. For a house full of unwanted creatures like mice, getting yourself a silver tabby cat will help you in eliminating them.

8. Silver Tabby Are Actually Very Intelligent

With being affectionate, silver tabby cats are also very intelligent. It is no big topic to debt on if they are intelligent than other cat breeds or not. They can be trained and swiftly adapt to new settings.

american shorthair silver tabbies

Tabby cats can also remember information from previous encounters.

Yes, tabby cats are more intelligent than other pets in many circumstances. Cats have a sophisticated cerebral cortex with over 300 million neurons in general.

They have the ability to assimilate information quickly, exhibit unique survival skills, and socialize.

9. Silver Tabby Are Quick Learners

As soon as the thought of adopting a cat comes to your mind, it gets necessary to know their nature. In 90% of cases, dogs are quick learners than cats, most probably cats have destructive tendencies.

It might take a lot of time for them to overcome these tendencies.

But unlike other cats, the personalities of silver tabby cats are quick learners, they won’t hop onto the dinner table to embarrass you in front of your guest! These qualities make silver tabby cats suitable for your home and people staying in quite big families with children.

Final Thoughts

Silver tabby cats are well-known as American short hairs. The unique and prominent feature to identify these cats is the M mark on their forehead. There are both religious and genetic explanations supporting both. You can believe according to preferences.

These cats are very friendly, playful, and gentle. You can train them easily without exploding your brains out. On top of that, they are the least expensive!

These cats are very desirable and have amusing silver tabby cat facts too!


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