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Can Cats Have Purple Eyes? Let’s Find Out

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Cats have the most beautiful eyes among the other animals.

Those different eye colors add more beauty to their eyes.

Ask any pet parents, and they will tell you one thing for sure, that they are just awestruck with their feline’s eye look.

Cats can have various eye colors, ranging from brown to yellow to green. However, can cats have purple eyes?

Let’s find out whether felines really have purple eyes, or it’s just a myth. Apart from colors, we will discuss the rarest and most common eye color felines can possess.

And other related pieces of information, which can help you to update your knowledge regarding your kitty’s eye look.

can cats have purple eyes

Is It True Cats Have Purple Eyes?

Well, my friend, cats with purple eyes, just a myth.

It’s just a rumor that felines have purple eyes and nothing else. Although no proof has been found yet, that felines have purple eyes. It can be possible that light color shade can tend to give a blue eye look to purple or violet. But in extremely rare cases.

However, that doesn’t mean that felines have purple eyes.

Note:- The albino cats have lilac eye color which is light in color and tends to give a purple look but in reality, it’s not purple.

is it true that cats have purple eyes

What determines a Cat’s Eye Color?

Your cat’s eyes color is determined by the type of breed and genetics of that breed. Genetics passed on from one generation to another plays a vital role in the determination of your feline’s eye color.

Apart from genes, eye pigment cell also indicates the color of your feline’s eye color. For instance, if your kitty has green eye color, it means that her iris contains a very low amount of melanin or pigmentation that gives light eye color look.

It can be said that a higher degree of melanocyte tends to have deeper and more intense eye color, vice-versa.

What Different Eye Colors Can Cats Have?

As we have already updated our knowledge regarding the determination of eye color in cats, so we know that the iris contains cells that produce melanin and that percentage gives your kitty a final eye color.

Now let’s explore the common or different types of eye color we notice in felines. Also, you can find out the reason behind your kitty’s eye color.

1. Brown

Most probably you will not notice brown eye color feline. If in case she gives a brown eye look, it’s not actually brown color.

cat with brown eyes

A darker shade of copper or copper gives that brown look, so it is an illusion that felines have brown-colored eyes. Having a brown eye look means a high percentage of melanin content in the iris, which ultimately gives her a brown eye look.

2. Green

If your kitty has green eye color, it means her iris contains a very low number of melanocytes, which gives her this eye color look.

cat with green eyes

As per the research, it has been observed that felines with black or white color tend to have green eye color look.

A black cat with purple eyes is impossible.

In addition, different genes dictate the proportion of melanin in the feline’s eye. So, it is possible to notice white, black cats with green eye color look.

3. Blue

Generally, felines with a dominant white gene have blue eyes, or we can say that they have two different eye colors. As per the survey, it’s been observed that white cat breeds or those with pale bodies have blue eye color.

cat with blue eyes

However, cats that have blue eyes color also mean that they don’t have melanin in their iris. In other words, when light reflects on their eyes it gives a blue color look but in reality, the iris is colorless.

Well, it’s rare to observe adult cats with blue eyes color because you will notice such eye color in kittens because they are blind until they are three months old. Before, that they don’t have pigment, that’s why it gives a blue eye color look.

4. Yellow

It is also one of the common eye colors you will observe in felines. If your kitty has lemon shade eye color, it means she has less amount of melanin content. Felines with a medium amount of melanin content have pale yellow eye color.

cat with yellow eyes

So now you know, the reason behind your kitty’s eye color.

What Is the Rarest Eye Color in Cats?

Well, obviously it’s not going to be yellow, brown, green color in the rarest category. Eye colors that are of darker shades of orange, brown, amber fall under the rarest eye color category.

Generally, felines have low melanin content, but these colors contain a high percentage of it. So, it’s quite rare to notice such dark colors in felines.

However, if your kitty has one of the rarest eye colors., it can be said that she is an exceptional case.

At What Age Feline’s Eye Color Develop?

Let’s first talk from the fact point of view, kittens are born blind. Your little kitty remains blind until she is about two weeks old. Till then, your feline pal has poor vision, in other words, they can’t see anything and their eyes remain close.

at what age cat's eye color develops

After ten days, her eyes will start openings and the first eye color you will notice is a cloudy shade of blue. When your little kitty is six weeks old, then her eye color will start developing.

After three months your kitty will get the final eye color and at that time you will be able to notice the adult eye color of your feline pal.


We can’t deny the fact that felines have pretty eyes among the other mammals. Those various eye colors just add a different spark to their personality.

As we have discussed in our blog, can cats have purple eyes? It’s pretty much now clear that felines don’t have a purple eye color look, it’s just an illusion or should we say baseless rumors created by people.

Now you know, all the various colors cats can have and the rarest one also.

So, felines don’t have purple eyes, they can possess other wonderful eye colors but not purple.


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