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300+ Tabby Cat Names – Perfect Names For Tabby

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Giving a tabby, suitable tabby cat names is important. It gives them identification, we can get their attention too. It won’t change things majorly but keeping a name does change the way we regard them.

Do you know the tabby term comes from the patterned silk known as “Atabi,” which was named after the Attabiah area of Baghdad, where it was made?

If you are a confused mind person who can’t decide its name don’t worry we have got your back. There are more than 300 plus names in the blog which can suit your cat’s personality.

What are you waiting for? Let’s jump to know more!

Terrific Names for Tabby Cats [Ideas]

Can’t decide a new cat name for a tabby cat? Well, we have made that easy for you because we have jotted down more than 300 tabby cat names in various categories.

Can’t wait? Go, check all of them right now!

Top 10 Unisex Cat Names for a Tabby

Yet can’t decide gender bases name so let ditch the gender system and check out some unisex tabby cat names.

Top Unisex Cat Names for Tabby
  • Apricot: This means hope, luck and happiness
  • Binx: It means “Gift of God”.
  • Bumblebee: If your cat is clumsy you can go for this name.
  • Checkers: Irritable but lovable.
  • Cheetah: If your cat is fast and quick you can use this name.
  • Coconut: If your cat is dark and brown you can use this as her name.
  • Colby: If your tabby cat is dark you use this name.
  • Cookie: If your cat is cute and sweet in nature you can keep her Cookie.
  • Curry: it means hill hollow.
  • Domino: It means lord master!

Cool Cat Names for a Tabby

Give your cool housemate a cool name. This list of Cool Tabby Cat Names will grab your cat’s attention. I hope you like it too.

Top Cool Cat Names for Tabby
  • Aquamarine: If your loves enjoying eating fishes and ocean food you can keep this name.
  • Mr. Jinx : This is a popular cat name from the cartoon Pixie & Dixie
  • Puss N Boots: It usually refers to maters cats.
  • Grumpy Cat: If your cat is bad tempered you can save this name.
  • Socrates: It is the name of an ancient Greek philosopher.

Trendy Cat Names for a Tabby

Tabbies are friendly and have unique characteristics, loved by all because they are friendly and affectionate pets.

Want to keep some trendy names for your tabby?

Top Trendy Cat Names for Tabby

Well, choose smart and Trendy Tabby Cat Names for your feline.

  • Ashby: Ashby is a habitational name for a number of localities in northern and eastern England.
  • Espresso: This is famous name for coffee fan people.
  • Oreo: If you Tabby is having black and white combo you can choose this famous name.
  • Phantom: If your cat is energetic you can choose this name.
  • Smokey: If your cat has a gray shade who is all sweet and gentle then you can go for this name.

The list doesn’t end here. But wait we have various other categories too! Go down and check more varieties of names.

Female Tabby Cat Names

Do you have a female tabby at home? Can’t decide what to name her?

Top Female Cat Names for Tabby

Well, no worries we are here to help you with the top 5 Tabby Cat Names.

  • Apple: Many people keep the name of their favorite fruit as cat’s name. If your cat is sweet in nature you can keep this.
  • Buttercup: If your cat is agile and elegant you can pick this.
  • Jasmine: If your cat is fair and cute you use this name for her.
  • Livia: If your cat is brave and strong you can go for this name.
  • Muffin: If your cat loves sweets you can choose this.

Male Tabby Names

We have not just covered the top 5 female tabby cat names but also male cats names too!

These are popular and famous fancy male Tabby Cat Names that all pet parents like. So, check the table now!

Top Male Cat Names for Tabby
  • Alvin: If your cat is noble and good companion of yours you can go for this name.
  • Atlas: It is originated from Greek god name.
  • Beetle: It’s a name of a bug, but you can save it for your cat too.
  • Domino: If your cat ha patches this name is ideal for him.
  • Greyhound: If your cat is tall, has sharp features you can book this name for him.

Pattern Based Tabby Cat Names

As you know Tabby cats are found commonly in stripes we have also got the list prepared for striped plus dotted spots names for your kitty.

Top Pattern Based Tabby Cat Names


Check our grippy stripy tabby cat names here.

BellatrixHog badgerOpossum
ChevrotainKobSponge Bob
ChipmunkKuduStrawberry Shortcake
CosmoMona monkeyWeasel


Against a background of lighter fur, the spotted tabby displays noticeable circular spots.

Get to know names for your dotty spotty tabby.

AxlJelly BellyOpal
Billy Boss (Aristocats)Lucifer Patches
CloudyMiloPawdry Hepburn
Cookies and CreamRice Pudding

Where are you going hang on! It is not over yet!

Color Based Cat Names for a Tabby

Most of the tabby cats are found in brown, orange, and grey color. We have names for tabby cats colorwise too!

Top Color Based Tabby Cat Names

Classic Brow

Well, it is very individualist but brown tabbies are friendly and are more affectionate. They have dark brown stripes on their body

Brown Eyed SusanHarry PawterSandbar
CopperHenry HissingerShelbie
CoralMochaSir Smudgy
Dirty HarryMr. CoconutSnickerdoodle


Do you know Garfield is the world’s most famous orange tabby cartoon cat?

Carrot TopHobbesPeaches
CreamsicleLucyPrince Harry
CrookshanksMarigoldPumpkin Pie
Miss KittyRed


Check the Grey tabby cat name from A to Z

BlackieJenni-purr GrayPayne’s Gray
Earl GreyJetPhantom
EspressoMr. MidnightPoupon (get it?)

Standard Cat Names for a Tabby

We have safe options for those pet parents who don’t like to do experiments. They would love these general tabby cat names.

AbyssinianMaine Coon Cat
American BobtailOcicat
American ShorthairOriental Cat
Domestic ShorthairPersian

Well, That’s a Wrap!

If you have any tabby cats or your friend has any do share this with them. Isn’t it a great gift idea to give a name to a pet?

We have divided tabby cat names into various categories if you are funky or experimental, you can try cool and trendy tabby cat names. And, if not then we have got your back too.

Have you found any of our recommendations to be helpful? Have you given your Tabby a name yet? Please let us know in the comment section below.

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