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Alternatives to Declawing a Cat (Humane Methods)

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Declawing is cruel so we have come up with some alternatives to declawing! As most cat likes to scratch, it is common behavior but it costs us a lot. They screw up our expensive furniture and I know it’s painful right! We are on the same boat guys.

I even thought of declawing the tips of my cat’s toes but it is prohibited in a growing number of US states. So, what’s next?

Confused? Don’t know what to do?

Well, with CatLovesBest you will learn 9 amazing alternatives to declawing. You can use sticky paws, trim their nails, make their favorite place undesirable, and many more.

alternatives to declawing a cat

9 Humane Alternatives to Declawing a Cat

We have listed 9 unique new alternatives to declawing that can help you to avoid painful surgery.

These all alternatives are useful, you can use cat scratchers, or sisal covered posts, socks, boots, cat deterrents, trim nails, and many more are listed down below.

If you don’t want your cat to spoil things check it now!

1. Use Scratching Posts

You can buy a sturdy scratching post bigger than your cat’s body. And, place that nearby your sofa so that they can scratch and if you notice them doing that you can immediately redirect their attention to their scratching post.

scratching post alternative to declaw my cat

Make sure it has a heavy base, so it won’t fall down. Sometimes you can model the behavior for them and show them where they need to scratch, so they repeat your behavior and start scratching there.

Cat scratching is a natural instinct, so provide your cat with something that makes them feel satisfied. Because you can’t stop them from scratching surfaces. You can also put catnip on the post or could tie a toy on it to allure your kitty.

For horizontal scratching, you can buy corrugated cardboard too.

2. Manicure Your Cat’s Nails

If you don’t wish to declaw your cat you can go for trimming her nails.

It is less expensive than surgery and also won’t hurt your cat. You can simply book an appointment with the groomer for a manicure session or do it at your house. But, ask the veterinarian for tips and the right technique.

Well, clipping her nails at home could be stressful, but if you rub her paws and legs it will make her relax, and then you can trim your cat’s nails. You can even use treats to control the situation.

Or get a helping hand to trim a cat’s nails regularly for the safe side.

3. Try Vinyl Caps

Vinyl nail caps are an amazing tool and a great substitute for declawing in cats. You can get soft paws nails at any pet store.

vinyl caps alternative to declawing

It won’t harm your kitty even if they sit on their feet. You have to be very particular while selecting the nail caps cover for your cat. It should fit her well. Use enough glue to stick the nails otherwise they will remove easily.

While applying glue to the cat’s claws make sure to avoid her fur and skin nearby that area.

PRO TIP: If you choose to trim your cat’s nail and want to try it make sure that the length of the nail is bit longer so that you can fix caps easily.

You can buy Kitty Caps Nail Caps for Cats it is easy to use. The glue is not toxic and can cover her nails for 4-6 weeks. The bonus point of these nail caps is that they can be used on both cats’ and kittens’ nails.

Your cat won’t feel uncomfortable it is completely safe to use. So, you can definitely get these cats’ nail caps.

4. Use Cat Boots Or Socks

Another best alternative for declawing cats is using cats boots.

You can save your expensive furniture from your cat’s claw if you make her wear cat boots or shoes.

These are easily available in the market. It supports your cat’s paw keeps them warm, and prohibits scratching behavior.

One drawback of this alternative is that not all felines would be comfortable using the boots. But, there is no harm in experimenting right?

You can invest in Fanme Anti-Scratch Boots these are safe and made exclusively with silicone. It can fit any paw because it is stretchable and can cover her paw properly without harming her.

The best part is it has holes that will work as ventilation and keep her bottoms clean. Isn’t it nice alternative options to declawing cats?

Next, you can try socks. If your kitty is not satisfied with boots you can pick socks for her.

Pet Heroic Anti-Slip Knit Cat Socks are made of good quality cotton. Manufactures have used non-slippery silicone gel that offers more traction. They have various size ranges you can use their measuring chart and order it according to your cat’s paw easily.

5. Use Feliway

Well, cats tend to remove dead outer layers of nails by scratching.

You can reduce the mess of scratching furniture if you use the Feliway Classic Cat Calming Diffuser.

alternatives to declawing

Cats release their stress by doing this they release pheromones (scent) which helps them to calm down also mark their territory.

So, if you use Feliway your cat won’t feel like scratching your furniture and carpets anymore.

Although the majority of the pet parents use it for territorial urine marking. But, you can also use these as declawing alternatives to get rid of unnecessary scratching behavior in cats.

It is available in a diffuser and sprays in both forms.

6. Make Her Favorite Objects Less Enticing

Cats scratch various things due to a variety of reasons but making it less desirable can help. They will stop spoiling your things. When she doesn’t scratch things up you basically don’t have to declaw her right!

So, there are various things which can help you to make her things less appealing and attractive.

Aluminium Foil Can Work

Foil lacks good scratch quality. Therefore, cats don’t like to scratch on foil. This can become a bonus point for us.

We declaw our cats due to scratching problems right.

But, if we work on preventing scratching behavior we can reduce the chance of declawing too!

So, you can use tin foil or aluminum foil as it lacks rough texture. And, cover the surface to prevent unnecessary scratching cat’s behavior.

Apply Deterrent Spray

Similarly, you can apply a deterrent spray to avoid scratching. Due to the smell of the spray, they will stay away from the places where they used to satisfy their scratching urge.

So, if you simply apply deterrent spray on your and her favorite things there are fewer chances of declawing your cat.

You can use 3-in-1Kitten & Cat Training Aid it is effective to train her to keep her stay away from treated areas. It tastes bitter so if your cat scratches the carpet and then lick her claws she will not feel like coming back to the place again. One single spray can last for many days.

Don’t worry it is safe for cats and kids if you use it as per their given direction, and also it doesn’t destroy your surface. They have used natural ingredients which won’t harm your feline friend and kittens too.

If you don’t want to invest in spray then there is one economical way too. Well, you can simply spray vinegar or citrus lemon juice. Cat’s don’t like the smell of these two. Thus, they will repel and make her favorite place and things less attractive.

Use Double Side Tapes

You can make things unattractive for your feline friend by using double-sided tape.

Cover the area your cat is most attracted to, it will try to make them lose their interest in a particular area.

I used Panther Armor Cat Scratch Sticky Paws Tape for making her favorite spot less interesting, and it helps to keep your household clean. This immediately stops your cat from scratching the surface. You can easily cut and stick this tape, it has strong glue which lasts long. Plus it is not toxic for her.

It removes cleanly and doesn’t leave anything behind. Plus, it doesn’t damage the fabric in any way.

7. Provide Her Right Training

Your cat must be trained for this right from the beginning. If you teach her to avoid scratching things in the earlier stage it will become her habit. And, habits won’t change easily.

training as alternative of declaw

However, if you haven’t trained her in the early stage it is okay. You can still teach your cat to scratch only suitable things.

Follow the listed below procedure for training your cat.

  • Whenever your cat starts scratching tell her “no” it should be clear and loud. But, remember don’t use it in anger as it can have a negative impact. Then teach her what things are okay for killing her urge for scratching. You can give her scratching pads too.
  • If she doesn’t leave remove her claws from the surface. Make sure to be serious otherwise she will start playing with your hand.
  • If she still continues to do this you can pick her by the scuff and dispose of her at another location. This is how their mommy cat use to give them punishment. You can also use this but only in severe conditions.
  • Keep practicing this till it becomes her habit. You can also use treats for positive reinforcement and rewards.

8. Keep Her Busy and Kill Her Boredom

Unwanted scratching is a cat’s natural behavior. If they are under stress or anxiety it can make your cat go crazy.

Cat tries to scratch all things around to release pheromones and reduce stress.

So, the next point is to avoid cats from scratching things for that you have to fight against her stress. So, don’t let your cat stay alone, keep her engaged and busy in any sought of activity.

You can take her to stroll, give her enough excessive it will help to stimulate her brain.

You can even use catnip to control stress. The herb has calming health benefits. It contains nepetalactone which helps to relax them. It boosts their mood two times better and curbs anxiety and nervousness. If you want you can also speak to a cat behaviorist too.

  • Other than this you must take care of her.
  • Offer her good food, fresh and enough water to drink.
  • Make sure her litter box is clean.
  • Keep an eye on her sleeping routine and give her a soft and good bed for deep sleep.

9. Keep Her in Separate Room

The last best thing to protect your furniture and carpets from scratching is to keep them in a separate room. This can be a temporary solution but this can work.

Choose a room for your kitty which doesn’t include carpet, furniture, or sofa because cats prefer to scratch these things. It tempts them to turn on into destructive mode.

You can place a litter box, some interactive toys, food, and water for her in that room. Give her love and environmental enrichment. And build an exclusive room for her, so she likes to spend time there.

Well, That’s a Wrap!

Most cat owners have thought of declawed. But, it is inhumane and costly. There is no need for declawing if you use our 9 best alternatives to declawing.

For stretch and scratch give your cat a scratch post or cardboard. Whether cats prefer to scratch vertically or horizontally offering them a scratch post will work for both. But, make sure it is a sturdy base so it won’t tip.

If you want to know more alternatives then do read this article!


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