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Why Is My Cat Bobbing His Head?

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We know, in the parenting hood, you observe many new things about your feline’s behavior and learn how to deal with different situations.

Also, get an idea and learn how to understand felines’ emotions, pain, needs, etc.

Every other day, you face a different scenario, and many questions pop up in your mind.

Similarly, why is my cat bobbing his head is one of them.

As of now, you know, head bobbing is a common habit in cats.

But, when frequently they start doing this, it gives you stress right?

In this blog, you will get a fair view understanding of regarding reasons behind this abrupt, frequently unusual behavior of your cat.

So, don’t worry, relax your mind, and dive in to know better.

why is my cat bobbing his head

Reasons Behind Cat Bobbing His Head

Generally, cat bobs their heads when they are playing, try to communicate, or are in a jolly state of mind, etc.

However, frequently encountering head-bobbing action in their feline pal creates tension for cat owners, but no worry there is no major issue behind this behavior.

In the following paragraphs, you will get a clear understanding of the reason for the cat’s head bobbing. Keep on reading.

1. Underdeveloped Brain Tissue

Head bobbing in cats can be due to brain issues like brain trauma or underdeveloped brain tissue.

If your feline is suffering from a brain infection, then your friend won’t suddenly start nodding his head at first, he may have displayed some symptoms.

underdeveloped brain tissue

This can also be a birth defect, which means during pregnancy the mama cat has not got a proper meal, care that leads to infections caused by malnutrition or toxin.

Due to this, kittens’ brain tissues were not developed properly, and kittens were born with this brain underdevelopment disability.

However, those cats born with this brain underdevelopment disability live a normal long life, then other normal felines.

The matter of the difference is just that you need to take extra care of them.

2. Hereditary Disease Causing Weakness

There are few breeds that suffer from muscle weakness.

It’s in their genes only, so this might be the reason that your feline is suffering from a genetic issue, and that leads to bobbing his head.

hereditary disease causing weakness

It is a hereditary issue that leads to neck muscle weakness, due to which some feline breeds suffer from head bobbing.

Even a vet cannot help in this if your feline genetic history is poor in terms of health criteria.

3. Ear Infection

The answer to your question, why is my cat bobbing his head?

Ear problems can be one of the common issues, it happens mostly due to the build-up of too much wax in your kitty’s ear.

This may lead to other infections also, and lead to symptoms like vomiting and low appetite.

ear infection

In addition, it is quite possible that ear mites and fleas can also create discomfort to your kitty’s ear.

All you can do is carefully clean his ear dirt with cotton balls, and make sure you don’t damage his hearing bud.

If it doesn’t help then consult the vet, there might be chances that your feline is suffering from ear infections, which may lead to redness, swelling symptoms.

4. Medical Reaction or Overdose for Cat Head Bobbing

The medical reaction can be the quite possible reason behind your cat bobbing his head.

If your feline pal is under any medication, then it is common as it might be because of high-dose drugs reaction.

It is always recommended that consult your feline’s vet and use prescribed medicines only.

medical reaction or overdose for cat head bobbing

In any case, prescribed medicines are giving adverse reactions, then immediately inform the vet for a better solution.

A note for you, medical drug reactions, and overdosing are severe issues.

It can risk your feline’s life, so never overlook such issues, and immediately go for a vet check-up.

5. Bacterial Infection for Cat Head Bobbing

In the majority of cases, adult cats or kittens encounter fungal diseases, this might be the reason behind your kitty’s bobbing his head.

Fungal disease or bacterial infection leads to other health issues and causes fever, nausea, lethargic feeling, cold, etc.

bacterial infection for cat head bobbing

If you observe these symptoms, then you need to take your feline pal to the vet for the examination of his health.

To find out he is suffering from what kind of infection, and start his medication as soon as possible.

6. Vestibular Disorder

Vestibular Disorder is caused by an abnormality in the inner ear of a cat, that leads to head bobbing.

The vestibular disorder occurs abruptly in felines.

Common symptoms are losing balance, falling into one side or circling to one side, head tilting/bobbing, vomiting, nausea, etc.

vestibular disorder

These signs occur suddenly and don’t give much time to think about, what exactly going on.

Till date, no proper medical treatment has come.

The vet will prescribe antibiotics or antifungal infection doses to your feline pal, which can help to give some relief to him, and it will be cured in a few days.

7. Head Injury Like a High Fall or Hit by a Car

Head injury can be one of the reasons why cats bob their head.

In your absence, your kitty might have banged his head with a door or furniture.

head injury like a high fall or hit by a car

He might have stepped outside the house, and met with an accident or encounter a fight with a predator.

There can be some other reasons behind the head injury.

So, it is advisable to check his scalp, and if any major issue is there then immediately consult with his vet and start giving medication.


As in this blog, we have talked about logical reasons behind why is my cat bobbing his head?

Abrupt head bobbing on your feline can be stressful, but as discussed, no need to worry much. As it can be cured at home only with proper care and attention.

However, if the problem is not cured and accompanied by other symptoms. Then immediately consult the vet and start the medication soonest as possible, to avoid any health complications.


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