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Cat Nail Caps – Pros and Cons (Are They Safe?)

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Nowadays, cat nail caps are more in demand, it is considered the best alternative option for declawing. They can protect your family members, and household items from your feline pal’s scratching habit.

We have penned down some key points of cat nail caps, which include both their pros and cons. So, let’s dive in and get in-depth knowledge regarding cat nail caps’ pros and cons.

cat nail caps' pros and cons

Advantages of Using Cat Nail Caps

Cat nail caps are in great demand among pet parents as one of the best things about using this cover is that felines won’t be able to scratch or hurt others and household items are protected from being damaged.

In the following paragraphs, we have covered some perks and key points of using cat nail caps. Keep on reading to get a clear understanding of products benefits.

1. Prevent Scratching

Nails caps are the best option for those pet parents whose felines get annoyed seeing strangers, are aggressive, and have poor claw control.

prevent scratching

These nail covers prevent your kitty’s scratches, whether it’s intentional or accidental. It keeps you and your closed one safe and protected.

2. Protect Household Items

Covering your kitty’s sharp claws with nail caps is one of the best solutions to prevent your household items from being damaged.

protect household items

It prevents your feline pal to destroy carpet, curtains, furniture, etc., anything where your kitty’s sharp claws can reach. Your kitty will try to claw but nail caps will play as a guard and prevent your household items.

3. Affordable

Cat nail caps come at a very affordable price, plus brands offer bulk buying options with a variety of colors. Now, the majority of brands offer you a kit that includes strong adhesive, multiple nail caps, applicators, etc. So, you don’t need to buy extra things for the application.


If you are able to apply nail covers properly, it will also save the cost of grooming your cat’s nails every alternative month.

4. Easy Application

The good-quality nail caps are made of toxic-free materials and are flexible in nature, which means your cat won’t feel any discomfort while walking. The majority of the product comes in a kit that includes an applicator, glue, manual book for easy application.

easy application

All you need to do is go through the manual book and follow the step, you need to apply the adhesive to the inner of the nail cap and then place it over your kitty’s claw. After application, wait for a few minutes to let the nail cap set properly.

5. Used for Short or Long Term

Nail caps can be used for short or long periods, generally, a good quality nail cover stays on your kitty’s claw for four to six weeks.

If you feel like now, your feline is not into too much scratching or hurting you or any other family members with their sharp claws, then you can remove the nail cap.

used for short or long term

For instance, if your feline pal again started adapting the scratching habit, then you can easily again put on the claw cover.

Cons of Using Cat Nail Caps

As we know, everything has its own pros and cons, nothing is perfect. So far, you read about the perks of wearing nail caps for cats. Now, let’s also explore the snag side or cons of cat nail cap covers for your kitty.

It is necessary to know both the good and bad points of the product as it will help you use the product effectively.

Scroll down to know better.

1. Replacing the Caps

Generally, good-quality cat nail caps need to be replaced every six weeks. But if you are using the low-quality local product, then it increases the tendency of replacing the cap frequently.

It will not stick properly to your kitty’s claw and will create problems for you as you have to keep extra stock in the house, and it is not a cost-effective idea.

2. Not Easily Adapted by Felines

The snag of using cat nail caps is that it is not easily accepted by the felines, as they hate covering their claws and won’t allow you to put the caps on them.

not easily adapted by felines

Feline feels that their freedom is taken away, and their life is in danger as claws are their weapon, and they won’t be able to defend themselves. So they avoid adapting to this new change and often try to chew or remove it from their claws.

3. Not Fit for Super Active Felines

If you have a mischievous feline, then it becomes difficult for pet parents to wear nail caps because they will not allow you to touch their claws. Even if you succeed in wearing their cover, it won’t last for long period.

not fit for super active felines

Nail caps are not an ideal choice for super active felines, as they won’t sit in one place and roam around, so there are high tendencies that they will lose their claw cover easily or chew them off.

4. Limit Hunting Abilities

One of the downsides of cat nail caps is that your feline pal hunting abilities will decrease as claws are their hunting weapon and if you cover them and let your kitty step outside the house alone then it may increase the risk for your kitty.

limit hunting abilities

For instance, if a predator tries to attack her then she won’t be able to defend herself as her claws will be covered which will make her helpless, and won’t be able to run properly on road or attack the predator.

5. Cats Losses Their Claw Grip

Cat nail caps can lose your kitty’s claw grip, and this is one of the major reasons felines get irritated and refuse to put nail covers. The majority of the cats find it difficult to walk properly with caps, as they cannot feel the floor as well as cannot climb the tree.

cats losses their claw grip

Their sharp claws help them to grab the surface and climb easily, on the other hand, nail caps covering edge are blunt and make it almost impossible for your feline to climb the tree easily.


Here, we would like to conclude our blog regarding cat nail caps’ pros and cons. Just a quick revision of what we have discussed earlier.

As you know, there are several advantages of using cat nail caps such as it prevents scratching, the best alternative to declawing, your household items being now protected, etc.

On the other hand, we have also discussed the snag side of the product to give you a fair view. So that you can use it effectively.


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