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Reasons Why My Cat Chews on My Hair and Tips to Stop It

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Cats love licking, biting their owner, it’s their way of showing some affection, love towards them, or grabbing their attention.

However, there are situations where felines love to chew pet parents’ hair, they often become compulsive chewers.

On the other hand, they might adopt this unusual behavior because of health issues, compulsions, anxiety, etc.

So, let’s learn in detail about the reasons why my cat chews on my hair, which will help you to take appropriate steps to curb this unusual behavior of your feline pal.

reasons why my cat chews on my hair

1. Kitty Chews Your Hair for Self Soothing

Why does my cat chew on my hair?

Could be that your feline pal soothing herself.

kitty chews your hair for self soothing

Your kitty might have adapted this behavior from the weaning period to help herself to calm and comfort. It also helps to soothe her anxiety.

2. It’s Her Way of Relieving Stress

If your feline is anxious or under stress, then it’s a high possibility that she might urge for chewing or biting something, even if it’s your hair.

It’s their way of releasing stress or anxiety.

its her way of relieving stress 2

If it doesn’t bother you, then you can sit back and let your feline feel the bond you both share.


  • If it’s continuous for a longer period, then look for the cause and solve it due to which your kitty is affected.

3. She Is a Compulsive Chewer

Generally, felines don’t continue doing their unusual habit for a longer period.

However, if your feline is not willing to quit her chewing habit even after a lot of effort, then it is possible that your feline has become a compulsive chewer.

she is a compulsive chewer

You will be able to detect this disorder when you can’t distract your feline pal with her tempting treats.


  • In such a situation, you should seek help from your feline vet, they will guide you how to get rid of this compulsive disorder.

4. Chewing Give Pleasure to Your Feline

It’s not always necessary that something is bothering them or any health issues are there behind your feline unusual behavior.

Sometimes, just out of pleasure also they do some unusual behavior, chewing hair is one of them.

chewing give pleasure to your feline

So, the answer to your question is why my cat chews on my hair?

Could be that she is in a happy state and showering some love by doing this unusual behavior.

However, it’s also possible that you have just taken a shower, and she is enjoying the smell of your fragrant shower products.


  • You can distract your kitty by offering her favorite treats or playing with their favorite toys.

5. Kitty Is Suffering From Hyperthyroidism

Other reasons why my cat chews on my hair could be that your feline pal is suffering from a Hyperthyroidism condition.

It is the most common disease found in felines, the symptoms of this disease include, weight loss, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.

kitty is suffering from hyperthyroidism

Furthermore, the overactive thyroid gland can lead to the urge to crave food in great quantities.

So, there is a high tendency when you are playing or spending time with your feline pal, she will try to chew your hair out of hunger/craving.


  • If you notice any thyroid symptoms in your feline, then immediately consult a vet for rapid medication treatment.

6. Your Kitty Likes the Taste

Generally, felines don’t like scented things, it doesn’t suit them.

But if you are using mild fragrance shampoo, then there are chances that she may like the taste and fragrance of that shampoo.

your kitty likes the taste

So, this can be one of the reasons why my cat chews on my hair.

Felines don’t like strong citrus fragrances.

So, if your shampoo is milder, then it can be possible that she is getting attracted to that fragrance and wants to chew it.


  • Even after making so many attempts, your feline is not ready to stop chewing your hair. Then, my friend, you can do one thing, switch to another fragrance shampoo that doesn’t go with your kitty’s preference.
  • Opt for citrus type of hair product, they just hate citrus- scented products, this will help to get rid of your feline’s weird habit.

7. She Might Be Experiencing Pica

Could be that she is experiencing pica.

In other words, she is suffering from nutrient deficiency, which causes her to chew non-edible things just like hair.

she might be experiencing pica

It’s not your feline fault.

In such a situation it increases the craving of eating non-edible things and so it increases the tendency where she chews your hair.

Just like when a human suffers from iron deficiency, it increases the craving for eating ice cubes.


  • Nothing to worry about it, all you can do is consult the vet and start her nutritional deficiency medication, which will help to reduce her craving for eating non-edible things.

8. Grooming

As we all know, felines love grooming themselves, as well as spend a lot of time grooming their babies.

Similarly, you are also her part of the family she will lick, bite, snuggle with you, it’s her way of showing love and grooming you.


So if you are spending time with your feline pal and if she starts to chew your hair it’s normal she is just grooming you.

It’s her way of saying that she loves you and feels protected around your company.


  • If you find that she’s continuously chewing on your hair and is not willing to stop, then you can consult your vet to solve the root cause of this habit.


Hopefully, our blog on, the reasons why my cat chews on my hair?

Help you to identify the reasons behind the unusual behavior of your feline. If something is related to her underlying health issue, then immediately consult your feline’s vet and start medication without any delay.

However, if nothing is serious, and she is doing it just out of affection, then no need to worry.

You can simply distract your cat from chewing, by grabbing her attention towards her favorite treat, toys, fun activities, etc.

Here are a few more tips for you:

  • Reduce your kitty’s stress by calming her down, spending more quality time with her, and following her routine on time.
  • If she is just doing it out of pleasure and is not willing to give away the unusual behavior, all you need to do is distance yourself for a few days. This will help her to realize that this action is not acceptable to you.
  • You can also distract her with her treats, toys, take her for a walk or play fun activities, etc. All these will help you to get rid away of your feline’s unusual behavior. However, don’t feed her treats on a regular basis because that will lead to gain issues.


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