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5 Amazing DIY Cat Tent Teepees Ideas

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Are you bored of traditional teepees available in the market?

Are you someone who wants exclusive things for their pet?

Well, why not DIY cat tent teepees then? Yes, you can craft it at home with your family and friends. We have curated 5 amazing DIY cat tent teepees which are unique. Some are way too easy to make and some may take time but trust me it’s worth spending your time.

How to Make a Cat Tent?

Starting on with a hanger tent, which is simple and can be quickly fixed. You don’t have to waste much time and all the supplies you can get from your household itself. You can also try making it from an unused box or canvas too!

We have also upcycled a TV stand and made a tent from that too. And, the last one is too cozy ad fancy teepees’ tent which I am sure your kitty will definitely love it.

1. DIY Cat Hanger Tent

It’s time to make a kitty cat tent. So, let’s get started.

Things you need:

  • 15″X15″ cardboard
  • A medium-size tee shirt
  • Two-wire coat hangers
  • Tape
  • 4 safety pins
  • Pair of pliers


diy cat tent teepees

Start by cutting hooks off the hangers. Next, push one end of the hanger into the corner of your cardboard. So, that about one inch pokes through the other sides.

Now, with your plier bend the end of the hanger at a 90-degree angle and secure it to the cardboard. With the piece of tape.

Then take the other end of the wire and push that through the opposite corner of the cardboard.

Then bend the end and secure it in the place with the tape as well. Repeat this on the other corner with the second wire.

Now, with the second piece of tape secure the point where the wires intersect.

Then put all on this hollow wire figure. Add the tee shirt. Using the safety pin secure the bottom of the sleeves to the bottom of the tent. Yay, now she can sleep here.

2. DIY Pet Teepee With Stick and Fabric

It’s easy peasy and creative can be made in 30 minutes.

Things you need:

  • 5 wooden, 30 inches dowels
  • Piece of fabric
  • A pillow
  • Hot glue gun


diy cozy little cat tent

Twine all 5 wooden dowels together from one side. Move the poles apart and give it a tent shape structure.

Measure fabric 34″, then cut it into a semi-circle. Use hot glue to seam the folding. Then simply drape the wooden frame and click the fabric.

Glue the fabric to the wood and add tassels if you want. And, it is ready to use. You can fit a small pillow inside for her as well.

3. DIY Cat Teepee With Bamboo Sticks

Try some bamboo stick pet teepee tent. It is not time-consuming you can fix this in 1 hour easily.

Things you need:

  • 1.5 meters of 4 bamboo sticks
  • A rope
  • Woodcutter
  • Fabric or a piece of blanket
  • Sewing kit or machine


how to make a cat teepee

Cut out 4 sticks of 75 cm and 4 sticks of 45 cm. Form a pyramid shape structure from 75 cm sticks.

With a 45 cm stick make a square shape structure. The final step in the frame construction is to secure the bottom square with the pyramid. Make sure to measure the proportions you’ll need to cut and make a note of them.

Cut out a square shape from the fabric and stitch the bottom square. Cover the triangle structure with the extra fabric.

Then use the remaining fabric to stitch on the top two straight lines. If you like, you can replace the rope or string with something else. With these two, tie a basic knot to secure the fabric to the frame.

Hurray! It is done her new bed is ready.

4. DIY TV Tray Cat Teepee

I promise your feline friend will be happy and won’t leave this cute and comfortable tent.

Things you need:

  • TV stand
  • Drilling machine
  • Cute design fabric
  • Staple
  • Scissors


how to make a cat tent

Move out all screws from the TV stand just leave the ones that hold the two pieces of wood that run down the table top’s shorter sides. We will use them as legs.

Turn the tabletop over on the floor, revealing the two wood pieces that ran along the table’s short ends. Then fix the dowel pieces with a screw.

Attach the matching bars at the ending of all legs to the 2 wood pieces that run along the table top’s short ends. Make sure to attach them with the screw from the outer side. So, you can easily cover the entire table. If you have thick screws then make sure to drill them before working on them.

Once everything is glued and attached to the tabletop then incline it to make a teepee. Now, if you are satisfied with the shape and the angle attach the top crossing points with a screw-on on each side.

You can apply colors on the stand if you wish then place the pillow cover out flat and cut off the two seams that run along the case’s long edges. On the short end of the pillowcase, do not cut the seam.

Wrapping the pillowcase tent frame, dragging the unused seam along the top of the frame. Pleat the corners on each side. So, it fits snugly between the teepee’s legs. Allow the pillowcase to lay flat by cutting through the folded-over area of the top seam.

Use a staple to hold the pillowcase in place while you attach it to the teepee. And, your DIY cat tent teepees fun project is ready.

5. DIY Cozy Little Cat Tent

You may find this DIY cat tent project a bit difficult, but it is the most beautiful of all tents on the list.

Things you need:

  • 2 cotton fabric
  • 1 stylevil
  • Wadding 140
  • 1 Vliesofix
  • Paper
  • Ruler
  • 1 circle
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Needle
  • Yarn
  • Pencil


how to make a cat tent bed

In the first part, we have to prepare the base which will be in square 45 x 45 cm and for the four sides base edge will be 45 cm and the height will be the same as 45 cm.

From one side portion, you have to make a circle with 20 cm at the front and cut it out.

Moving on to the next step take each 4 side parts and the base part then cut it 2 times from the fabric and one time from Style-Vil at 1 cm seam allowance.

Then make the sandwich of fabric and style vil and the ply fabric and sew it 0.5 cm all around.

For the fourth side portion, you have to topstitch the style vil, fabric at 0.5 cm then remove the circle without a seam.

To make the circular, take the bias tape (fabric with a diagonal thread course) and nail it right sides together with a slight tug.

Tuck pin in the cloth from the back, gently remove out the circle all the way around and then fold the seam allowance over.

Then, with the help of your hand, stitch the fabric to the bias tape’s stitching. Now stitch the base and close all four lengthways seams at 1 cm.

Again repeat and cut out the bias tapes and stitch the bias tape to the exterior edges then iron it. Turn and fold it to hand sew it together.

For the feathers, you have to attach two fabrics with Vileso and make them fancy by decorating them with sewing seams. Then hand sews to the tent’s tip.

And, it’s done, guys.

Well, That’s a Wrap!

We have enlisted 5 amazing DIY cat tent teepees projects. You can make it from teeshirt, hanger and wait from recycled TV stand also. It is much better than cat bed ideas!

You don’t have to go very far to gather all stuff for these teepees and tents project most of the stuff which we have used in the DIY project can be easily found at your home.

These are beautifully unique and cozy cat tents and teepees if you make any one of the pet teepee bed projects from our list make sure to comment down below and yes, do share it with other cat owners too!


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