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How Fast Can a House Cat Run? (Interesting Facts)

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Let’s talk about it from the facts point of view, cats are born athletes, they have natural hunting skills so naturally, they have great running capacity.

It’s not necessary only outdoor felines are good at running as they have to step out and search for their meal and feed their family.

Many pet parents think that their feline pal only likes being cuddled and taking nap, but it’s not true my friend, one of the reasons behind taking a long nap is that they save their energy, and use it when required.

As you scroll down and keep on reading, you will get to know many facts regarding your feline activeness.

We have highlighted the most asked question, how fast can a house cat run? Key points regarding their speed, which is the fastest domestic breed, etc.

how fast can a house cat run

How Cats Run So Fast?

Cats are very effective predators, they are born with good hunting skills, on average cats can run faster up to 48 km/h.

Even domestic cats also have these skills. However, they don’t have to go out in search of food for their survival, as their pet parents take care of them. Still, they retain this skill and teach the same to their babies.

Cats retain their energy by relaxing so that they bounce back with a high level of energy and stamina.

How Fast Can a Normal House Cat Run?

One of the general questions that pop up in pet parents’ minds is, how fast can a house cat run?

The answer is the fastest house felines can run-up to the top speed of 47 km/hr, i.e. 30mph. It is double the speed you keep while driving your car in the parking area.

One interesting fact regarding your feline is that they have powerful hind legs and when she runs at their maximum speed their legs move backward and give her a push just like spring to move forward and take a bigger step.

how fast can a normal house cat run

Your indoor feline’s strong hind legs, spines, as well as flexible body give her strength to run faster.

Does House Cat Speed Depend on Type of Breed?

Yes, it’s true, house cat running speed depends on which type of breed category they fall, into because every breed’s body is designed differently.

Many of the breeds have a high-energy level, are always active to work out any activities, have lean muscles, and flexible body that allows them to stretch their legs backward to run fast.

On the other hand, there are some breeds that are not active and cannot run fast, they mostly fall under the lazy category, these breeds will prefer taking sunbaths or short naps rather than running in the whole house or chasing their toys, etc.

What Is the Average Speed of House Cat?

The speed of the house cat varies according to their health, stamina, weight, age, etc. Sometimes, it depends on their willingness also if cats don’t feel like running they will not cover even average speed.

As per the survey, it is found that the average speed of a house kitty is around 20 miles per hour, even those slower feline breeds can also reach this speed level if they willingly want to cover it.

Which Is the Fastest Type of House Cat?

The Egyptian Maus is one of the indoor feline breeds that fall under the category of the athletic and energetic fastest cat breed. They have longer hind legs and a flexible body that allows their legs to stretch back to the extreme level. The Maus running high speed is more than 48 km/h(30mph).

which is the fastest type of house cat

Apart from the Egyptian Maus breed, there are other fastest breeds also which you can own. If you want your feline pal to make you busy all the time then have a look at the following breeds list, they are kinda athletics.

  • Bengal
  • Abyssinian
  • Ocicat
  • Manx
  • Savannah
  • Oriental
  • Somali
  • Siamese

Factors That Increase House Cat Speed

With time and age, there are chances that your indoor feline pal may reduce her stamina and that can affect her running speed. Just like humans lose their stamina, and drop in metabolic rate, and strength when they don’t take care of their health.

If you find that your feline pal is reducing her stamina and becoming more lazy/lethargic, then make sure you gear her up for workouts, and control her diet. At least fifteen minutes of exercise per day can help in boosting her stamina level.

The two main utmost factors to look upon that will help to boost her energy and increase her running speed.


Generally, house cats are less active than outdoor cats, because they spend most of the time in the house and take less part in the activities.

If you regularly set a playing time for your feline pal in which you can make her do activities that require walking and make her move from one corner of the house to another, that can help to reduce the lethargic behavior in your kitty.


It will make your feline pal active and increase her running speed also.


Just like humans, stamina is affected by weight gain. Similarly, when house cats gain weight, it impacts their running speed and makes them more lethargic.

Since house felines are not that active but still if you properly maintain her weight and make her do a bit of exercise that can help in increasing her energy and metabolic rate.

The more she maintains a lean body, the more it will help to increase her running speed.


Here, we would like to conclude our blog on how fast can a house cat run?

Expectantly, you enjoyed reading interesting facts regarding indoor felines running capacity, and their average running speed.

Furthermore, we have also talked about the fastest running breed, whether indoor felines running capacity depends on the breed type she belongs to or not.

Even slower breeds can run and reach around average speed, it solely depends on their willingness to do. In addition, we have also covered factors key points, which help to increase the stamina of your feline pal if for any reason her activeness and stamina level have dropped.


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