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Why Does My Cat Sleep Between My Legs?

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Even a proud cat parent would not be knowing why a cat behaves in a certain way she does! let’s face it, you need a great understanding of the body language of your cat. Why does my cat sleep between my legs? especially when you have your whole body for them.

Cuddling in between your legs rather than in your arms? You surely need to know what is the reason behind this madness! There’s a logical reason behind this behavior, let’s find out.

Why does my cat sleep between my legs?

why does my cat sleep between my legs

Why Do Cats Love to Sleep Between Legs?

Cats are curious creatures, and they do things that are sometimes hard to understand, but that’s the cat for us! Every cat logic will not just satisfy your curiosity but will leave you with great amusement! Many cat parents would say that their cat’s favorite position to sleep is between its human legs!

Let’s find out the 6 most accurate reasons, why does my cat sleep between my legs!

1. They Look For Warmth!

Cats like their space to be warmer and cozier, did you know why?

To begin with, a cat’s natural body temperature is 102 degrees Fahrenheit (ca. 39 °C), which is substantially higher than humans’ of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit (ca. 37 °C).

cat looking for warmth

Second, unlike humans, cats are less sensitive to heat. They do have heat sensors, but they are concentrated on their faces, which makes this area particularly sensitive to heat.

So the first thing any cat of the world would look for is warmth! Cats love such spaces where they feel the warmest, that’s one of the reasons why you always find your cats in weird hiding spots where no one would usually sit.

It’s very easy to find a warm spot during the daytime, like under the sun or radiator, but what would our poor yet clever cats do at night? When the suns go down, cats come and reside between your two legs, as they are the warmest and provide warmth not from just one, but both sides!

Especially during Christmas, when you get to wear the warmest socks, cats would roll and curl up in kitty bliss to feel warm

2. Cats: “I Like You, You’re Cozy”

Cats have the reputation of being intolerant, even when it’s the slightest inconvenience. According to you, when your cat sleeps between your legs, she must be taking all sorts of kicking and being thrown from right to left. How can it be true? Why does my cat sleep between my legs, if it’s so risky and irritating!

cats like sleeping between your legs

The answer is very simple, your cat doesn’t see it in the same way, in fact, it’s the coziest place for your cat to sleep. So what looks uncomfortable to you is something that is very comfortable for your cat.

3. Safety

One of the most accurate reasons, why does my cat sleep between my legs, is due to safety concerns. Cats in the wild have the natural instinct to be alert most of the time, you will always find them in a position of ready to attack or keeping an eye on intruders.

cats feel safe sleeping between legs

This is because they need to be safe from predators, while the house cats have nothing to be worried about, especially when it comes to safety. Cats are cats, and they’re going to have the natural instinct to protect themselves from imaginary predators.

The cats are most vulnerable while sleeping, that’s why they chose such a position to sleep which is the safest. Kittens cuddle up into an adorable furball and sleep with their cat mommy.

What about the adult kittens? You and between your warm legs are the safest place to sleep, they trust you and know that you will protect them from all the predators. Your legs are a natural hammock for your cat, and she finds it a safe and comforting place to sleep.

4. They Are Bonding with You!

We had enough discussion about the nights now it’s time to discuss the time when it’s not night nor sleeping time and still, your cat comes to you, curl up in your lap, sleeping between your legs.

cat bonding with you

Again! Why does my cat sleep between my legs? Did you know that cats have scent glands on different parts of their body?

Cats usually rub themselves on humans and other objects to transfer their smell so that they can feel familiar, and when the next time you go back to them after a long interval, they will smell you, this will make them super comfortable.

If you have a house with multiple cats, then you must be knowing how they rub themselves on each other, this is known as billowing. If you have only one cat then, she’s going to act as you are her everything, mom, dad, feline friends, something to chew on, and the list would go on!

And that’s how your cat would pillow you, by sitting in the most comfortable place of your body.

5. Your Cat May Be a Little Territorial

Cats express their emotions in a variety of ways, but they particularly like marking their territory with their scent by producing pheromones, so why does my cat sleep between my legs and how is this relatable?

your cat may be a little territorial

When your cat comes and sits or sleeps between your legs, she’s saying, “This human is mine, and no one can take it away from me since I’ve marked him with my name.”

This is why some cats may shy away from you if they smell other cats on your clothing! Especially if you have multiple cats in your home. Cats are very territorial, and they will make sure to mark their territory in various ways so that other cats would not mess up with what’s theirs!

6. Your Cat Must Be Feeling Stressed and Anxious Lately!

The last but not the least important reason, why does my cat sleep between my legs. Now you might feel like, how can such a positive thing have a chance of turning out to be something so negative! Yes, there are 100% chances, especially when it’s about your cat.

your cat must be feeling stressed and anxious lately

So the bottom line is, if your cat feels stressed to anxious, then she could become over-possessive and extraterritorial, which is why they choose to sleep between your legs to show their dominance over you. Your cat may tend to hiss and even scratch you should you decide to remove her from that certain space.


While many cat parents allow their cats to sleep with them, if you are one of those who believe to share space with their pets then, you must be pretty much aware of the things your cat loves to do! You can be proud as you have successfully gained the trust of your cat.

She feels the safest around you and attempts to make sure no one snatches away its human from her! You may, however, give her a separate cat sleeping spot within your bed, so she can be warm and comfortable while still knowing you’re around.

So, now you know, why does your cat sleep between your legs!


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