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Ragdoll vs Siamese Cat | Know the Difference (With Pictures)

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Are you planning to gift a feline friend to your partner? Wait, you are confused between Ragdolls and Siamese cats?

Well, no worries both are great pets but if you want to know detailed descriptions and comparisons on Ragdoll vs Siamese cat, then we are here for your help!

We have made an entire comparative chart which will help you to pick one. Ragdolls have friendly nature suitable for people who are always busy whereas if you want to devote more time with cats then Siamese cats are perfect, they need interaction and stimulation.

ragdoll vs siamese cat

Ragdoll vs Siamese Cat Comparison Chart

FactorsRagdollsSiamese cats
Life span12-15 years12-20 years
Height 9-11 inches 8-10 inches
Activity levelLowHigh
Cost $1200 – $2500 $600 – $1200
TraitsPlayful, docileTalkative, demanding

Differences Between Cats Siamese and Ragdolls

Even though Ragdolls and Siamese cats have all most similar color patterns but they both have big dissimilarities. Ragdolls have long hair by contrast Siamese has short hair types you won’t require extra time for grooming.

Ragdolls are lazy and relaxed whereas Siamese isn’t they are loaded with energy and can defend themselves.

1. Appearance and Character

Ragdolls have a lot of muscle. You can touch their long silky coat and don’t worry they don’t tend to shed a lot because of the absence of an undercoat.

They usually have fascinating blue eyes, and they are generally 9-11 inches tall and weigh up to 10-20 pounds. However, male cats can be heavier.

You find these fluffier kitties in 5 different coat patterns.

  • Lynx
  • Colorpoint
  • Mitted
  • Bicolor
  • Tortie

You can get a wide color range of colors in Ragdolls like white, cream, seal, gray, black, blue, chocolate, red, and lilac. Both cats have light bodies and dark paws, which may cause confusion.

But, when you compare Ragdolls with Siamese cats they are slim and have lengthy body frames. They are muscular but have a slim trim body. Their legs and tails are elongated and have striking color points.

It can be confusing when it comes to the color point of Siamese cats because it is a mystery they have dark fur on their face, paws, tail, and ears

They are known as Velcro cats who are blessed with sharp features. These cats tend to have blue eyes and royal elegant features.

Their body is covered with short and light coat they also do not shed a lot. You can get these cats in various color points like

  • Blue point
  • chocolate point
  • lilac point
  • cream with dark color points

2. Health and Grooming

Ragdolls Health ProblemsSiamese Cats Health Problems
ObesityProgressive retinal atrophy
UTIMediastinal lymphoma
HCM (Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy)Asthma
HairballsHip dysplasia
Dental issues

Ragdolls are considered to be healthy cat breeds. But they are likely to be affected by HCM that is hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and urinary tract infection.

Ragdolls can also face hairballs problems as they have long hair. You must take care of their diet because they are likely to face obesity issues in the future.

Siamese cats are the oldest breed. They are also strong fit and healthy cats, but they tend to suffer from oral problems, amyloidosis which is a liver ailment, and a few types of cancers.

They have a genetic eye-related problem which is called progressive retinal atrophy it can make her go blind. Other than that they are likely to face Mediastinal lymphoma which is a kind of cancer that triggers the fluid found nearby their lungs.

Siamese cats are prone to asthma and hip dysplasia, this can’t be permanently cured, but you can control its symptoms.

Grooming needs for ragdolls are must they have thick shiny long hair which you must brush regularly at least two times a week to prevent mats and tangles. They won’t irritate you while you brush their coat because they also enjoy the grooming session.

These cats are clean they don’t clean extra care in terms of hygiene however as a responsible pet owner make you clean their teeth carefully, keep their beautiful blue eyes away from eye discharge. Trim their nails if you regularly brush their coat then bathing isn’t required.

Siamese cats have short hair therefore, you may not need to spend major time grooming them, therefore, they are less maintenance. You can trim their nails every 14 days. They are prone to have dental problems therefore daily dental cleaning is a must.

3. Temperament and Behavior

This excellent breed is one of the most gentle cats you’ll ever meet. In fact, the name “ragdoll” stems from the fact that when picked up, they go limp.

is ragdoll different from siamese cats

These cats appreciate being carried and pampered, and they will happily relax in your arms till you want them to hold.

Ragdolls cats are intelligent breeds who are highly close to their human. They constantly need their master’s attention however they aren’t demanding as other cat breeds. They are faithful towards their human and if you pick them as their pet then they can surely give you great company.

One fact about these floppy cats is that they are less vocal means your family members will not get irritated a lot if you adopt them because they won’t meow a lot like other cats. But, in case they are vocalizing then something is wrong with them, and you must cross-verify that with the vet.

They aren’t quite a hopper jumper type of cats they like to stay on the ground you can also call them floor cats but that doesn’t mean they won’t hop on your couch haha!

When it comes to Siamese cats they are good around humans you can easily make a bond with them. If you love to go for outings then they can give you great company as they also have a social personality.

They are considered to be smart who trust their human and are affectionate. You have to be a bit careful because they are sensitive cats and if you yell at them, they can get hurt. Therefore, make sure to always use positive reinforcement techniques with them.

They will not leave their favorite hooman if they are happy.

4. Diet and Activity Level of Ragdoll vs Siamese Cats

The ideal diet for Ragdoll and Siamese cats requires a lot of meat protein. You must feed fatty acid kibbles made of omega acids that can help them to have a beautiful shiny coat.

Ragdolls are lazy indoor cats who are not high energetic they love to spend the majority of their time inside the house. They are calm, docile, and won’t be able to fight against other outdoor cats. However, they are love playing with toys and love cuddling.

When we compare Ragdolls vs Siamese cats’ energy levels, Siamese cats are popular for their notable energy levels they are highly energetic and aren’t lazy.

5. Lifespan of Ragdoll vs Siamese Cats

If you properly take care of ragdoll cats they can happily live for 12-15 years. On the other hand, Siamese kitty can have 12-20 years of life.

6. Costing

On average, the price range of a Ragdoll will lie somewhere between $1200 – $2500 but this can vary from region to region and from breeder to breeder. High-titled kittens cost can go from $1,500 to $3,000.

In general, the cost of Siamese cats is $600 – $1200 but if the breeder quality is high and reputable then it may require a high amount around $1000-$2,500.

differences between cats siamese and ragdolls

Which One Is the Best for Your Household?

Ragdolls suitable for indoor living they cannot gel up with dog-like Siamese cats could do. Although if you leave them alone for long they can still manage whereas Siamese cats cannot they need interaction otherwise they can catch depression quickly.

This is why, if you have a busy work schedule, adopting a Siamese cat is not a good idea because they require interaction.

Ragdoll cats have tended to shed a lot of hair so if you are prone to allergies I advise you not to adopt them whereas Siamese cats can be good pets in this case.

However, training Ragdoll cats are quite a hectic experience if we compare them to Siamese.

Both have amazing personalities and are extremely intelligent cat breeds you can choose any one of them as per your suitability as these both can become great pets.

Well, That’s a Wrap!

In conclusion of Ragdolls vs Siamese cats, we would say both are distinct. They have different kinds of living needs. Both of them are healthy cat breeds but ragdolls are likely to suffer from obesity, bladder infection and Siamese are prone to oral problems and asthma.

Ragdoll cats are indoor cats who enjoy their space inside the house and can live longer for 12-15 years. They won’t need constant attention. Siamese felines are significantly sensitive can get hurt. Both of them are loving cats.

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