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Yesterday’s News Cat Litter Review – Is It Effective?

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After trying over 15+ types of cat litter, we give you our honest reviews on Yesterday’s News Cat Litter for your and your kitty’s safety and comfort.

Pet parents are switching to natural cat litter alternatives and one of their best choices is paper. It is safe, soft, and known to be highly absorbent to soak up urine and moisture in your feline’s box.

One such product that we came across is Purina Yesterday’s News Cat Litter. It is safe, non-toxic, free of chemicals, and very gentle on your cat’s paws. It’s available in 3 natural variants and is very cost-effective for multiple litter box use. Additionally, Yesterday’s News comes from the very own pet-friendly brand – Purina.

Therefore, we decided to try the product and offer our honest and unbiased reviews on the Purina Yesterday’s News Paper Cat Litter for your feline’s litter box.

Yesterday’s News Cat Litter Review

Yesterday’s News Cat Litter comes from the very well known and reputed pet food and pet products brand being Purina. Yesterday’s News was introduced in 1987 in order to provide a natural and eco-friendly alternative to feline owners.

Yesterday’s News Cat Litter Review

Yesterday’s News range of clumping cat litter and non-clumping litter uses materials that are usually dumped as waste and recycles them to their fullest potential. The paper cat litter range offered by Purina Yesterday’s News is highly absorptive and does not form clumps.

However, Yesterday’s News is suitable for multiple litter boxes and for those who are environmentally cautious and want to save up from spending a few extra bucks. There is a vast variety to choose from Yesterday’s News range. They are:

  • Yesterday’s News Original Formula Cat Litter
  • Yesterday’s News Softer Texture Scent Cat Litter
  • Yesterday’s News Softer Texture Unscented Cat Litter

Yesterdays’ News paper litter is quite suitable for cats who love soft surfaces and is very gentle on their sensitive paws. It is also best suited for felines who have undergone declawing or major surgery.

It may not be very effective in controlling odor, but the scented variety of paper pellets can be effective in curbing dirty litter box smell. Moreover, they do not form clumps which can make it challenging to clean and scoop. But neglecting all of that, they are extremely easy to manage, light in weight, and lighter on your pockets.


After trying and testing all the 3 types of Yesterday’s News Cat Litter by ourselves, here are the features which we think are worth highlighting:

Safe and Non-Dusty

Yesterday’s News paper pellets are extremely safe and meant for households who are prone to allergies and respiratory issues. Cat litter is known to cause digestive blockage and breathing difficulties in felines as well as humans.

Yesterday’s News is very safe and forms no dust which is best suited for sensitive cats and feline owners. There are no chemicals or toxins involved. Just paper pellets!

High Absorption

It is quite surprising to see that paper pellets absorb more than clumping clay litter. It immediately soaks up the urine and moisture in your cat’s litter box, leaving you with only solid pellets to scoop onto.

Yesterday's News High Absorption Cat Litter

Moreover, the high absorbance makes the large pellets long-lasting and it does not require frequent replacement. This also helps in saving up on expenditures.


Not much can be said about its odor control properties. However, the Yesterday’s News scented variant of the paper pellets is quite effective in curbing and covering up the strong ammonia smell that comes from your feline’s box. It is not too overwhelming and smells quite fresh and natural with no chemicals or toxic perfumes used.

Non-Tracking and Dust Free

Yesterday’s News paper pellets are quite large in size, unlike clay granules which are tiny particles. This makes them easy to spread and stick on your cat’s long hair. Since the particles are too tiny, they can easily spread on the floor or in the air and cause dust allergies.

Yesterday's News Non-Tracking and Dust Free Cat Litter

The paper pellets, on the other hand, stay inside the box and do not track with your cat’s paws. Paper is universally known to show low tracking properties.


Yesterday’s News is very easy to manage, as it is light in weight which makes it a suitable option for senior cat owners. Lifting and scooping heavy clumps each time while cleaning and managing multiple boxes is not easy.

Therefore, Yesterday’s News is suitable for multiple litter box use as it weighs almost like a feather, causing no pouring or cleaning issues.


By choosing Yesterday’s News, you are going environmentally friendly and producing less landfill waste. The paper that is obtained from trees are fallen or is about to be recycled for wood logs which are used to obtain the paper.

Yesterday's News Eco-friendly Cat Litter

Paper is also biodegradable and doesn’t form dust or cause any harm to the environment unlike clumping clay particles.

Meant for Daily Use

Daily and high frequency of litter box use demand something that is highly absorptive and long-lasting. Thankfully, Purina’s Yesterday’s News Paper Cat Litter is super absorbent and soaks up 3 times of its weight of moisture and urine keeping the box clean and dry.

Even if your cat uses the box frequently for peeing, Yesterday’s News pellets absorb almost quickly without making a mess. The solid waste, on the other hand, can be scooped daily and segregated easily from the paper pellets.

Gentle on Cat’s Paws

Be it a small kitten, or a feline who is recently adopted, injured, or has been declawed, Yesterday’s News suits every feline’s needs as it is very gentle and soft on your cat’s paws. The texture feels almost feather-like which makes it a pleasant experience for your kitty upon use.

Pocket Friendly

Paper is the cheapest alternative to litter and therefore, is very pocket friendly and cost-effective. Due to its high absorbance, the pellets last longer than any other type of traditional litters. Therefore, it does not demand frequent replacing and saves up on purchasing huge litter bags each month.

Types of Yesterday’s News Cat Litter

The Yesterday’s News Cat Litter is available in 3 wonderful variants. They are:

1. Original Formula Cat Litter

The Yesterday’s News Original Formula Cat Litter is the most commonly used and most liked amongst all feline parents and cats. It is made of 100% natural and recycled newspaper. It is in the form of large-sized pellets that are quite gentle on your feline’s paws.

Yesterday's News Original Formula Cat Litter

The original formula is eco-friendly as well as biodegradable which makes it suitable for use as compost. It is 3 times more absorbent than clay and is non-dusty and hypoallergenic.

This makes it a safer alternative to clay litter. It is 99.7% dust-free, which makes it hypoallergenic and suitable for households who are prone to respiratory issues or people who have asthma.

The pellets don’t let you leave any ecological footprints. However, when it comes to odor control, they do a fairly decent job but are not very effective in curbing strong smells. It does not track nor does it stick to your cat’s paws.

2. Softer Texture Unscented Cat Litter

Certain cats are very picky when it comes to choosing the ideal litter for them. For cats who find it tough to transition from one type to another, the Yesterday’s News Softer Texture Unscented pellets are a great alternative. It is also made of recycled paper, just that the pellets are softer in terms of texture.

Yesterday's News Softer Texture Unscented Cat Litter

This makes them as smooth and gentle as clay and it feels almost the same when your cat comes in contact with the pellets. These pellets are fine and tiny in size to suit the interests of your kitty. They are around half the size of the original formula.

The softer texture paper pellets give it fewer chances of rejection as it is very smooth on your feline paws. If your cat is fussy and if you are experimentative before your cat fixes on a particular type of litter, switch to the Yesterday’s News softer texture unscented cat litter.

It has no chemicals, no artificial fragrances, just softer and smoother paper pellets, for the fussiest and pickiest of the cats.

3. Softer Texture Scented Cat Litter

The Softer Texture Scented Cat Litter Variant is very similar to the above type with the only difference that it possesses a mild scent. Sometimes, picky cats may not prefer scented variants of litter, however, Yesterday’s News is different.

Yesterday's News Softer Texture Scented Cat Litter

It has a scent, which is not too overwhelming but gets activated only your cat comes in contact with the pellets in the box. The scent is only swipe activated. The light scent is powerful but does not irritate your cat at all.

The litter is non-clumping and does not possess any chemicals to curb the odor. Therefore, a powerful scent in order to get rid of the odor is always appreciated.

When the box is not in use, the smell remains dormant and does not reach out entirely across the room. When your feline is done with her business, they usually swipe their feet to dig into the litter. The swipe action causes the pellets to release a burst of fragrance which covers up for your feline’s smelly business.

The scented pellets are much better than the unscented versions as it helps in curbing the odor more effectively as compared to the other variants. Moreover, it is different than the other types of clay particles that have toxic chemicals for controlling odor which can cause allergies. The scent is not too overwhelming either.

How it Works

The litter box needs to be filled with upto 2-3 inches of depth with plenty of pellets for digging and covering their poop. Make sure to not overfill the box as it would get difficult to scavenge through the solid waste in the box later.

The liquid waste gets almost immediately absorbed as the paper pellets are highly absorbent. Once they reach their full capacity, the pellets expand and eventually would disintegrate into paper pulp. That is when you know the paper has soiled and needs to be replaced.

The soild waste needs to be scooped daily whereas the pellets need to be replaced almost weekly.

Yesterday’s News Cat Litter Ratings

While the cat litter is natural and safe for kittens and feline households, we give you an overall rating on the Yesterday’s News Paper Cat Litter:

  • Absorption: 4/5
  • Odor Control: 2/5
  • Clumping Action: 0/5
  • Cost-effective: 4/5
  • Safety: 4/5
  • Non-Dusty: 4/5
  • Suitable for Multiple Cats: 2/5

Overall Ratings for the Yesterday’s News Cat Litter: 3.5/5

Yesterday’s News Cat Litter | Is it Effective?

Yesterday’s News is definitely effective and contains no harmful chemicals. The paper pellets are gentle on your feline’s feet and show high levels of absorption. However, each variant has its own advantages and disadvantages. Look below to find out:

Yesterdays News Cat Litter


  • Eco-friendly and safe for your cats
  • Low tracking and dust-free, hypoallergenic cat litter
  • Soft and gentle on feline’s paws
  • The scented variant is good for curbing strong odor
  • Cost-effective


  • Does not control dirty urine and ammonia odor
  • Not suitable for multi-cat households
  • Picky cats may not transition to the litter easily


  1. Is paper pellets better than clay cat litter?

    Yes! In terms of safety and absorbance, paper pellets are much better than clay litter.

    Paper litter is known to absorb 3 times more than its weight and is very gentle on your feline’s paws. However, in terms of odor control and clumping action, paper is not that effective.

  2. Is Yesterday’s News Cat Litter good for multiple cats?

    No! Yesterday’s News Cat Litter is suitable for a single cat and single litter box use.

    However, if you have separate litter boxes for multiple cats in your house, then you can use the paper litter for each of the boxes based on your cat’s preference.

  3. Is Yesterday’s News Cat Litter safe for kittens?

    Yes! Yesterday’s News Cat Litter is absolutely safe for kittens as it does not contain harmful chemicals, is non-toxic and gentle on their sensitive paws.

  4. Is Yesterday’s News Cat Litter flushable?

    No! Yesterday’s News Cat Litter is not flushable and needs to be disposed off in a trash can.

  5. How often should you replace paper litter?

    Once a week is the ideal recommended time span to replace paper litter. This depends upon the frequency of using the litter box and the number of cats using the litter. The solid wastes need to be scooped daily.

  6. How to buy Yesterday’s News Cat Litter?

    Yesterday’s News Cat Litter is available on Amazon or Chewy or can be purchased from the Purina Tidy Cats official website for pet products.

Final Verdict

Yesterday’s News Cat Litter is definitely a great choice for people who are environmentally aware of the consequences of clay litter and want to choose natural alternatives.

Paper pellets also offer high absorbance and last longer than any other form of litter. This makes it price-effective as you would not need to replace and clean the box often.

If you are looking for a product that offers effective clumping and odor control, then this product might not be the right choice for you. However, if you want to save up on your budget and reduce landfill waste due to litter, then Yesterday’s News is the best cat litter and safest option you can change the litter to.


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