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15 Reasons Why Cat Sleeps on Your Legs

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One night after coming late from the office when I was making my bed my cat suddenly jump into the bed and sleep near my legs. I was wondering what happened that she is sleeping on my legs!

Well, do you know why cats sleep on your legs?

If not then you have crashed on the right page of the internet. Cats generally tend to sleep on legs when they miss you when they are feeling uncomfortable, or sometimes simply because she misses you.

why cats sleep on my legs

Why Cats Sleep on Your Legs?

If your cat trust you, loves you a lot, and feels safe around you these can be the reasons why cats sleep on your legs.

Yes, a cat shows trust in you, sometimes cats also sleep between your legs because of their survival instinct which tells them to sleep in raised space to keep an eye on everything so that they can easily attack any intruder.

1. Your Feline Friend Need Protection

The reason sleep between my legs is that they get those vibes of security and safety. In the end, all animals feel weak, especially while they are sleeping.

This is because they are at a higher risk of being hurt and when they sleep around your legs they feel secure. They feel you will always guide them. Isn’t it cute?

Just like baby kittens sleep with their mother cats for safety. Similarly, my cat sleep on my legs because she feels 100% safe.

Thus, your kitty can sleep soundly with no disturbance when they are sleeping near your legs. She thinks of your legs as a natural hammock that is a safe and comfortable place to sleep.

2. It Gives Your Cat Warmth

Another reason why cats sleep on your legs is that you are hot! Hahaha! Indeed, you are for your cats.

Generally, during day times, your cat may not need warmth when they sleep because of sunshine but when the day ends and the moon sets the atmosphere gets cold and the cat doesn’t like to sleep like this. She requires warmth therefore she comes close to your legs while you are asleep.

The proximity between your legs gives her a good amount of heat, and she falls asleep easily.

Therefore, your body is perfectly cozy for your feline friend.

3. She Likes the Closeness

Just like we love to sleep near our favorite person or partner, cats also like to sleep nearby their loved ones.

They feel close to you, and it shows the level of bond you share with her. It can also enhance your bond too!

She will snuggle your legs and take deep sleep this is called pillowing. They use your legs as their pillow.

why do cats like to sleep between your legs

4. Your Are Their Territory

The majority of the reason why cats sleep on your legs is that they make you their territory. It is a very common and popular cat behavior.

Felines mark their territory to show other cats that they own that place own they cannot come to a nearby their marking spot.

If your house has multiple cats then this is very common. They are territorial critters they mark your legs as their property that you are their hooman and no one can share that space with you other than her. In case another cat tries to invade then they must get ready for a huge fight! Quite a possessive right!

5. She Loves You a Lot!

Your cat is fond of you when they sleep near you. Yes, as cats are very picky they do not mingle with humans that easily and especially if they are sleeping with you, it defines that seriously they like you buddy!

It signifies that they adore you, and they are honoring you especially when a kitten or recently adopted senior cat comes near you to sleep.

6. They Make You Feel Good

Do you know cats can sense their owners’ emotions?

This means if you are happy, tensed, sad, not feeling well they can detect it easily. So, when you are not feeling good, or you have a bad day she can sense it, and she will come near you to make you feel better. She will try all possible ways to make you happy by laying on you or by purring.

7. Maybe She Is Stressed!

Is your cat under stress? Is she feeling well? Check whether she is feeling nice or not because another reason why cats sleep on your legs could possibly be because of this.

When your feline friend is not comfortable she will look for a comfy space to sleep. Typically, cats tend to hide their pain, and therefore they will come near you to snooze.

Notice if there is any change in her behavior for instance if she suddenly stops eating food, or meowing a lot, or behaves differently it is high time that you take her to the vet!

why does my cat sleep between my legs

8. Your Cat Shows Her Trust in You

Trust is another factor that justifies why your cat sleeps on your legs!

If the cat shows that she is not afraid of you, she feels safe with you. Thus, when they feel safe they will come near you so that she can sleep peacefully.

9. Easily Accessible

Humans’ legs are the most accessible place. When you walk with them, they curl up and rub their head on your legs similarly when you are sleeping you may not move your legs much like your hands and head, therefore, it is a safe and accessible space where there is no quick movement, and they can be well seated.

So, it’s a good space for your furball!

10. She Can Easily Keep an Eye

Felines generally like to sleep on a raised area at a height because of their natural survival instinct. It helps them to get a good idea from all the points. They can mark safe and unsafe areas easily when they are awake.

Therefore, your domesticated pet will sleep between your legs because they want the overall idea of the room. It gives them assurance that from your bed’s height they can tackle all possibilities of danger coming towards them.

11. She Is Sorry!

It’s a cat way of saying sorry? Does this make you Aww?

Yes, they are apologizing for their bad behavior. If you got angry because she didn’t follow your order, and you yelled at her, it will make her sad, and she will make an apology to you, so she will sleep near your legs to say sorry. It is her way of setting things back to normal. She is just making a friendly apology to you!

12. Maybe She Is Just Used to It?

In case your cat enjoys her time sitting on your lap in the daytime there is a high possibility that she wants your lap during the night too! This is because they are just used to it.

Your legs won’t be yours anymore. They will become your cat’s couch okay!

why cats enjoy sleeping near your legs

13. Your Legs Can Be Their Hiding Place

Your kitty will use your legs to sleep when they want to hide. They will use it for temporary bases. Generally, they will frighten intruders. Even if there is no chance of any pet or any other intruder coming to your household still they will jump.

14. Is She Missing You?

Felines are very specific to the routine they rigidly follow timetables. If there is any change in her schedule it can bother her a lot. She can also be tense about it. In case if you give her a meal immediately after she wakes up and one day you got late to give her a meal because you were getting late to the office then it can bother her a lot.

Similarly, when you are out for vacation, or you are working an extra shift in the office, and you come late at home then your cat may come to sleep between your legs simply because she missed you a lot throughout the day.

15. Your Legs Are Soft

Another good reason why cats sleep on your legs is that you have soft and gentle legs. Yes, as there is a lot of fat muscle at your thighs it is a soft and comfortable space for her to rest.

Your legs will be way softer than her own bed which will give her an excellent relaxing space therefore, she will be sleeping between your legs!

Well, That’s a Wrap!

In conclusion of why cats sleep on your legs is that it is a sign of affection, trust, and love. Sometimes it can be because they missed you a lot during the day, sometimes it could be because they are not feeling good.

And, a few times it could be because they know that you are not feeling good, you had a bad day. So, to make you feel comfortable they may come near you purr you to make you calm, and thus it indicates that they really do care about you.

That is so adorable, isn’t it?


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