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Why Are Cats So Curious? 8 Explanations for This Behavior

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We have all heard the saying, “curiosity killed the cat.” And cat owners are well aware of the fact that their cats have mostly two moods, sleepyhead or eager to act: jump, pounce, and hop! Some cats’ parents compare them with curious kids, isn’t that something we all love about our cats.

Cats feel that it’s their birthright to explore new things, and it is deeply rooted in their instincts. To quench your curiosity about why are cats so curious? We have 8 explanations for you.

Why are cats so curious?

why are cats so curious

1. Mode of Survival

People have different views about everything on the planet, and these people might say that cats are very frightful, timid, and private in nature. On the other hand, some might say that cats are very friendly, social, quick and clever in nature!

mode of survival

All these assumptions based on what? Here’s your answer to why are cats so curious? it because of their mode of survival. The curious nature of our ancient cats was steamed due to the mode of survival instincts. And this was one of the things which used to help them in their survival.

Earlier, cats in the wild were all by themselves and there were many threats in the environment, like wild animals, predators, strangers trying to harm them, etc. Their curious nature helped them find food and while hunting.

Now you might think that what how is it relatable as your house cat doesn’t stay in the wild anymore, but your cat might not stay in the wild, she is wild from her heart.

2. Smart and Optimistic in Nature

To state, some pretty shocking facts about your cats, they can remember things for up to 16 hours, and it’s thought that their memories are 200 times better than dogs’ memories.

smart and optimistic in nature

Cats are quiet and, yes, intelligent, and even capable of more than dogs. But the truth to unlocking your cat’s potential lies in how much activity she’s getting throughout the day. So this means that cats are pretty smart, and that’s why they have a constant urge to explore their surroundings.

A dull animal would just care about food and sleep and ass soon as these needs are satisfied they will get back to resting, this is never the case with cats! They are either asleep or busy doing something the rest of the time.

Once your cat gels along with you, she will follow you everywhere to know what you’re doing, even if you are in the bathroom, on the couch, in the kitchen, whenever you drop a piece of food on the ground.

These are the same cats who go and hide in the most unreachable corner whenever a new pet or guest comes homes. They are so clever that without sensing how much danger a new person can be, they won’t come out! One of the reasons why your cat examines your friends from a safe distance.

3. They Have a Stronger Hearing Power Then You!

Facts state that cats have 14 times stronger smell than humans, and it is not only about the smelling sense, in fact, cats have five-time stronger hearing too!

they have a stronger hearing power then you

Imagine you are sitting in the living room and all of a sudden you hear the noise of something falling down in the kitchen! What will be your first reaction?

You will be more attentive, now keep your cats at this place and just imagine how many times a day they are introduced with such different and sudden noise, no doubt why they are on foot most of the time.

So even a little creak you may have thought you heard, won’t cause you to get up and investigate, but remember your supersonic hearing cat will get up and rush to the spot so quickly because they are not as lazy as you!

4. Protecting Instinct

Simply said, cats adore their family, and their family adores them in return. Cats are more likely to defend their pet parents from persons they perceive to be dangerous.

protecting instinct

Humans can appear enormous and terrifying to some cats, despite the fact that cats are formidable predators. One of the reasons why are cats so curious is also because a cat’s natural impulse is to defend their area, as well as yours.

5. Cats Are Extremely Territorial

Cats, far more than dogs, are fiercely territorial. When a cat perceives that his territory has been invaded by an intruder, territorial aggression develops.

cats are extremely territorial

When you bring a new cat into your home, a young kitten reaches adulthood, or a cat encounters neighborhood feline friends outside, territorial conflicts and curiosity are common.

6. Hunting Instinct

Though our house cats have no need to kill and eat for their survival, ultimately they are cats and no one can snatch their natural instinct to hunt and kill. One of the reasons, why are cats so curious is that that’s their natural habit.

hunting instinct

Cats in the wild, often survive on small meals, like killing a mouse or birds, who are not at all easy to catch, to prey on the cats, hide, pounce, and then attack! That’s why curiosity is one of the core nature of cats.

7. Your Cat Is Starving

If you come home late from the office, and you are so tired to even get up from that couch, there comes your cat, trying to drag all your attention. You feel hungry, you get up and walk towards the kitchen to grab a bite of something.

your cat is starving

What you see is your cat is following you so desperately and coming in front of your eyes as if she wants something, yes she’s hungry!

And the fun fact is, after getting her hunger satisfied, she knows that this particular action fulfills her needs, so she will be following the same pattern, which might confuse you into thinking it’s curiosity, but it’s just a behavior pattern of your cat.

8. She’s Learning about You

When you bring home a cat, she’s going to be with you as your shadow, yes that means she’s never going to leave you alone. Your cat loves you. The most fun part is they will follow you in the bathroom too, and if you won’t let them in, she’s going to make great attempts to do so!

your cat is learning about you

Why do they do this? Because they don’t want to miss out on anything which is happening to you! If they miss anything, the cat’s curiosity level gets triggered. This is the way in which your cat is learning you, when she’s super interested in you, she will observe deeply everything you do.

Also, the cat’s brain cells inform her that this is the person who gives me food! So I need to keep a tab on all his movements, like a micromanager.

How to Take Care of Extra Curious Cats?

Since now, you got all your answers, about why are cats so curious! And knowing why you should not stop your cat from exploring and being her!

We understand that no one can spend all day attending to their cat and keeping them out of trouble, nor can we press our cats to be in their original self, but we can surely divert their curious nature towards something else! Cat toys or cat interactive toys are a very good option for your cats to release their energy on!

Cat toys keep them engaged for hours, which helps our house cats to stay out of trouble.


Well, no expert can provide you with a complete guide to why are cats so curious! But we have surely thought you how to understand the basics, for example, if your cat is rubbing against you or your legs she is hungry.

If she’s hiding on such spots from where she can peep, then her hunting instincts are working, if she comes and sits in your lap, a good petting session needs to be conducted. However, these three hunting, hunger, and petting are the major needs of any cat.


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