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Can Cats Burp? It’s Complicated

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Does your cat just burp? Is it a burp sound? Can cats Burp?

Well, many cat owners encountered that their felines burp.

However, as per vets’ point of view, it has been concluded that felines don’t burp, but there are exceptional cases.

The question seems to be simple, but it’s not, it’s tricky to find the exact answer.

So, to figure out what’s the actual reasons behind rare scenarios, we have done some footwork.

Concluded, that there are few logical theories that lead to burping issues in a few feline cases.

can cats burp

Do Cats Really Belch?

Yes, cats do burp.

However, it is rare that cats burp. They don’t burp nearly as much as humans do.

We burp after every meal.

Mainly because we consume excess air while eating, drinking water or carbonated beverages, or talking, etc.

Medical conditions such as acid reflux, stomach lining, gastroesophageal reflux can lead to burping issues.

Cat burps can be commonly caused by swallowing air, hairballs, stomach upset.

But as per the survey, it is concluded that some vets say that burping is not possible in the case of felines.

Reasons Behind Cats Rare Burping Issue

As per the survey, it is observed that burping is impossible in the case of felines.

However, few pet parents have encountered a belching problem in their kitty.

Let’s dive in to know better, and clear the clouds of doubts.

That can cats burp? Or not?

If yes, then what are the possible reasons.

1. Due to Stomach Upset

Can cats burp?

Well, as discussed above, in a very rare case felines encounter burping issues.

One of the common causes behind the burping problem is the excess gas form in your feline body, digestive system disorder, and intake of soiled food lead to gas issues in the feline’s body.

due to stomach upset

If your kitty has eaten spoiled food or toxic food it will lead to the gas issue, along with that it will also lead to other serious underlying health issues.

If after home remedy also your feline’s is not feeling better, then immediately consult the vet for proper medication to avoid health complications.

2. Your Kitty Swallow Air All the Time

Swallowing of air can also lead to burping issues in felines.

If your kitty has a habit of eating fast, then it is quite possible that she will ingest a small amount of air also, which further leads to gas issues.

your kitty swallow air all the time

However, the ingestion of air leads to bloating issues in the cat’s stomach that causes burping problems.

So it is suggested to train your kitty to eat slowly to overcome this burping issue.

Or else, if she is still eating fast then use a special type of bowl with raised center, which will automatically reduce her eating speed and discourage bloating problems.

3. Due to Consumption of Milk Products

It could be that your feline must have eaten milk products which cause her burping issue.

Generally, felines don’t burp, but intake of milk products can cause a belch issue.

due to consumptions of milk products

Because milk products contain lactose and felines are allergic to lactose.

Consumption of milk products results in gastrointestinal problems. Therefore, your kitty suffers from stomach aches which end up in giving burping issues.

4. Sometimes Allergies Give Burp Like Symptoms

Well, sometimes it’s not that your feline has a burping issue.

It is quite possible that she has eaten something wrong, and that leads to allergies symptoms in her body, which might seem like she is having a belch issue.

sometimes allergies give burp like symptoms

It is often mistaken that the cat is suffering from a burp issue.

5. Cats With Esophagitis Experience Belching Issue

It is possible if your kitty is suffering from Esophagitis health issue.

In other words, if your kitty is experiencing swelling, lip-licking, retching problems alongside burp issues then she might be having esophagitis.

cats with esophagitis experience belching issue

Felines with esophagitis experience gastrointestinal irritation, that cause them more burping issue.

So, it is recommended if you notice such an underlying health problem in your feline, then immediately consult her vet.

If this health problem is not cured on time, it will lead to another serious health issue for your feline, which might be dangerous for your feline life.

Vet Consultation for Kitty’s Burping Issue

Well, it’s very rare that felines have burp issues, generally, they don’t burp.

However, out of thousand cases, there are rare cases where pet parents complain about their cat burping issue.

vet consultation for kitty's burping issue

In such a situation, it’s always better to consult your kitty’s vet without fail because “better to be safe than sorry”.

Your feline’s vet will take some tests of your kitty’s stomach, and also take out the X-ray to observe closely the cause of her frequent burping issue.

If her reports are normal, then the vet will just switch her diet.

However, if your feline has eaten something toxic which leads to stomach upset and causes burping issues. In that case, the vet will recommend some activated charcoal that might give your kitty a few relaxations.

The only gastrointestinal issue can be cured through giving medication.

Or if the case is serious then it might be possible that your kitty has to undergo surgery to stop her frequent belching issue.


While as per the survey, and vet’s point of view generally cats don’t burp but if your feline falls under that rare category then she is an exceptional case.

However, if you notice that your feline is experiencing frequently burping issues, then look at the causes which we have discussed in the above paragraphs.

It might be possible that due to consumption of soiled cat food, and milk food, she might be suffering from a gas issue which leads to a burping problem.

Furthermore, it’s also possible that your kitty has a habit of eating fast which also leads to a belch issue as she consumes air, which causes a bloating issue in the stomach.

However, if you notice that your kitty is suffering from such symptoms, immediately consult the vet for medication so that it doesn’t lead to any serious health issues.

And your feline gets the relief from the belching issue.

Hopefully, our blog, can cats burp? Help to clear your doubts.


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