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Silent Cat Breeds That Don’t Meow a Lot

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Are you also like me who love cats but can’t tolerate their yowl? And, this discourages you to bring a cat pet to your home!

Well, then here is the purrfect solution for you. CatLovesBest has curated 19 silent cat breeds that don’t meow a lot.

You can go for Abyssinian felines they don’t shed much plus they love their master and are also good around kids. You can also adopt Somali cats they are lively, smart, and love to spend their time with their master and do not meow a lot.

Silent Cat Breeds That Don’t Meow a Lot

silent cat breeds that don’t meow a lot

There are 19 silent cat breeds that don’t meow a lot. We have listed down below. You can go through the list. They can easily become part of your family and friends. Won’t trouble you; would enjoy sleeping on your lap and give you kisses and cuddles for free.

1. Pixiebob

Pixie bobs are social, intelligent cats. They are generally in small size. They chatter around the birds but not all of them. There are very few Pixie bobcats who do that. This is because the majority of Pixie bobs don’t talk much. They do use their body language for communication purposes.

Plus they are easy and good around kids too!

2. Bengal Cat

Although Bengal cats may give you wild vibes, their temperament is not the same way how they look.

They are sweet and polite show affection and are good around humans, kids, and canines too. But, you have to train them at an early stage for that.

They love to play all day long and ironically enjoy playing in the water too which is quite uncommon in felines.

You can teach them to walk on a leash also.

3. American Curl

American curl cats are a youthful cat breed. This means they don’t get mature till they reach teenage. They aren’t extremely vocal cats.

They may coo when they see you coming home or when they are hungry but the rest of the time they are happy cats who show their affection to their favorite human.

They can mingle with other cats and are good around kids too.

4. Siberian Cat

Siberian cats are considered to be pretty playful. Just like American curl, they are also youthful cat breeds. They take 5 years to get fully mature.

They don’t shout or meow a lot. These cats so chirp around birds and show their love towards their favorite hooman.

Siberian felines’ activity level is moderate, but they are gentle and sweet in nature who behave well with other animals and humans.

5. Scottish Fold

quietest cat breeds

Scottish folds are relaxed and their friendly personality is admired. They adore their families, but they aren’t going to jump all over you for cuddles as soon as you come in the door.

You will find Scottish fold calm and composed, sweet in nature who are easy in going cat breed. While they have fun receiving attention from their human relatives, they are not demanding and prefer to be calm and soft-spoken.

6. Singapura

Singapura cat breeds like to be the center of attention and therefore, they are also extroverts who seek human attention.

These highly energetic cats are also pet-friendly. They’re gregarious and social, but they don’t enjoy high volume or too much activity, and they prefer to keep themselves quiet.

7. Ragdoll

This lovely breed is one of the most gentle cats you’ll ever meet. In fact, the name “ragdoll” stems from the fact that when picked up, they go limp.

These sweet cats adore and desire human attention, but they’re not pushy. Ragdolls are ideal companion pets because they are incredibly loyal and devoted to their owners and don’t meow a lot.

8. LaPerm

LaPerm cats are good with children. They aren’t clingy, but they enjoy being close to you and will follow you about, perch on your shoulder.

It’s easy to get along with LaPerm. They are kind, gentle, and patient with their folks, and they rarely speak aloud. They are moderately energetic cat breeds who enjoy recovering anything tossed at them.

Most of these cat breeds are friendly to guests if they were well socialized as kittens.

9. Persian

Persian cats are perfectly content to have humans watch them from their cat perch. These cats get along nicely with other pets, especially well-behaved dogs. They’re self-sufficient and don’t require a lap to be happy.

They adore their family and are good around kids too. You won’t find them playing most of the time as their energy level is quite moderate. However, they are silent and don’t vocalize a lot.

10. Havana Brown

The Havana can be demanding and talkative, like other cats of Siamese descent, but his voice is gentler and their disposition is more delicate.

They love to cuddle their human. These cats love catnip and moving toys. They are quite smart love challenging games like puzzles. They don’t vocalize any time they need anything or want your attention.

These cats are pretty comfortable around strangers and kids also.

11. Cornish Rex

Fully energetic Cornish Rex will explore your place because they’re extremely curious. They have athletic body features and love to socialize.

You can leave them for long as they can enjoy their company and won’t need constant human attention and interaction.

These cats aren’t the cutest on the globe, but their gentle nature can entice your friends and family.

12. Chartreux

Chartreux cats won’t seek your attention, but they will always be grateful for your attention and care. They are also a keen observer who prefers to observe from afar.

These stylish cats are self-sufficient and aloof. They adore you, but they’re also capable of keeping themselves entertained.

13. Birman

If you are fond of Siamese cats who have pointed patterns but want not so noisy cats then Birman is just the right choice for you.

They are gentle and will follow you everywhere if they are fond of you. They are sweet in nature and are not dominating like Siamese cats.

14. Russian Blue

quiet cat breeds

Russian blue felines are loyal and greet their master. They are a bit shy but will pour out their heart and love for you once they get comfy with you.

They enjoy playing with kids and other critters too. You find them clingy rather they are well calm and composed who enjoy sleeping in lap and might not get along well with strangers easily.

15. Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian forest cats are sweet and gentle. They are not aggressive instead they can quite easily adapt to change with a new family which is quite ironic because cats are habitual animals.

They are fond of humans and play with you all day long and won’t meow a lot because they are not nosy felines.

16. Abyssinian

Abyssinian or Aby are curious creatures who will roam and explore all corners of your house. They are quite famous for their social talent.

They like to play a lot and don’t require much lap time. You can easily train them because they are a keen observer. You won’t find them unsafe around kids. They are smart and friendly with pets too.

They are generally not very vocal but can vocalize when required.

17. Somali

Somali cats are naughty and clever. They will assure you that you don’t get bored easily because they have so much energy they will keep you entertained.

They don’t meow much and are considered to be quiet cats who enjoy most time at home.

18. British Shorthair

British shorthair is active and easygoing they will greet your family and will play with your other cats too.

They are experts in social skills right from a young age. They will demand your attention and vocalize when needed.

19. American Shorthair

The American shorthair cats are bold and smart they have a dense coat and if you have multiple cats at the house they are easy around them too.

They love their master and are also safe around kids too. They don’t meow much but, if required they will do it.

Well, That’s a Wrap!

19 Silent cat breeds that don’t meow a lot. Cats like Somali, American Curl, Aby, Birman, Bengal Cats, Siberian cats won’t trouble you by keeping on meowing you when you sleep at night. Instead, they will cuddle you and give you good night kisses.

They enjoy spending time with their human and can get along with children too if you train them when they are young.

These were some silent cat breeds that don’t meow a lot if you know any other breed you can add to this comment list below.


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