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Laser Declawing Your Cat – The Pros and Painful Cons

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Analyze laser declawing your cat, before you make the decision! Are you tired of cats scratching up your sofa and furniture and considering laser declawing or onychectomy?

Well, before making any choice make sure to learn laser declawing your cat. We have done the research for you and made an entire set of cons and pros of laser declawing cats.

The plus point is there is no blood loss, physical tissue damage, and it also keeps your cat away from infection caused by litter. But, on the other hand, it is an inhumane method for declawing that takes away your cat’s basic survival rights.

laser declawing your cat pros and cons

What is the Laser Declawing method?

Laser declawing is a modern-day procedure for declawing cats. It is a method that uses a laser beam to cut through the bone and remove the cat’s claws. However, Any declaw surgery (onychectomy) is the amputation of a cat’s toes. Remember, In Canada and much of Europe, declawing is illegal.

Advantages of Laser Declawing Your Cat

Less risk of blood loss to rapid recovery there are many pros if you opt for laser declawing for your cats. There won’t be an infection caused by cat litter, and you don’t even have to deal with bandages.

Laser declawing a cat is growing in popularity because of the listed below benefits.

1. No Bleeding and No Bandages

Laser cat declawing will reduce the risk of blood loss.

no cat bleeding

Basically, cats are declawed by using laser there is no use of scalpels to cut ligaments and tendons. With the help of a laser beam cat’s claws are amputated easily.

The laser cauterizes the incision. So, there is minimizes major blood loss and yes, no need for bandages to aid it for long.

Well, it will become hard for your pet to deal if the cat’s paws are wrapped in bandages for long because it makes them uncomfortable.

2. Can Seal Nerve Endings

During laser declawing, the third knuckle of the cat’s claw is cut then they are concealed with surgical glue.

So, basically, the surgeon completely seals the nerve endings and small blood vessels.

4. Reduced Risk of Infection From Cat Litters

After laser surgery, your cat is away from infections caused by sand litter and clay litter.

5. Cat Needs Less Recover Time

There is no use of scalpels, and it is much better and appropriately cuts the nails of the cat.

cat needs less recovery time

Because of the laser, there is no bleeding and as the cuts are cauterized, wounds are closed there is no swelling because it does not cut or bruise the tissue, and there is zero physical contact.

The recovery speed is fast and with no complications, if the cat is younger she will recover rapidly within a few days or weeks after the surgery.

But make sure to take extra care and keep your cat away from injuries.

6. It Is a Permanent Solution

It is a permanent solution for all problems as its claws can’t regrow, and it is less painful too. Cat owners don’t have to repeatedly modify their cat’s behavior or have to keep on buying plastic nails.

They can get rid of scratching problems and litter infection risks.

Disadvantages of Laser Declawing Your Cat

Declawing a cat is an inhumane activity that takes away the cat’s natural behavior rights, it also causes litter problems and can give her stress.

So, learn the cons of laser declawing now!

cons of laser declawing your cat

1. Higher Possibility of Being Illegal

Although declawing is growing still it is controversial, inhumane, and illegal.

Behaviorists and many veterinarians suggest that instead of laser declawing try to train her, give her a scratching post, provide her training, or use vinyl nails if possible. If nothing works this should be the last option.

2. Eliminates Litter Tray Problems

After surgery when your cat uses a litter box it might become difficult for her to deal with it.

This is because cats love pawing they scratch inside the litter box after they are done doing their business. It is their natural and survival instinct to hide their pee and poop to hide their presence.

While using clay litter it can make her tip of the toes uncomfortable, and due to discomfort, she will face problems in doing bathroom business on other surfaces too.

3. It Is Costly

Laser declawing surgery is very expensive if we compare it with the traditional method. The price range can lie somewhere between $250 to $400.

4. Won’t Be Able to Play Defense

You have to be pretty careful after your cat is declawed because as they have lost their precious self-defense nails they won’t be able to survive outside amongst other animals. Therefore, it is important that you should keep them indoors.

cat wont be able to defend

As they don’t have claws they will use teeth for biting which can put others at risk.

5. It Is Against Their Natural Behavior

Cat survives use claws nails for their defense they use their claws to cover their poop which is important for their survival. And, when they are declawed you take away their natural behavior it is against their survival.

6. Unpleasant Experience for Your Cat

Even though it is less painful, with no bleeding but still your cat goes through an unwanted unpleasant experience.

They have to take anesthesia have to take medicines for this and no animal will appreciate this.

7. It Is Not a Solution for Underlying Behavior Issues

If you are sick of your cat scratching everywhere you can get the scratch post and train her what things can be scratched and what not. You can also use vinyl nail caps, offer environmental enrichment, or use other alternatives.

Declawing methods are not the only solution for underlying behavior problems it may cause long-term health issues and behavioral side effects.

Cost of Laser Declawing

Laser declawing is growing, and it also is very expensive than the traditional method.

In the traditional method, they use a scalpel to remove toe bones which is not so costly. But using a laser beam is a costly affair, however, surgery is safer.

Majorly it also depends on the area and location, in a rural area costing will be less as compared to an urban area.

ProcessMinimum Maximum
Declawing procedure$175$600
Hospital added cost$100/nightMore than $100/night

Well, That’s a Wrap!

Before you go for laser declawing it is important you learn laser declawing your cat. It will help you make decisions better.

If you choose to go for it, you can get rid of all scratching problems forever, your kitty won’t have face infection caused by litter, there won’t be swelling and the recovery rate is also fast.

But, after declawing your cat won’t be able to play her defense part, she will face issues in using a litter box, and many more reasons are listed in this article catch laser declawing your cat pros and cons now by reading the entire blog now!


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