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How to Remove Candle Wax From Cat Fur?

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How to Remove Candle Wax From Cat Fur

While I was getting things ready for home candle night dinner I came across an awful accident. My cat bumped into the candle, and she was drenched in the wax coat. I was in shock and didn’t know what to do next.

Well, have you also come across such a situation? If yes, then this is the right place for you! We have given two ways to remove candle wax from cat fur.

First, I hope you never come across such an accident. But, in case you did then, you must not panic, then inspect the whole body of your cat. If the burn is serious immediately take her to your vet.

2 Ways to Remove Candle Wax

2 Ways to Remove Candle Wax

Depending on the damage caused, the intensity of wax got into the skin of your cat. We have 2 ways to get rid of candle wax from a cat’s fur.

You can either soak waxed fur in baby oil and remove it with a comb or use a trimmer if the wax is too hard. But, moving to the main step we need to practice a few things beforehand.

Before Care Practice

First thing first you have to check that she isn’t burned seriously. There is a higher possibility of cats getting burned due to hot wax. And, in case she is burned badly you must immediately take her to the vet as soon as possible.

There is no chance of taking risk of removing wax on your own because there is a high probability that you might hurt her more.

But, in case the accident is not serious, and it is mild then you can handle it at home.

In such a case, you have to cross-check what type of wax has got into her skin. It may seem that it is not important at first but let me tell you it is a vital step because every wax has a different melting point.

For instance, if her fur got bumped with beeswax, then there are higher chances of her skin getting burned because of that. This is because it is extremely hot wax.

But, if it is a scented candle or jar candle then the chances of severe injury are quite less. However, that doesn’t mean she is not burned or not got hurt.

You have to check her whole body even her paws too.

Use Comb to Remove Candle Wax From Cat Fur

Use Comb to Remove Candle Wax From Cat Fur

If the wax is soft like paraffin then you can use the combing style method.

1. Get Supplies

Before dealing with the whole wax situation you need to get a few supplies.

Pet Wide Teeth Comb
Fine tooth Pet Comb
Cotton balls
Cat shampoo

2. Let It Cool

Let the wax get cool on your cat’s skin.

3. Choose a Location to Perform the Activity

Now, you have to take your cat in your grip. Keep her in a comfortable position, and make sure that the place you choose for the activity is not slippery. This is because the whole activity of removing wax from your cat’s skin is going to be lengthy and challenging.

Plus, the slippery motion will increase the chance of putting force on your back as you will be standing in the lock position for a long.

So, keep in mind and choose a non-slippery place!

4. Comb Her Fur

Then use a fine toothbrush to comb her fur to remove all wax from her body.

5. Take Cotton Balls

You have to pull out a big piece of cotton ball and drench it in baby oil.

Then massage the baby oil-filled cotton ball on feline fur. You have to be pretty sure that her fur and wax soak the oil appropriately.

6. Time to Use Wide Comb

Brush the wide-tooth comb a little bit throughout the wax-covered area. It will help to lose the wax away from her fur.

7. Brush It Till You Fix It

Constantly rub the comb through the waxed fur. You have to do it till you fix it means the fur is wax-free.

8. Wash Your Cat

Now, remove all the dirt and wax, and oil by washing your cat with nice cat shampoo. You can go to Petaway deep cleansing shampoo for better results.

Use Trimmer Remove Candle Wax From Cat Fur

Use Trimmer Remove Candle Wax From Cat Fur

For hardened candle wax use a trimmer.

1. Lock Her Position

Hold her gently and remember that she is not getting hurt or in an uncomfortable position.

2. Get Trimmer

Switch on the trimmer and slowly cut out waxed coated fur from her body.

You can buy Wahl Professional Animal Creativa Cordless Cat clipper. It is used by many pet groomers as yes it is reliable. Wax is hard and removing wax with this trimmer can be an easy job.

This is because it has an ergonomic design and the power of the trimmer can be controlled. It works best on the rough matts and hard areas. So, you can easily deal with this wax situation problem.

3. Trim Till You Fix It

It is tough to get rid of wax if your cat has long hair and as a result, you might have to run the trimmer a few more times.

You have to trim her length as small as possible to get rid of all hard wax.

4. Make Your Cat Comfortable

You have to understand the fact that it is extremely uncomfortable for your cat to handle this. Her temperament may fluctuate.

She may run away from you. Therefore, you can make her feel comfortable by giving her treats to chew so, she doesn’t pay much attention. Or use Feliway to calm her down. And, it’s done.

How to Take Care After?

After the trimming session, her fur will surely become uneven. Then you can take her to a professional groomer to give her a better look. He will style her and give her the best look.

And, next time, be sure that such an accident never occurs. Keep candles in a safer place where she doesn’t bump into the wax.

Well, That’s A Wrap!

In conclusion of how to remove candle wax from cat fur, we would say if the intensity of the burn is severe then you must take her immediately to the vet.

But, in case her fur is not seriously hit by the candle wax then you can either use a brushing comb way or use a trimmer to get rid of the candle wax from her fur.

If you know any other method to remove candle wax from cat fur which is easy and better than us, then do leave a comment down below. We would love to know about your experience too!


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