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Interesting Reasons Why Cats like Earwax

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If you are someone who recently caught their cat sniffing around a Q-tip, and you could not help yourself to understand that why? Even if you feed your cat, why does she always act like she’s starving and chomp on such a disgusting thing?

Or is it a thing for all the cats, do they usually strive on earwax? Or something is very wrong with my cat, don’t worry, we have all the answers to your questions. Why cats like earwax, let’s find out.

why cats like earwax

What’s inside Your Earwax?

We all know what earwax looks like but do we all know about its taste and components? Gross right, but the answer is no for 90% of people, the other 10% would need serious treatment for being so crazy!

The main component, or you must say the major component of ear wax is the dead skin cells, that fall down from the ear canal to get mixed up with the gland secretions. The sebaceous gland and the ceruminous gland, are two glands that contribute to making the whole ear wax.

The ceruminous gland: aids in excreting sweat, which is a part of earwax concoction, it sits in the external auditory canal.

what's inside your earwax

The sebaceous gland: they are slightly different and also located all over the body, especially in areas covered with hair. An oily substance, the sebum, is produced by them. They are usually found in the outer canal of the ear, near the hairy part.

Okay, you are welcome! But what is all this about? Does ear wax contain any good?

Yes! The mixture of ceruminous and sebaceous is full of some proteins, cholesterol, fatty acids, and typically some hair.

Earwax Smells Good to Kitties

Did you know that cats have a smelling sense 14 times stronger than humans? Of course, they’re going to be super nosey about everything. So your cat is someone who would enjoy the smell of freshly baked chicken wings as well as freshly removed earwax.

Your kitty can sense of smell of protein from the ear wax! And now you know that it is present in the earwax.

earwax smell good to kitties

Earwax has such a strong scent that you can use it to your advantage. Your cat companion will be unable to resist you if you stick your finger into your ear and get a small amount of earwax on it. Despite the fact that it sounds disgusting, it typically works.

They Also Love the Taste of Earwax

Just like your feline buddy loves the smell of your earwax, they also love the taste of it. And again it has no other reason, but the protein contains! Cats are not that dumb, they have different taste buds, and they won’t eat something that is only crap.

Just like you get the idea of what is cooking in your kitchen and the urge to have it can make you feel restless. The same thing happens with your cat! But your interest and your cat’s interest in food can differ many times.

they also love the taste of earwax

So what’s gross for you can be a delicacy to them, and yes, we are talking about earwax!

Well to digest this fact you need to see your cat as a wild creature, not someone who loves to snuggle into the bed with you. But someone who is capable of killing mice, tearing them apart, and then eating it! Dead skin cells are after all part of the skin.

Why Do Cats Lick Human Ears?

The major reason why a cat is licking your ears is like the smell of your ear wax, something is telling her that there is a delicious treat hidden inside your human ears. But don’t get worried by thinking, “is my ear wax so smelly that it can grab attention!”

Cats have a smelling sense 14 times stronger than you, so even if it’s not an earwax buildup, she will still be attracted towards it. So no, you don’t need to make an appointment with an ENT specialist.

why do cats lick humans ears

Another reason why your cat might lick your ears is that she is showing her affection. If she is licking your face while you are laying down, rubbing herself against you, that means she wants a good petting and cuddling session.

Why Do Cats Lick Other Cats Ears?

Cats, licking the ears of other cats, is a type of bonding behavior! If you share your house with more than one cat, then you must have noticed, how they lick each other’s ears. It is a way of grooming and bonding.

You might ask why cats lick themselves from time to time. Who instructs them in this? Licking is both a learned activity and a natural inclination, thus the answer to this question is a hybrid.
After delivery, mother cats lick their kittens to clean them, stimulate them to expel urine and excrement, wake them to suckle, and console them.

why do cats lick other cats ears

Kittens pick up on this activity and begin grooming their littermates and the mother cat.

Allogrooming is the term for this type of mutual licking, and kittens will continue to do so until they reach adulthood. The cat family engages in this social activity known as allogrooming to serve a specific link.


So now you know why cats like earwax! They really love it. The major component of ear wax is the dead cells, that fall down from the ear canal to get mixed up with the gland secretions. It becomes a great and delicious treat for your cat.

Well, if you find it very gross, then all you can do is hide the Q tips or dispose of them properly. And don’t allow your cat to lick the earwax from your ears, just as a general precaution, no health issues.


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