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Why Does My Cat Bite Me? (10 Reasons)

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“Ouch! Cat bites hurt”.

If you are searching for answers related to—why does my cat bite me? What can be the possible reasons?

Well, you landed on the right page!

Behind every unusual cat behavior, there is some reason that needs to be decoded by the pet parents.

Similarly, before biting you, she will give you warning signs that need to be clicked by on time to protect yourself from getting hurt by your feline.

As you keep on reading, you will get a better knowledge regarding your kitty’s unusual behavior.

why does my cat bite me

Reasons Behind My Cat Sudden Nipping Behavior

We have done some footwork for you, and filtered out the possible reasons, behind the sudden flip of your feline’s behavior.

Let’s dive in and explore some interesting facts, about your mischievous kitty’s unusual behavior of biting others.

Scroll down to decode the possible reasons why does my cat bite me?

1. Felines Bite When Teething

Just like babies need a teether when their teeth are coming.

Similarly, when kittens start losing their baby teeth, they need an urge to bite something which can give them comfort till their new teeth develop.

felines bite when teething

During this stage, you can expect lots of chewing habits from your little kitty.

One of the possible reason why does my cat bite me?

Could be that they need some soft surface to chew, so they prefer biting you.

2. Felines Bite for Hunting Practice

The answer to your question, why does my cat bite me?

Cats are born hunters, but even experienced ones need to sharpen their talents with time.

felines bite for hunting practice

So, there is a high possibility that to maintain her hunting skill, she is trying on you by biting or nipping you.

Especially, you will see this nature in indoor cats as they don’t get a chance to step out for hunting their meal as everything is provided by their pet parents.

They don’t have access to step out and explore their wild skill, so they prefer biting as their alternative option.

3. Sometimes Cats Bite While Playing

Many cats bite while they are playing, not out of any anger, depression, they are just expressing their happy mood.

sometimes cat bite while playing

As per the survey, it is also observed that for kittens hands and feet of humans are toys, and they like chewing them

4. She Is Under Anxiety

When cats are under any stress or anxiety, they become aggressive.

Because she thinks when she is at her low point, it’s a high chance that enemies or predators will easily target her.

she is under anxiety

This can be one of the reasons behind their unusual aggressive behavior.

If you carefully observe your cat’s body language, you will be able to understand when they are in a happy mood and when they are in a frustrated mood due to stress or anxiety.

5. Cat Bites Because They Become Overstimulated

Why does my cat bite me?

It could be due to an overstimulated issue.

In other words, your kitty is uncomfortable with too much petting, or you might have petted on a sensitive area which makes her uncomfortable, and walks away from you.

cat bites because they become overstimulated

If you keep on petting your cat pal for long period, she will get offended because it hurts her.

Secondly, they don’t like being petted on their stomach or tail.

Out of over stimulation, she might just start biting your hand and indicate you to stop by flicking her tail, dilated pupil, flattened ears, etc.

6. Your Kitty Don’t Like Too Much Petting

Many cat owners have encountered situations, where they were having an enjoyable time with their feline pal, like cuddling, snuggling, petting.

And out of nowhere, suddenly their feline gave a bite.

your kitty don't like too much petting

The very first question that pops up in their mind is, why does my cat bite me? What did I do?

Well friend, relax.

Your kitty gave you a bite because while petting accidentally you might have touched on a sore or sensitive area of her body, which she didn’t like, and giving you a signal to stop.

Furthermore, cats don’t like too much petting sessions, so if you continuously keep on petting her she will get irritated and out of frustration she just ends up biting you.

7. Cats Bite Out of Fear

If we talk from a facts point of view, it can’t be denied that cats are sensitive, and they take time to adapt to any changes.

There is a high possibility that cats get scared due to any change in their routine, place, or anything, and out of fear she might just become aggressive and start biting.

cats bite out of fear

For instance, we humans also take time in adjusting to new places.

Similarly, if you have just shifted to a new home, it’s quite possible that your feline will take time to adapt to this change in her life, and in the initial few days, she might behave oddly out of fear.

Furthermore, if your kitty has a very strong vibe and if she is not comfortable around any stranger out of fear, aggressive cats might just bite that person in her self-defense.

8. Your Kitty Might Be Expressing Her Affection

Sometimes, cats show their affection to their beloved ones by gently giving them love bites. It’s one of their ways to show her love and make a strong bond with their beloved ones.

So, no need to worry if while playing or spending time she comes up to you and gently gives you a bite because she is just overwhelmed and expressing her love.

your kitty might be expressing her affection

She will not hurt you or give any scratches to your body.

Once in a blue moon if she is doing such a gesture then let her do it, don’t get offended.

Cats lick their pet parents’ hands and gently give a bite.

In other words, cats love to bite their beloved ones when they are overwhelmed.

9. She Is Just Grooming You

Another reason why does my cat bite me?

Could be that she is not exactly biting you, she is just grooming you by licking your hand and gently giving you a bite for fraction of seconds.

she is just grooming you

As we know, cats are very hygienic creatures, and they love grooming themselves as well as their beloved ones.

So, sometimes when you find that your feline just comes and sits next to you and starts licking your hand.

It means she is cleaning you and gently nipping or biting you to remove some dirt or to clean your body.

10. Cats Bite for Grabbing Attention

Why does my cat bite me?

Could be because your feline wants to communicate with you or just for grabbing your attention.

cats bite for grabbing attention

Felines adapt different sign languages to communicate with you, so they might have learned that by biting she can have your attention quickly.

For instance, if she wants to go out for a walk, or it’s her mealtime, and you are busy with your work.

So, to grab your attention she will come closer to you and gently bite you because in her mind biting is normal, and she thinks that by doing this she can get her meal on time.

Tips to Control Your Feline Nipping Habit

So far, we have discussed the possible reasons, why does my cat bite me?

Now let’s look at the tips that can help you out to prevent your cat from biting you.

  • If you observe that your feline biting you because of a teething issue, provide her cat toys that are made of soft clothes instead of letting her bite your hands or toes.
  • Try to teach your feline that biting is not a good habit when they want to explore their hunting skills, provide them wonder cat toys or plan a task for her in which she can boost her energy and maintain her hunting skills.
  • When your feline is under any stress or anxiety, first make her feel comfortable and try to spend time with her assuring that no one can harm her and still if she bites you, then distract her, play with your cat with toys or feed them favorite treats.
  • As well of now, you know it very well, that extra petting session will make your kitty offended so keep it short, don’t wait for her to give you signal to stop.


Confidently, we were able to serve you appropriate content related to why does my cat bite me? As you know, we have tried to give all the possible theories and tips on how to handle this situation.

Like your feline, don’t like too much petting, so don’t irritate her by giving unnecessary petting.

She might also be exploring her hunting skill, so don’t make it a habit by allowing her to bite you, provide her another alternative option.


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