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How to Give a Cat a Flea Bath Without Getting Scratched

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Bathing and cats! It does not just sound like a tough job, but it actually is a very draining job if you don’t know the right way! On top of it, if your cat gets fleas, which is very common by the way in them.

This prospect of bathing your cat might make you a little nervous, as your kitty can be super violent.

But you are ready to take the extra step for your cat, don’t worry, we have ways for you to make the violent war-like situation a very soothing and calm one. How to give a cat flea bath without getting scratched!

how to give a cat a flea bath without getting scratched

Scratch Free Bath Time with Your Cat: In Easy Steps!

One thing we all have been hearing for decades is that cats hate baths, and cats with fleas can literally kill you in their dreams by putting them in water. Being in the water makes cats anxious. They might hiss and bite you aggressively in stress.

However, with some precautions and ways, you can easily give your cat a bath without getting scratched or bitten.

How to give a cat flea bath without getting scratched:

1. Let’s Get Organized

Before getting a royal bath, you tend to collect all the beauty products, like candles, cups of bath salts, bubbles, a few drops of essential oils for scent starting with a good ambiance.

let's get organized

In the same way, organize all the necessary things in a proper and systemic way for your cat’s flea bath.

The necessary things you need for your cat’s flea bath:

  1. Handled shower head
  2. Wet towels
  3. Cat medicated shampoo
  4. Treats (to distract your cat and make her feel comfortable)

2. Take Baby Steps!

The most helpful step to take in solving your question, How to give a cat a flea bath without getting scratched. Don’t just pick up your cat and drag her into the bathroom.

take baby steps

This will make the case very worst! Cats don’t like such surprises.

Also, if you want your cat to develop a friendly relationship with water you need to slowly introduce it to her instead of just throwing her into the water, which can result in a strong hateful relationship.

Now there’s no rocket science in how to take baby steps!

Just imagine it’s winter season and how you make sure about the temperature of the water, by dipping your hands or palm in the water. Just like that, use this method to introduce your cat to it.

Firstly, bring your cat gently in the bathroom or bathing area, then sit down with her on your lap.

Take your buddy’s little and cute paws, it’s time to dip-dip them in water. Once the gel is along the water, it indicates that they can trust you with water.

3. Pre Bath Routine

What does the pre-bath routine include, and moreover how does it help in solving your question of, How to give a cat flea bath without getting scratched? Well, your cat’s thick fur is like a home to many kinds of fleas and insects.

pre cat bath routine

Because cats are so hairy, detecting the signs of fleas can be too late to stop them. Brush your cat to eliminate any knots or tangles before you begin, especially if she is a long-haired breed.

Set the water temperature to warm and send a medium-level spray through the showerhead.

Keep the flea shampoo/cat medicated shampoo close to the tub, so you can readily access it. A shampoo is an excellent option for cats. It kills fleas, ticks, and lice while also delaying the birth of new flea eggs for 30 days.

4. Make It a Game

Offer your cat a great number of assurance and praise. Once you successfully are done, set her into the bathtub or sink. Though you have passed the first and most tough step by bringing them in, keeping them inside is the next challenge.

make it a game

Luring them with cat toys is the best possible thing to keep them interested. Cats soft toys such as ducks, fish, etc. you can also use cat string toys to engage them or to bring them in the bathing area.

5. For Nervous Cats: Discretion Is Key

Sometimes the above mention things can fail if your cat doesn’t let you even move her in the bathing area, in such situations, discretion is the key.

If you don’t know then let me tell you cats are very smart in reading the body language of humans or other animals. We understand that bathing your cat can be a stressful event for you too, firstly, you don’t want to force them into something they don’t like.

for nervous cats discretion is key

Secondly, you can even ignore this condition, as it will get worst with time. You can always choose to say calm and act as if no big deal.

Play some good music, keep the lights low, and most importantly don’t let other family members or pets add up to the stress. You can use cat flea-killing sprays.

The Spray remedies are like spot remedies, and in all likelihood will now no longer be as powerful as complete flea baths.

However, in case your cat most effectively suffers from occasional fleas or will now no longer take delivery of a complete-on tub irrespective of what you try, this selection must offer you nice results.

6. Post Bath Routine

Once you are done bathing your cat without getting scratched or hurt in any form, congratulation, you have passed all the stages. But wait, your job is not yet done. You can’t just let your cat go and expect her to get dried all by herself.

You need to follow some more steps which will help your cat to relate bath with good memory.

Drying the fur coat of your cat is the most important thing you need to do after the bathing session. Because if she goes out of the bathroom with a damp body, she can easily fall a victim to the cold.

post cat bath routine

You need to be very careful about the kittens, as they have low body temperatures, which make them more prone to fall sick.

Take a towel, and wrap your cat into it, just like a burrito! Rub her gently. Using a dryer for your cat is also an alternative, but we would not recommend you to use it on a daily basis as it can affect your cat’s fur quality.

Brushing is mainly vital for longer-haired cats, otherwise, they’ll mat.

Brushing earlier than and after the bathtub is vital due to the fact the hair will evidently tangle after the bathtub, and combing loosens it effortlessly as opposed to main to extra hairballs and vomiting.


Indoor cats have the privilege of being free from such aliments yet, getting fleas is very common among them, from scratching to non-stop scratching can be just one of its symptoms which can be so irritating. Bathing your cat with medicated shampoo is the best option and a great remedy.

However, just take care of the pre-and post-bathing steps to make it super easy for you and your cat. So we hope that we gave all the answers to you, on how to give a cat a flea bath without getting scratched!


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