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[Revealed] Why Does My Cat Follow Me EVERYWHERE

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In this article we have listed 11 reasons why does my cat follow me everywhere. You can read and know your cat’s reason now!

One day, as I was eating my chicken dinner at home, I noticed my cat following me around everywhere I went. Even when I went to the bathroom, she followed me there too! When she wouldn’t leave me alone and was spying on me, it was quite irritating.

Therefore, I wanted to know why does my cat follow me everywhere.

Most cat owners come across such situations daily and keep on researching what makes cats follow them. Your research ends here!

why does my cat follow me everywhere

Why Does My Cat Follow Me Everywhere?

Cats are clingy animals. They love their hooman and always want them to be safe. Therefore, they follow them everywhere. Well, these are not the only reasons; there are many more to know.

Read the given below list and know why does my cats follow me everywhere.

1. In Mood for Food

Hunger can make anyone go bananas! Similarly, if your cat follows you everywhere, it means she is looking for food.

cat follows me around for food

My cat follows me around when I have a dish of the plate in my hand. She can smell the sense and begs for my food to eat. For her, it doesn’t matter whether it is human food, or dog food, or anything. When she smells food, she just needs food.

Well, for your knowledge, let me tell you that it is important that you must avoid giving her your food because it is unhealthy for her. Thus, make her feed the best cat food and treats for the best of her health.

2. Wants Play Time

You are your cat’s partner in crime.

As your feline friends can not hunt prey like the wild cats, she wants some for playing. Therefore, your cat will follow you when she wants to play with you.

We understand you can not spend a lot of time of your day with her. Therefore, you can cat some toys, mind games for her.

Well, in my case cat follows me everywhere because she is trying to play chase and run games with me.

3. She Wants Entertainment

When your cat is bored, she will follow you around the house in search of entertainment. Most indoor cats get bored easily as they don’t have the privilege of hunting and exploring the world.

why do cats follow me

So, when boredom strikes, your kitty will start doing anything; sometimes, they can go nuts too! That’s why you should keep your cat entertained by stimulating her mind with some natural activities.

Felines like to trail humans. And, they will chase you till they receive entertainment.

4. Enjoys Human Proximity

Cats love their hooman and enjoy spending time with them. That’s why do cats follow you all around.

One theory tells that cat follows their owners because they feel that you are their protective mother. And, therefore kittens tend to follow their mothers wherever they go in search of love and affection.

Therefore, as a responsible cat parent, you should take complete care of your pet and must offer her a safe environment and a healthy body.

Don’t stop scrolling; there are still six reasons which are left to know!

5. Daily Regime

I discovered that my cat follows me everywhere because of natural instinct.

cat follows me everywhere

Yes, she has added to follow me everywhere in her routine. It is like we humans taking a morning shower and getting ready for the office.

Cat breeds are known to have a fixed routine. And if your cat has developed her routine, which includes following you everywhere, like to the bathroom or the kitchen or your garden. She will continue doing that and hopes this happens every day.

6. Cat’s Are Curious

You must have known the famous idiom “Curiosity killed the cat” Well, that’s true. A curious cat ends up hurting itself in the process of investigation.

And, one reason why does my cat follows me everywhere could possibly be because of her curiosity. If something changes in her surroundings or your routine, she will closely follow you searching for curiosity. It is basically their survival instinct that commands them to always be aware and alert.

7. To Secure Her Area

Wild cats have the habit of marking their territory using their paw scent. This way, they gave messages to other cats that it is their area, and they secured their place from other animals.

cat follows me to secure her area

But, domestic cats find it difficult to make their territory in your home, and when she watches you moving around the house, she follows you, it is like marking a safe zone, and that’s why cats follow you around.

8. Cat Follows Me Everywhere Due to Separation Anxiety

If you ask me what does it mean when a cat follows you, I would answer that if it occurs some often and specifically when you are leaving for office, then it could be a sign of separation anxiety.

Yes, you read it right! Cats feel vulnerable and suffer from separation anxiety issues. Many felines miss their human absence because their life revolves around them and, in other cases, if you have adopted other pets.

Well, there are various signs which show your cat is suffering from a separation anxiety problem. Like,

  • Vomiting problem
  • Litter box Problems
  • Constantly scratching
  • Loss of appetite

In such cases, you can spend some time with her, try to build a better relationship with her, or keep the TV on when you leave her alone. You can also get a caretaker for her or get interesting cat toys to keep her busy.

These all will help to ease her separation anxiety issue.

9. She Is Making Your Alert

Sometimes cats will follow you around if she finds something fishy.

cat follows to alert you

This is true that cats have better hearing and smelling power than us. They can sense anything unusual from the surrounding. And, to keep her family safe, she may meow loudly, giving you odd signs and follow you everywhere.

Well, not necessary it would be a thief all time or anything negative. Sometimes it can be your neighbor’s cat or pet too.

But, if you also find something unusual, do follow your cat’s hint calmly.

10. Seeking Help

I was irritated and wondering why does my cat follow me everywhere I go and meow. Then I realized that she for asking for help as she was in pain.

Yes, when your cat is hurt or unhappy, she will often hide her pain and won’t share it. But in my case, my cat follows me and keeps meowing when she is in some pain or sick.

Have you come across a situation where a stay cat followed you till home, and you thought, what does it mean when a stray cat follows you? Well, stray cats often follow people who have a cat pet at home. They get to know by the smell. And, they follow you in the hope of getting food or help from you.

11. Asking You for Companionship

Similar to dogs, cat loves their owners too. They are also faithful towards their human. Not all cats prefer to stay alone and enjoy their own company; a few cats seek companionship and a healthy bond.

cat follows me around for love

When you leave the room, they will follow you and hang out with you. They may also scratch you, lick your feet and cuddle you while you sleep. This is because they like your company.

12. Unexpected Change

As you know already cats, don’t accept change easily. They are used to follow the same pattern, but if there is any major change, it can trigger her. They feel insecure, and to feel comfortable, they will follow you everywhere.

Change can be due to adopting a new pet or if you have moved to a new house, or if someone has recently lost their life from your family members.

Thus, cats want to feel better and safe, so they follow you.


Why does my cat follow me around the house?

A cat may follow you around the house in search of attention or when they need food. Cat’s are known to enjoy their private time who don’t believe in sharing; however, if your cats follow you most of the time, she asks you to play with her, spend more time, and show her some love.

Why is my cat following me around all of a sudden?

There are various possible reasons if your cat follows you all of a sudden. You have to observe any change in your routine or hers because it can give her the feeling of insecurity, or it could be because cats are always curious, and they are trying to tell you something.

If you see any major changes in her behavior, then you must take her to the vet.

Why does my cat always follow me to the bathroom?

Cats don’t know that humans going to the bathroom means private space. For them is no such concept as private space and public space. For them, every place is their space.
And, a cat doesn’t know about the boundaries when they follow you to the bathroom.

She just wants to be with you, so she simply follows you. Also, bathrooms are always closed and less used space, so she may follow you to the bathroom in curiosity.

Is it okay cat to follow only me and no one else?

Cat creatures have a clever personality who doesn’t trust others easily. Trusting human beings quickly is quite hard for them. They take time and observe things, plus they are moody also.

If she is following you and on one else, that means she likes your company. She feels secure around you. And, this happens because of your positive body language and how you treat her.

What does it mean when a cat follows you to the bed?

If your kitty is following you to your bedroom, that means things are related to safety concerns. Cat’s relatives used to hunt and keep their surroundings safe. They choose their sleeping place to be a safe one because they are vulnerable when they are asleep.

So, when your feline friends follow you to your bedroom, it means that she is looking for safety, and as you are her parent, she feels safe around you. And thus wants to sleep with you in peace.

Well, That’s a Wrap

Although cats are known to enjoy their own company, cats will also follow their humans for various reasons. They are clingy and will stick by your side through thick and thin. They are loyal just like dogs and love their human.

We have listed 11 reasons why my cat follows me everywhere. You can read above and learn why kitty follows their owners.

If you have any other reason other than the above list, do let us know in the comment section below.


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