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Why Is My Cat Peeing on Dog Bed? How to Stop?

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Do you know if your cat peeing on dog bed it can be due to urinary tract infection, or diabetes?

And, in severe cases, UTI can also lead to kidney infection. Calm down first no need to stress because sometimes it can also be because of a behavioral problem or due to a dirty litter box.

Well, if your feline friend is not stopping this behavior we have got various solutions for this. Like you can use pheromones, deodorizer to remove smell and stop spraying behavior, or simply you could train her well.

Want to know more about it? Then read the entire article now!

cat peeing on dog bed

Why Is My Cat Peeing on Dog Beds?

Cat peeing on the dog bed can be because of an underlying health condition or because of a dominance problem. They usually don’t tend to pee outside their litter box but if they do then there must be a good reason for it. So, read the listed below reasons to know more.

Bladder Infection

UTI (urinary tract infection) is very common in felines. It can cause frequent pee, she may do it in small quantities or may cry while urinating.

It’s a very serious health problem and can be a reason why she is peeing on your dog’s bed. If you notice she is not urinating inside her litter tray it is a red flag that there is inflammation in her urinary bladder.

Sometimes it can also become deadly can lead to kidney failure. Remember to visit your vet before it gets worse.

Is She Diabetic?

Another underlying medical condition can be sugar problems in cats.

diabetic cat peeing

If your cat is diabetic she will feel the urge to pee a lot. This is because the amount of sugar is at its peak which pulls a huge amount of water into the urine.

Thus, it will increase her count of peeing in a single day. And, she may also accidentally pee on your dog’s bed.

Arthritis Can Be a Reason

If your cat is affected by arthritis she will feel extreme pain in moving her body. These health problems are very common in senior cats and those cats who have heavyweight.

It will become painful for your cat to move her leg and hips, and thus she will not move anywhere. It will limit her mobility and she will pee anywhere.

Stress and Anxiety

Starting with stress and tension. Yes, cats can also come under stress. And, to release their stress they will pee anywhere, and it is not just limited to the dog’s bed.

stressed cat peeing

A stressful environment can basically change your cat’s urine habits. Stress can occur due to anything like change in her surrounding if you’ve adopted a new cat, or you have recently shifted to a new apartment, etc.

Claiming Their Territory

Marking their territory is not just limited to dogs, but it in rare cases can also be cats’ behavior too.

This may happen due to the comfy dog bed in your home. Yes, if your dog’s bed is soft, warm, and comfortable your cat will feel like sleeping there and want it to her bed box. So, to claim that it is her property cat pees that determine her dominance.

However, this is not so difficult problem you can easily retrain your cat or use a deterrent to keep her away from your canine’s bed.

Cat in Heat Can Also Pee in Dog Bed

If your female cat is in heat (she is fertile and ready to mate) she will pee at multiple spots to lure male cats.

She will use the odor of her pee to attract her male companion, so she will pee in all possible directions of your house. Under which dog’s bed is also one of the spots.

The only way to fix this issue is by surgically removing the ovaries of your cat that is you have to go for spaying.

Litter Box, Can Be a Reason

Lastly, it could be because of your inappropriate care. Yes, if you don’t clean your cat litter tray daily it will stink, and thus she will be less interested in pee as they want clean space for peeing.

Or if the location of the litter box is changed she may not find it convenient to pee inside the litter box. Also, if she finds it hard to access the litter and the dog bed is near she can end up peeing inside his bed too.

How to Stop Cat From Peeing on Dog Bed?

There are several ways like using cat pheromones, baking soda, cat deterrent keeping physical barriers, and many more to stop a cat from peeing inside your dog’s bed. Let’s cut the chase learn various methods now!

how to stop cat from peeing on dog bed

Wash Away Her Pee From Dog’s Bed

Starting with cleaning your dog’s bed. This is because your cat will return to a similar spot again as she has marked a territorial for peeing.

This habit won’t go easily once they have marked your dog’s bed for their peeing. Therefore, for the best quickly clean and remove cat urine from his bed as soon as possible.

You can put 1 cup of vinegar in a cup of warm water to clean the pee stain then let it rest and sprinkle a thick layer of baking soda. Later vacuum it. Repeat it again if it is smelly.

Other than that use Simple Solution Pets Stain and Odor Remover it is safe and functions 3 times stronger to remove pee and feces stain, include natural enzyme, and eliminates repeat spraying.

Use Feliway to Relax Her

People use Feliway to kick out stress and remove peeing habits. Basically, cats release pheromones through which they communicate it helps them to calm down too.

So, you can also use pheromones to flush out the stress which is a reason why your cat is peeing on your dog’s bed.

Buy Feliway Classic Cat Calming Diffuser it is designed to covers 700 meters and works effectively. Clinically demonstrated to reduce urine spraying.

Train Her Appropriately

Behavior correction is important and punishing your cat should not be included in proper training.

Generally, cats do not require thorough training for using litter boxes like dogs but if they tend to pee on their bed then it is because of behavior problems therefore properly train your cat with positive reinforcement technique.

And, keep a litter box around them, so they are exposed to use that only.

Block Her Way

Another way to stop your cat from peeing inside your dog’s bed is by blocking her way to the bed.

stop cat peeing on dog bed

You can use physical barriers like large baby gates for that but if it doesn’t work you can keep their litter box and your dog bed in two distinct and far places.

Another way is by placing her litter box in her favorite room or area, where she spends most of the time.

Clean Her Litter Box

As we know already if your cat litter box is not clean she can tend to pee inside your dog’s bed so to curb that all you can do is keep the litter tray clean and give her privacy.

Scoop out used litter daily and if not daily clean it on alternative days. You can even use baking soda on the surface to keep it extra fresh.

Use Deodorizer

Cats are renowned repeat offenders when it comes to peeing. So, if you use deodorizer she won’t come near the dog bed for peeing. Plus your dog will enjoy sleeping in a scented bed.

You can use that in your house too for another purpose. But, ensure that it should not include ammonia because it actually attracts cats, and then the effect can be vice versa.

Meet Your Vet

Generally, cats don’t urinate outside their litter box and if they tend to do that then maybe they are trying to communicate with their owners.

She could be unhappy, or something may be bothering her, or she is suffering from UTI. These all could be the possible reasons and if it is not then for the best it is always great to seek professional help.

They can analyze and understand the situation and will give you expert advice.

Well, That’s a Wrap!

Felines don’t usually urinate outside their litter box it is very uncommon. And, if you find your cat peeing on dog bed then this could be serious.

You have to check their medical condition and find other reasons what is the reason behind it. Well, stress can play a vital role or if your house has multiple cats and fewer litter box this can also be one more reason.

Do you want to learn them? Then go check our article now we have addressed all of them!


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