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Why Does My Cat Lay On My Chest?

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There are several reasons stick to why does my cat lay on my chest. You can read this post to know all the possible reasons.

Cat show their love in cute ways. They will lick your hands, and legs, rub their heads against your body, follow you and sleep with you. If your cat follows you to your bed and comes to sit and sleep on your chest, she is trying to convey some message to you.

We have covered what message it can be in this article for you! Plus, we have also covered why you should avoid letting your cat sleep on your chest.

What are you waiting for? Let’s run to know now!

why does my cat lay on my chest

Why Does My Cat Lay On My Chest?

In this article, we have listed out 10 reasons why does my cat lay on my chest. Now all your doubts will be solved. So, let’s get started!

1. Hearing Your Heartbeat Makes Feline Feel Safe

The heartbeat rhythm of yours is calming for your cat. Most feline likes to sleep near their mother so that they can listen to her heartbeat.

So, if your adult cats come to you and sleep on your chests, that’s because it keeps her calm, and she is pleased to hear your heartbeat rhythm.

Well, a cat laying on you is good for your health too! According to some studies, it was found that when a cat lays on your chest, she tends to calm your stress. Cat’s purr is therapeutic and can also lessen the risk of a heart attack.

2. Cat Lays on Me to Feel Less Vulnerable

Another intention why cats sit on your chest is as they seek security!

cat sleeps on my chest

She perceives a feeling of safety and contentment when my cat sleeps on my chest.

Well, when a cat sleeps, she is in the most vulnerable situation, as the risk of getting hurt is higher. Therefore, all cat seeks safety and security. And chooses the safest place to sleep. So, a cat sleeping in your chest means no chance of being disturbed.

If she sleeps on your chests, it means you have gained her trust, and you are being honored by her.

3. Cat Lays on Me Attempt to Keep Herself Warm

Do you know our head, chest, and neck are the heating spot of our body? And, cats love to sleep in warm places to conserve their body energy. So, she chooses your chest to have a great nap.

The chest provides her warmth, plus it is also a comfy place to sleep on. Especially if you are wearing sweaters and winter clothes, it will keep her warmer.

In winters, she can retain body heat by sleeping on your chest. If the temperature is too frosty, you can get a warm, soft bed for her too!

4. It Means Cat Loves You

It is a simple and most logical reason among the list which even you will simply agree with.

Cat loves their hooman; they adore them and love to be near them. When your cat licks your toe or follows you, and rubs her head against your body, she is simply showing her love for you.

So, the reason why cats like to lay on you, on your chest, or sits on you is that she likes you. This is their adorable behavior and a sign to say I love you, my hooman!

5. Cat Lays on Me to Show Dominance

Do you want to know more about why my cat likes to lay on my chest?

cat lays on my chest

Well, that is because they love you and don’t want to share you with anyone. They are possessive about you.

It is similar to a cat not sharing her favorite toys with others. They claim it to be theirs. Felines are territorial creatures. So, they show their dominance and claim you are their territory by laying on your chest. They use their paw scent to cover you and claim that you are their human.

6. Cat May Like Your Body Odor

The next intention why cats like to sleep on your chest is due to familiar fragrances.

They feel at ease and at peace when they are surrounded by a familiar smell. This is also one of the reasons why you should first introduce one cat to another first with their odor and not by physical appearance. It eases the risk of a catfight.

Cats heavily depend on their sense of smell. They know their predators, enemies, and friends by the smell. When they sense a familiar sense while sleeping, she feels comfortable and enjoys sleeping peacefully.

And, that is the reason why does my cat lay on your chest

7. It Reminds Her of Their Mother

Kittens in their growing stage spend most of the time cuddling with their mother. If not the mother, then to their sibling.

If you have two or more cats who have a great bond with each other, you will notice they may sleep together and cuddle. This is because cats seek security and comfort while asleep.

Well, now you know what it means when a cat lays on your chest. She resembles you as her mother. She does not just do this because she feels homely, but your heartbeat also soothes her to have good dreamy sleep.

8. A Cat Lays on Me to Enjoy Large Surface to Sleep

Who doesn’t like to snuggle in a large cozy bed?

cat lay to enjoy large space

Just like us, our kitties also enjoy sleeping on the convenient large surface areas.

Cat obviously can not sleep on your legs or your back. Therefore, she will choose to cling to large body parts areas like the chest, tummy, or lap right! So, if your cat is sitting and sleeping on these three body parts, that’s because your cat love sitting and sleeping in a large area.

9. Cat Lays on Me Because of Her Habit

If your cat’s earlier owner use to play with her and lay her on his or her chest to make her feel secure, then when she turns into an adult cat, she will still have a habit of laying on the owner’s chest.

Sometimes a cat’s laying on humans becomes a habit. And, it is quite difficult for cats to change their habit. Once they have developed the habit of laying on the chest, it will become their routine, and it won’t change later easily.

Hey you, Yes, hold on!

Now, you know why does my cat lay on my chest! But do you know why it is unhealthy to let her sleep on you?

Scroll more to know all the why’s!

Why to Avoid Cat Laying on Your Chest?

avoid cat laying on your chest

Many people don’t know the theories related to why they should not let their cats sleep on their chests for long. Of course, there are benefits of a cat sleeping with you, but there are also side effects too which you should not ignore. Therefore, read this section in our blog and get acknowledged.

1. Deep Sleep Issue

In my case, when my cat sleeps on my chest, I feel I can not sleep properly. Because even when she moves slightly, it disturbs my sleep, and I end up having bad sleep patterns due to this.

2. Discomfort

A cat sleeping with you can cause discomfort. It can give you breathing problems if you mistakenly inhale dander. Plus, when a cat sleeps on your chest, you may feel heavy and could sense you are running out of breath.

3. Hygiene Issue

The next reason why you should avoid your cat laying on you is because of the hygiene issue. We know cats are the cleanest animals, but that is also true that they can be home of fleas and parasite especially if she roams outside a lot.

stop cat sleeping with you

Outdoor cats have a higher chance of getting fleas and parasites inside their fur. And, if she sleeps on your chest, you can also get infected due to this. Thus, make sure you regularly clean his fur with a comb.

Another issue can be due to her litter. She can carry the litter with herself to your bed. Well, litter is not the main problem. But the real issue is if she carries used litter on the bed, her feces, bacteria, and germs can make you fall sick. So, make sure your kitty is completely clean when she enters your bed.

4. Scathed Claws Mark

When my cat lays on me, I have faced a lot of claws marks on my body. It is hurtful and takes time to heal.

Therefore, if your cat sleeps on you for longer, you must reduce the time period. So, it reduces the risk of claw marks on your body and lessens your pain.

5. If You Are Asthma Patient

Most Doctors advise keeping pets away from the bedroom, especially if someone is suffering from some allergies or asthma problem.

But, in case you don’t wish to keep your cat away from you while sleeping, you can take prevention measures.

Keep your sheets clean, change your carpet and curtains regularly, and make sure the room has completely cross ventilation.

And, let your cat sleep near your feet rather than cay laying on your chest.

6. You May Hurt Her

When you sleep with your cat or let your cat sleep on your chest, there are higher chances of her getting hurt from your body movement.

But, if you want to sleep nearby your cat without compromising your sleep, then you can get a warm cat bed.

K&H Thermo-Kitty Heated Cat Bed can automatically insulate the bed as per your cat’s body needs. It is easy to clean with a detachable cover. Furthermore, it is practically tested and marked safe.

Summing It All Up!

Now get to know why my cat lay on my chest in this article. You will also get to know its importance, what it means, and why it is not good for your health in this piece!

Cat sleeping on your chest indicates she seeks security, needs warmth, loves her owner, and many more.

We have listed 10 reasons. Other than this, if you know any other reasons related to why does my cat lay on my chest. Do let us know in the comment section below.

Till then, feed her healthy cat food and keep her stay fit!


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