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Why Are My Cat’s Ears Hot? Is It Common?

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You are spending a good time cuddling with your cat and all of a sudden you tend to reach her ears, which feel warmer than other parts of her body! Why are my cat’s ears hot? Is she sick? Is the only thought your mind will be clouded with!

Confuse how much attention you need to pay to this type of concern? Well, don’t worry, we got you covered! Though cats are warm creatures, there is a thin line between this form being a completely normal thing to be a cause of needed concern!

Let’s find out, why are my cat’s ears hot! If the cat’s temperature is normal.

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why are my cats ears hot

Why Do My Cat’s Ears Are Warm?

Why do my cat’s ears are warm?do I need to be worried about it? The short answer is no, there is nothing to be worried about. In fact, cats are naturally warm creatures. A cat can have warm ears for an hour, and cool ones the next. If the heat emanating from one or both cat ears is a cause for concern, don’t panic!

Warm Ears! Is My Cat Sick?

The day you won’t feel good health-wise, and you ask your mom to just check if you have a temperature or not! If it turns out to be any warmer than usual, you got your mum worried it could be fever! So it’s very normal for anyone to think that a warm body indicates illness.

You might think that the case would be the same for our furry kids. But is it?

warm ears is my cat sick

Well no! ”why are my cat’s ears hot ?” does not indicate that she’s sick! The normal body temperature of any cat can be several degrees warmer than humans. If we give you definite numbers then 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit (39.2 degrees Celsius) in cats is pretty normal!

It’s also about vasodilation, during the warmer times of the year, the blood flow is increased which makes them hotter. The exact opposite happens during the colder seasons.

So, if you only notice such issues at a particular time. You got nothing to worry about, human! Don’t make the mistake of rushing towards the vet!

The only time you got to worry about is when you find your cat’s ears are hot with other symptoms, we have mentioned them below for you.

Is It Just My Cat’s Body Temperature?

If you are having a cuddling time with your cat and all of a sudden you happen to touch her ears, we know that, we ask you not to worry!

Cats are naturally warmer creatures, so that’s the sole reason why you got nothing to panic about! The normal body temperature is quite higher than humans. If we talk about the figures, then anything up to 102.5° F is perfectly fine.

is it just my cat body temperature

If you have noticed that cats’ ears are thin, with not much fur to cover up, so basically it’s just skin. That’s the main reason for its body temperature to be depending upon that of the surroundings. In fact, the case is the same with their cute paws, pinky nose, and tail.

Now you might think that if it was the case with almost every cat, then how did I fail to notice it! And here is the perfect answer for you: during the hotter times of the year, the blood flow is grown, which makes them hotter. The exact opposite happens during the freezing seasons.

How Can You Tell If a Cat with Hot Ears Have Fever?

We got you covered on, why are my cat’s ears hot? And you really got nothing to worry about!

This doesn’t mean that you got to ignore such signs if they are accompanied by other symptoms! Many times, our cats make it super easy for us to detect when they are not well, if it’s emotionally or physically. Let’s have a deep look into when to worry about cats with hot ears.

how can you tell if cat with hot ears have fever

So, to know that if your cat’s fever is related to any other health concerns, all you need to do is, check for the signs she’s giving you:[1]

  1. Pick your cat up, check the temperature of her underarms and stomach. If they are hotter than usual, your cat is suffering from a fever![2]
  2. Cats when they are not well isolate themselves from every possible social interaction with their humans!
  3. If your cat is not eating properly or feeling lethargic, accompanied by hot ears! Alarming sing!
  4. Ear infections.

So if your cat is having hot ears accompanied by these common symptoms, there are a good number of chances that she needs to be taken to the vet!

The more serious symptoms include, rapid breathing, decreased grooming and appetite, and reduced drinking of water, you need to take her to the vet ASAP!


Why are my cat’s ears hot? I hope we got all the answers covered for you. Unless and until your cat is not showing any kind of symptoms like temperature underneath her stomach and arms, isolating herself, feeling lethargic, then it’s not a cause for concern.

Rest, you will find her ears to be warmer than other body parts, as they are naturally warm creatures. Most of the time they are just adopting the temperature of their surroundings. Their ears have a climate of their own.


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