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Cat Has Bite and Scratch Wounds? All You Need to Know

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Cats are territorial by nature, fighting is a behavioral response to defend their existing territory. Cat bites marks, the scratch fighting wound, are very common in cats.

During catfights, they normally sustain scratches and fight wounds. Cat’s mouth is home to a lot of bacteria, when bitten by another cat/aggressive attack it causes deep scars on the feline’s body containment with bacteria which introduces many infections.

If not treated on time, it leads to a painful abscess.

Let’s dive in deep and get educated related to a cat that has bite and scratch wounds.

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cat has bite and scratch wounds

Treatment for Cat Bite and Wounds!

If you observe any deep wounds or scratches on your kitty’s body, then immediately seek the help of a veterinarian immediately. They will fully examine your feline’s body and start the treatment accordingly. Treatment of deep scars, and wounds in cats involves several steps.

Step 1: Firstly, the vet will examine if there are any severe scars or wounds on your kitty’s body, then they will check her body temperature to confirm is she suffering from fever or not.

Step 2: If any severe cuts are there on her body, they will try to stop the bleeding to stabilize your kitty by cleaning the wound with an antiseptic solution.

Step 3: Any abscess found on your kitty’s body, there are chances the vet will shave a wound portion to clean and flush the wound.

Step 4: If your kitty’s wound is too deep and severe, then just applying antiseptic is not an option. In such a situation, there is a high possibility the vet will undergo small surgery to cure the scars properly.

Step 5: If your kitty just had bite wounds in that scenario, the vet will prescribe antibiotics to prevent the infection so that it won’t spread to other parts of the body.

treatment for cat bite and wounds

Generally, wounds heal within two weeks if proper care and regular medication course are followed. No need to worry, if you are following vet instructions efficiently.

How to Treat Cat Bite Scratch Wounds At Home?

As discussed earlier, if your kitty encountered a major injury, then it’s better to seek the help of your vet for a speedy recovery.

If it’s just a minor scratch or wound, then in such a scenario you can treat your kitty at home rather than visiting the vet. Here, are simple steps that will help you to know the home treatment process easily.

Step 1: Firstly, wash your hand properly with antiseptic handwash, and wear hand gloves before touching your kitty’s wounds.

Step 2: Take cotton bowls and gently swipe the bleeding and clean the wound area.

Step 3: While cleaning the wound, do not apply any disinfectant as it might cause irritation, then simply cover your kitty’s wound with a medical bandage.

Step 4: At least twice a day, clean your kitty’s scars daily till a new skin layer comes.

Step 5: Apart from cleaning wounds on a regular basis, it is also important to provide your kitty antibiotics, which will give her some relief from pain.

how to treat cat bite scratch and wounds at home


  • Make sure you provide vet prescribed antibiotics to your kitty, if you notice any side effects because of antibiotics then immediately consult the vet.
  • Do not use Neosporin while cleaning the wound unless it is advisable by the vet.
  • It is important to monitor your feline pal’s wound on a daily basis and complete the antibiotics course prescribed by the vet for a speedy recovery.

What Are the Causes of Bite Wounds in Cats?

Bite marks or scratches usually occurs due to fighting or doing any adventurous activity with other cat or animals. Felines have very sharp teeth and can cause deep cuts or even tear the skin, so when two cats are fighting, there is a high possibility of getting scratched or bitten on the body.[1]

Felines’ teeth contain harmful bacteria, so when they bite or get bitten by another cat, those bacteria enter their body and cause skin and other fight wound infections, including abscesses.

If these wounds are not treated properly and the sac is not filled, any bacteria that remain inside it will lead to underlying health infections and the development of abscesses.

What Are the Symptoms of Cat Bite Scratch?

It’s not necessary that wounds are easily visible, sometimes it is hidden under the fur. If you monitor carefully, then you will notice that if your kitty had any wounds under the fur, that area of the bite is wet or matted.

If there are minor wounds, then they will cure easily within 2-3 days. Often, minor scars can also lead to infection and swelling under the skin.

what are the symptoms of cat bite scratch

Have a look at the common signs that will help you to easily identify your kitty has injured herself:

  • She is feeling lethargy
  • Limping
  • Temperature fluctuation (suffering from fever)
  • Excessively groom the injured area of her body because that gives her relief
  • Swelling can be noticeable under the skin and warm to the touch
  • Painful

If you notice any such symptoms in your feline, then immediately check her and if the minor injury is there you can cure it at home, and if it’s major then consult the vet for a speedy recovery.

How to Prevent the Development of an Abscess?

Initial stage if you are able to observe that your kitty had a fight, and she has injured herself plus got bitten by another feline. Then in such a scenario, inform the vet for speedy action because antibiotics given within twenty-fours of injury will help to prevent develop forming an abscess.

If several days have passed after the fight and no treatment is taken, an abscess will form and will require more involvement of medication.

Abscess never completely resolves, if not properly taken care of the wounds then there are chances that it will usually form again.

How Much Time Does it Take to Heal?

Generally, healthy cats take less time to heal their wounds, approx seven to ten days. But if your feline is suffering from any severe health issues such as FIV may experience a delay in the recovery of wounds.

If you notice your kitty’s wound is not recovering at the appropriate time, then consult the vet for further examination. They will closely monitor scars and might take tests to get clear whether there are any underlying causes or not.

how much time does it take to heal

Note: Your kitty might undergo surgery if there is a persistent draining wound because there are chances of a broken bone, claw, or anything. It may also indicate the presence of unusual infections which require further testing to get confirmation.


Confidently, we were able to serve you the appropriate content related to a cat that has bites and scratch wounds. The moment you notice your cat suffering from injury or had a fight and got scratches, or wounds on her body, immediately consult the vet.

If you are not able to visit the vet at that time, at least send a click of the wound so that you can get proper guidance to handle the situation and start her medication.

A piece of advice for you if you get bitten by your kitty, you should immediately clean the wound and consult your doctor to avoid any severe infections.


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