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Cat Love Bites: Why They Do It? How to Respond?

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Cats carry out many unusual behaviors, and decoding the signs becomes a task for pet parents.

As per studies and experiences, it has been concluded that felines show their affection, anger, attention, through different sign languages, and biting is one of them.

Let’s dive in to get more interesting facts related to cat love bites behavior and some useful tips also to handle the situation wisely.

Because a kitten’s bite doesn’t hurt, but an adult cat’s bite can be painful.

cat love bites

Reasons for Cat Nip Behavior

Felines nipping habit is counted as one of the unusual behavior, they generally bite their human companion to show love, care.

However, apart from affections, there is also the different reason which you should have knowledge about it.

Keep on reading to get insight fruitful information regarding cat love bites nature.

1. Your Feline Doesn’t Enjoy Petting

You are spending your afternoon with your feline and out of love you’re just petting your cat, but this continuous petting might not be like by your feline pal, and she might bite you not in a harsh way but gently without hurting you.

your cat does not enjoy petting

Generally, all felines don’t like continuous petting, so if your kitty is one of them then there are high tendencies that she will respond to you by biting your hand.

She might sleep on your lap while snuggling, but she will not like the continuous petting action. If you keep on repeating this action, then she might aggressively also bite you.

Here’s a tip for you if you find that while petting or cuddling your feline is not enjoying the petting, simply stop it. You can simply get the idea by seeing her wagging tail that your kitty’s aggression mode is on, so back off.

2. She Might Be Grooming You

As we all know, how much cats love to groom themselves as well as their companions or beloved ones.

So, while spending time with her there are chances when you cuddle her at first she will start licking your hand. It’s the sign of affection she is displaying towards you and later on, she might bite you also.

your cat might be grooming you

However, these bites are not painful they don’t hurt your bones or typically break the skin.

In other words, it is also said that felines bite you after licking your hand it is a sign that she is cleaning you.

A tip for you don’t worry let her lick and bite your hand, but if you observe that it’s getting intense, distract her mind and simply take away your hand.

3. She Is in Pain

As we have read before felines don’t like too much petting, here’s one more thing to learn about they also don’t like it if you keep petting on their stomach or tail.

It makes them uncomfortable, so while snuggling, if by chance you are petting on their stomach or tail, there are high chances that she will bite you and give you a warning signal to stop.

your cat is in pain

Some felines also pre-warn their pet parents by the growl.

Furthermore, it is also possible that she might have hurt herself, and you are petting on that particular zone, so out of the pain, she might bite your hand and indicate you to stop it as it’s hurting her.

A tip for cat owners:-

  • In such cases, if she is suffering from any injury, just take her to the veterinarian and start medication.
  • And if she is not comfortable when you pet her on some area of her body, then simply just stop this habit, or else it might frighten your kitty, and she may end up biting you aggressively.

4. Kittenhood Habit

Another reason behind your cat love bites behavior could be that she is remembering her kitten-hood days. When mother cats used to gently bite their kittens to remove the tangle in their fur or stain.

cat love bites because of kittenhood habit

So if you observe that while spending quality time with your kitty, she is giving gentle bites without indicating any body language, it might be possible that she’s remembering her kitten-hood memories.

Furthermore, if you have not stopped your kitten from giving you bites during snuggle, playtime then it’s a high possibility she will adapt this as normal behavior and will still continue to bite as she grows.


  • Train your kitty from early days that biting is not a good habit and if still your cat bites continues then try to distract her with favorite treats.

5. Sometimes Felines Become Overstimulated

The term overstimulated refers to the situation where cats get overwhelmed mentally and physically by constant petting sensations.

In other words, by being petted for a long time felines get uncomfortable and as a warning sign, they gently bite.

sometimes felines become overstimulated

Before biting, felines give a warning signal by flicking their tail, which means step back and stop petting.

However, if you fail to identify the warning sign, then you have to experience her biting action.


  • Generally, felines don’t like long petting sessions it hurts them, so simply step back when she is getting overstimulated. If she wants to walk away, let her go, give her personal space.

6. Your Kitty Needs Her Personal Space

She needs her personal space and doesn’t want anyone to interrupt.

your cat needs her personal space

For instance, she is spending time with you on weekends, playing and cuddling with you.

Meanwhile, if you start petting her she will feel good at first, but if you continue to do it for a longer period then it’s a high possibility she will choose to walk away.

In such a scenario, if you try to stop her and don’t give her personal space, she will try to bite you.

In other words, indicting you to leave her alone.


  • After a short petting session, allow your kitty to walk away or give them their personal space to enjoy the petting sensation, and she will not become overstimulated.
  • If you give her personal space, then it’s quite possible that she will come back to you for another short petting session. In this way, she will not become aggressive and won’t bite you.

7. Your Feline Might Bite You During Play Session

Cats often bite while playing, in other words, expressing their natural hunting instinct. For instance, while playing, she might gently bite you to express her affection or hunting instinct.

your cat might bite you during the play session

However, if you observe that your feline is continuously trying to bite you in every playing session, then you can stop her by simply removing your hand.


  • Train your feline biting is not a good habit by stopping her but not in a harsh manner.
  • If she is continuous to bite you in every play session, simply cut off the session for few days.
  • Play with string, wand toy, or teach them run and fetch the ball game. In this way, she will not come in contact with your hand and won’t try to bite you.


So far, we have learned about the reasons behind cat love bites and a few tips that will help you to stop or get rid of this cat biting behavior.

It’s not necessary that reasons and tips will surely help to resolve the issue.

However, it will give an idea to handle the situation wisely.

Here, are a few more appropriate ways to stop your feline from biting you:-

  • Try to learn the body language which your feline might indicate before biting, such as tail flicking, flattened ears.
  • Initial few seconds, your feline will gently bite you out of affection but after that if she still bites you then simply take away your hand before she becomes aggressive.
  • Felines don’t like long petting sessions, so try to keep it short and do not pet your feline when she is asleep, this will make her more irritated.
  • Without giving second thoughts, consult your feline’s vet immediately when you observe that a situation is going out of control.


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