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Why Does My Cat Stare at Me?

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Every day, encountering new unusual behavior of your kitty is not a big deal for you now.

So, if you have ever caught your cat staring continuously, then my friend, let me tell you, it is also part of their unusual behavior.

So it’s normal pet parents wondering, why does my cat stare at me?

Because giving a look is different and staring is different, continuous eye contact might bother you also, which you cannot avoid but at least try to overcome.

In the following paragraphs, we have highlighted some logical theories behind your kitty’s weird staring habit.

Hopefully, you will get your answer, and it will give you an idea to overcome this issue.

Why Does My Cat Stare At Me?

1. Your Kitty Might Be Taking Nap

Well, it’s weird in listening, but it’s a fact few felines have the habit of sleeping with their eyes open, and it’s completely ok.

So, it’s a high chance that she might not be staring at you, at that time she is actually taking her nap.

your cat might be taking a nap

For instance, you share the same room with your kitty and at night you woke up for water, and notice that your kitty is staring at you without blinking her eyes.

If this gesture scared you, but my friend in a few feline cases it’s normal sleeping with eyes open, so your kitty might be of one of those breeds.

2. Might Be Facing Any Health Issue

Another possible answer to the question, why does my cat stare at me?

It is possible that your kitty is suffering from any underlying health issue. We are all aware of the fact that felines don’t disclose their health issues easily.

cat might be facing any health issue

If you notice any health complication signs in your kitty, like something, is bothering her while walking or a change in her eating habit, then immediately consult the vet.

However, it’s common in adult cats, they suffer from high blood pressure diseases which cause vision issues, and you will notice your kitty aimlessly staring at you or any other things.

In such a scenario, it is recommended that if you notice hypertension symptoms in your kitty, then consult with her and start giving her medication to avoid future health complications.

3. She Is Staring Out of Curiosity

Sometimes, your cat stares at you out of curiosity, she just wants to know what’s going on, what are you up to.

your cat is staring out of curiosity

For instance, if you are cleaning your garden which on normal days you don’t do, and if your feline caught you while cleaning. Then it’s a high chance that she will stop there and stares at you continuously without blinking eyes.

As she wants to know what you are doing, it’s a new thing for her, she will stare at you until she gets bored or something else grabs her attention.

4. Your Kitty Wants to Gather Some Information

It could be possible that your kitty is staring at you to gather some information or keeping an eye on you, where you’re going, meeting other people, etc.

your cat wants to gather some information

As you know, her sensing power is strong, and if she feels like something is wrong, or you are surrounded by a negative vibe. There are chances she will protect you like a bodyguard and will not leave you for a moment until she is satisfied that you are out of danger.

5. Your Feline Pal Is Bored

Your kitty might be staring at you because she is bored and telling you to entertain her, spend time with her by playing games, or doing any fun activities with her.

your cat is bored

In such cases, when you are busy, provide her favorite toys, scratching posts that help your kitty to switch into energetic mode from a lethargic one.

6. Might Have Injured Herself

Another possible answer to the question, why does my cat stare at me? It could be because she might have injured herself, and she is staring blankly at you.

your cat might have injured itself

Generally, felines don’t show their illness issue to their pet parents, they’re good at hiding it. However, if your kitty had any ocular injury, in other words, hurt her eyeball, then it’s possible that she will give a blank look.

Furthermore, if your kitty is suffering from high blood pressure, then also it’s quite possible that she will give a random blank look. It is suggested that carefully observe your kitty’s body language and if you notice that she has dilated pupils, then immediately consult the vet and start the medication.

7. You Kitty Stares at You Show Affection

Why does my cat stare at me? Sometimes, if felines stare with full intensity, it means that she is expressing her love/affection for you.

In other words, she knows how much you care about her, looks after her daily routine, and treats her like your child.

your cat stares at you to show affection

So, out of love, she sometimes acknowledges their beloved ones or pet parents by giving an intense look. If your kitty stares continuously at you with full intensity, and she blinks her eyes, this means she is showering her love for you.

And if you revert her with the same intense look they get overwhelmed, so if you catch any such moment then enjoy that affection moment with your kitty.

8. It’s Her Mealtime

As per the survey, and taking pet parent’s point of view, it has been observed that if your feline continuously stares at you. Especially, during her mealtime and while staring at you, she is also focusing on her bowl then it’s confirmed that she wants her meal.

it is your cats mealtime

It’s not necessary that only during her mealtime she can demand food if she is feeling hungry during the daytime or after playing session. If she craves her favorite treats then also it’s a high possibility that she will stare at you and try to convey her message that she is hungry, grab her some food.

9. She Is Insecure

Another possible answer to the question is, why does my cat stare at me? Sometimes, your feline pal gets over possessive for you and feels insecure.

your cat is insecure

As you know, felines don’t like sharing their beloved one’s bond with others, she will leave her mark on you, so that other companions, pet animals be aware that you solely belong to her.

Furthermore, felines easily adapt to their pet parent’s nature so if you are worried or in a cranky mood, they will get affected, and it will make them tenser because, for them, your happiness matters. The thought of losing you makes them insecure and worried.

10. She Wants Her Needs to Be Completed

Why does my cat stare at me? It could be because she wants something from you, just like children’s look at their parents when they want something from them or wants to go for an outing, etc. Similarly, felines look to their pet parents when she wants their needs to be fulfilled.

your cat wants her needs to be completed

For instance, if you are in the middle of some work, and meanwhile if your kitty wants to go out for a walk, there is a possibility that she will continuously stare at you till you revert her.

Or else, suppose if your kitty is feeling low, suffering from any emotional phase, so to seek your attention for moral support, she will stare at you and try to cover her message that she needs your company in her low phase.


In our blog, why does my cat stare at me? We have discussed all the possible reasons behind the weird behavior. Such as she might be expressing her love, might be keeping an eye on you, she is insecure or suffering from any underlying health issues, etc. There could be many more other reasons as you keep on searching you will encounter new thing every day.

However, apart from reasons, we would like to give you some tips also which might help you to handle the situation wisely in the future.

Once you understand the reason behind the unusual behavior of your kitty, then try to solve the issue. Of course, it won’t be easy for you to solve it instantly, but at least you can try.

If any health issue is the reason then vet consultation is mandatory, no negligence in this matter.


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