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How to Stop Cats From Scratching Leather Furniture?

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Imagine you are saving for a long time to buy yourself a comfortable leather couch, and eventually, you completed your wish.

On the weekend morning, you were ready to chill on your favorite leather couch.

But Oops!

What you notice the first thing, scratch marks of your feline claws, and it broke your heart.

Sounds familiar?

Well, if you don’t want to encounter such a situation or don’t want to repeat this heartbreaking moment in your life ever again.

For that, just scroll down to find useful techniques tips related to how to stop cats from scratching leather furniture, it will help you to prevent your valuable things.

How to Stop Cats From Scratching Leather Furniture

1. Direct Your Kitty Towards Scratching Post

Wondering, how to stop cats from scratching leather furniture? Well, here you will get your answer, provide your kitty her scratching post to sharpen her nails.

It’s not necessary, that you can only offer one scratching post, introduce your feline with a variety of scratching posts options that will keep her mind off from the furniture surface.

direct your cat the scratching post

Furthermore, if your feline is addicted to the leather couches, then in that case cover your cat scratching post with the same leather fabric, it will help to avert her mind and meanwhile, you will be able to protect your furniture.

2. Use Unappealing Cover or Make the Couch Unattractive to Scratch

Felines are good observers, they like to observe things, human nature, etc. So, attractive things easily grab your kitty’s attention. It is quite possible that just like you enjoy spending time in your leather comfortable furniture, your kitty also loves to chill on that couch and groom herself.

use unappealing cover or make the couch unattractive to scratch

You can stop your cat from scratching furniture by covering the furniture surface with any rough material cover, or you can put a scrapper on the surface, even if she wishes to sit and scratch the surface her claws will not dig directly to the furniture surface.

Furthermore, you can also use a sandpaper sheet it’s just like a scrapper, which will also help to stop your kitty from scratching leather furniture.

3. Trim Your Kitty’s Claw

Another possible way that will help you to stop your kitty from scratching the post, is to trim your kitty’s nail on regular basis.

trim your cats claw

Cat’s shed their old nails naturally with the help of scratching as it not only give them happiness but also sharpens their nails.

So, if you also take interest and time in grooming your feline’s nail, it will help your kitty, and plus your valuable things will remain protected.

As on regular basis, if you trim her nails, she won’t have sharp pointed nails and even if she tries to scratch furniture or any other valuable things, it will not get affected as no scratching marks will be there on the surface.

4. Train Your Cat to Stop Scratching the Couch

You can stop your kitty from scratching your leather furniture by giving her proper training. If from the initial days, you start teaching her that scratching carpet, walls, furniture surfaces is not a good habit they might stop it.

train your cat to stop scratching the leather couch

Like, whenever she tries to scratch her claws on the couch to groom herself, at that time if you command her “No”, there are chances that repeatedly stopping her action, might give your kitty a hint that her gesture is not acceptable to you, and she needs to stop it.

Furthermore, you can also do one thing, train her in such a way that whenever she has an urge of scratching her claws she does it on her scratching post and not anywhere else.

You can reward your kitty with her favorite treat whenever she follows your instruction, it will encourage her more.

These small tricks might help to stop cats from scratching leather furniture or any valuable items.

5. Spray to Stop Your Feline From Scratching Leather Furniture

Even after training your kitty and distracting her mind, still she chooses to sit around the couch and scratch her claws on leather furniture to sharpen their claws.

In such cases, you can try one thing, spray scented fragrance all over your sofa to get rid of your feline’s odd behavior.

use cat calming spray to stop your cat from scratching the leather furniture

As we all know, felines have a very strong smelling sense, and they hate strong smells as they are allergic to it, and also give breathing issues.

So, to stop your kitty from scratching the couch you have to take this harsh step, use citrus spray it’s not toxic and will not create any health issue for your feline if she tries to scratch it.

Furthermore, you can also use cotton balls that have an obnoxious smell and place them on the furniture surface, this will also help to stop your kitty from coming near to the furniture.

6. You Can Use Special Cat Scratch Tape

If you’re wondering how to stop cats from scratching leather furniture, then my friend, the scratch tape is your answer.

you can use special cat scratch tape

All you need to do is buy a good quality scratch tape from the market and stick it on your leather furniture surface or any other valuable thing, which you want to protect from your feline pal.

This double-stick scratch tape is a savior, it is available in rolls and panels, can be easily stuck on any fabric, surface including walls.

Felines hate when something gets stick to their claws it makes them uncomfortable so if you start using this scratch tape it will help you to prevent your cat from scratching your valuable things, or favorite couch.

7. Divert Your Kitty’s Mind

Confused, how to stop cats from scratching leather furniture? Well, my friend, you can do one thing, divert your kitty’s mind whenever she tries to scratch the furniture surface.

divert your cats mind

Let me explain to you with an example.

Suppose you are chilling on your couch watching Netflix series and enjoying munching.

Meanwhile, your kitty sitting next to you, and out of boredom she starts scratching the couch surface as scratching gives them grooming satisfaction.

In such a scenario, you can do one thing, divert your kitty’s mind by playing games with her, or distract her mind by offering treats as you are also having your munching time, etc.

8. You Can Use Nail Caps to Cover Her Sharp Claws

How to stop your cat from scratching leather furniture? You can take your kitty for a manicure, it might help you to prevent your favorite leather sofa.

use nail caps to cover your cats sharp claws

All you need to do is take your kitty to the vet for a grooming session and get her nails done, it will also add a different look to your feline’s personality.

Furthermore, if you don’t want to step out, no worry, you can also give a grooming session to your feline pal.

All you need is a good quality nail kit, which includes cool attractive nail caps, strong adhesive, and a manual.

Gently, apply it on your kitty’s nail, and you are done, now if she sits and tries to scratch let her try.

It won’t damage your couch because nail caps are soft, and if strong glues are used to stick, then there are fewer chances that it will come out from your kitty’s claw.

9. Apply Scratch Guard to the Furniture

If you are thinking about how to stop cats from scratching leather furniture, then here’s a solution.

You can buy furniture protector covers or scratch guards for your furniture.

These are specially designed to prevent your expensive leather furniture from being damaged from your feline’s scratching habit.

apply scratch guard to the furniture

However, using these protectors doesn’t mean that your kitty will totally stop scratching your leather couch, but it will at least save your furniture from shreds.

Now, you can share your leather sofa with your feline and spend some time with her, even if they dig their claw they will scratch the protector rather than your sofa.

10. You Can Use Vinegar Solution to Stop Your Kitty From Scratching

Well, you can do one thing, you can create a vinegar solution and apply it to your leather sofa.

use vinegar solution to stop your cat from scratching

All you need to do is take one teaspoon vinegar and dilute it with a three-fourth cup of water, mix it well, and then apply it to your sofa surface.

Its strong smell will help to prevent your kitty from coming around the couch and will automatically stop your kitty from scratching the leather sofa.


  • Before, applying the vinegar deterrent to your sofa, test a small patch of it whether it’s damaging your sofa, any bleach or stain is there or not.
  • If it’s fine, then you can spray the vinegar solution all over your leather couch once in a week. It will surely help you to prevent your kitty coming closer to the sofa.


In this blog, on how to stop cats from scratching leather furniture, we have covered all the possible techniques which can help you out to stop your mischievous feline from scratching your valuable things.

Scratching is normal feline behavior, you cannot get rid of it completely.

However, if your kitty’s natural behavior is damaging your valuable things, then in that scenario, you can follow our given techniques, which might work as a savior for you.


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