The Best Anti Vomit Cat Bowls (Reviews 2021)

After testing over 25+ products, we have reviewed the best anti vomit cat bowls for your kitty to eat peacefully without throwing up and wasting her food.

Is your cat throwing up each time after having food? Maybe your cat is gulping down on her food swiftly. Maybe the bowl that she is using is not comfortable for eating. This can cause bloat, vomiting, and other digestive issues. Moreover, it can also strain your cat’s neck if the size and position of the bowl are inappropriate.

Do you want to imagine yourself having to clean kitty puke and vomit every time? If not, then we help you choose the best anti vomit cat bowls for her to eat peacefully without puking or throwing up.

The 3 Best Anti Vomit Cat Bowls of 2021

We picked the three best anti vomit cat bowls and reviewed them after testing over 25+ products. These Anti-Vomiting bowls make swallowing EASIER as the design reduces the strain on the esophagus.

ALEXTREME Anti Vomit Cat Bowls

Editor’s Pick:
ALEXTREME Anti Vomit Cat Bowls

Along with premium quality and a decent elevation, the ALEXTREME is the best anti vomit cat bowl which encourages slow feeding. It maintains an appropriate posture without straining her neck and digestive tract.


Anti vomit cat bowls are available in various types and designs. Some are elevated which allows your feline to use the bowl at a comfortable angle. This does not strain her neck and digestive tract and prevents her from puking.

There are various slow feeder bowls also available which encourage your feline to eat slowly without gulping her food. This prevents bloat and digestive issues which are known to cause regurgitation and vomiting.

We help you make the best decision for your feline’s health by reviewing the best anti vomit cat bowls for your pet.

1. Y YHY Ceramic Anti Vomit Cat Bowls

The Y YHY Ceramic Anti Vomit Cat Bowls is one of the best anti vomit cat bowls on our list. The elevated design makes sure that your cat’s mouth is in a better position in alignment with her stomach. This helps her to swallow her food easily and reduce the chances of vomiting.

Y YHY Best Anti-Vomit Cat Bowls


The tilted design makes sure that the food remains piled up at the center and keeps the pellets from spilling out of the bowl. This spill proof cat water bowl is also a perfect purchase for flat-faced cats.


  • Capacity: 5 oz.
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Type: Elevated
  • Prevents vomiting and stress on the neck and digestive tract
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe

The base of the anti vomit cat bowl is wide which keeps the ceramic dish sturdy and firm. The high-quality ceramic cat bowl is microwave and dishwasher safe making it convenient to clean and use.

  • Keeps the food at the center of the bowl
  • The tilted design gives comfort to your cat’s neck and digestive tract
  • Sturdy base prevents the bowl from being pushed or moving
  • Ceramic bowls are very fragile and heavy

2. ALEXTREME Anti Vomit Cat Bowls

The ALEXTREME Anti Vomit Cat Bowls is one of the most premium quality and best anti vomit cat bowls as they are safe, non-toxic, and eco-friendly. It comes with an elevated stand to ensure comfortable feeding and aid digestion.

ALEXTREME Premium Anti-Vomit Cat Bowls


The bowls are easy to clean as they have a very smooth surface and can be assembled quickly on the stand. The base is non-slippery and tip-proof so the bowls stay in place. However, the bowl’s aren’t tip-proof completely. You can check out our guide on how to choose the perfect flip-free cat water bowl.


  • Size: 26.5 cm x 13 cm x 8 cm (L x W x H)
  • Material: Plastic
  • Type: Tilted
  • Includes stand
  • Requires assembly

Since the base is tilted, the food easily slips towards your kitty which makes it easier for them to feed without dipping their whiskers into the bowl. This also ensures easy access to their meals.

  • Separate cat water bowl & food bowl available
  • Comes with a separate stand for elevation
  • Easy cleaning and assembly
  • Users claim that the stand is not tip-proof

3. DotPet Slow Feeder Cat Bowl

The DotPet Slow Feeder Cat Bowl is one of the best anti vomit cat bowls under a budget. It is made of high-quality ceramic which is free of any chemicals and encourages slow feeding.

DotPet Slow Feeder Budget Anti-Vomit Cat Bowls


The bowl features multiple raised ridges and grooves which allows your cat to eat slowly and not gulp her food. This prevents from causing bloat and leading to throwing up her food.


  • Size: 8.7” x 1.6” (diameter x height)
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Type: Slow-feeding
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Non-toxic and odor-free

Providing your kitty with warm water can help her in many ways, especially if she is having a fever. So gift her a heated cat bowl to help her maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle.

The surface of the bowl is very smooth for your feline’s tongue and also easy to clean in a dishwasher. The slow feeding dish is microwave safe and comes in proper size and height for comfortable and stress-free feeding.

  • Maze like design encourages fun feeding
  • Grooves and ridges prevent your cat from gulping her food
  • Easy to clean and smooth surface
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe bowl offers convenience of cleaning
  • The bowl is very heavy and fragile

Also Read

Buyer’s Guide

There are various types of cat bowls available to purchase. However, choosing the best anti vomit cat bowl which offers the convenience of feeding and keeping your cat healthy is difficult.

Here is our guide on choosing the best anti vomit cat bowls for your feline.

How to Choose the Best Anti Vomit Cat Bowls?

Here are the steps you must follow in order to choose the best anti vomit cat bowls for your kitty:

  • Size

    The bowl that you choose for your kitty should be of a suitable size that offers the convenience of eating and drinking. Ideally, it has to be one to two times larger than your cat’s size.

    If the size of the bowl is too small, your cat will have to bend and adjust in order to eat from the bowl which can cause stress to their digestive tract and affect their eating position. Therefore, consider your kitty’s dimensions before choosing the appropriate bowl for her.

  • Elevation

    An elevation of 12-15 degrees is advisable if you choose to buy an elevated cat bowl for your feline. The main advantage of choosing an elevated bowl is that it causes less strain to the neck and digestive tract.

    The food after ingestion passes through your cat’s system very smoothly instead of causing your kitty to bend and fetch her food in an uncomfortable position. It also causes less stress and anxiety while eating and makes the food more accessible for your pet.

  • Slow Feeding

    Gulping down on food can cause your feline to either choke or suffer from bloat. Certain pets have a habit of swallowing and gulping their food too fast. This can cause vomiting and uneasiness.

    Therefore, slow feeding bowls come with various grooves and ridges on its surface which encourages your cat to eat slowly in small portions. This regulates their digestion and keeps them from puking.

  • Material

    The material of the cat bowl has to be durable and strong. It should be capable of sustaining all the kicking and pushing that your cat may indulge into with the bowl.

    Usually, stainless steel bowls for cats are the best in terms of use and durability. It cannot only sustain longer but stainless steel also has anti-microbial properties that keep your kitty’s bowl free of pathogens.

    This helps in maintaining proper health and keeping gastric and digestive infections at bay due to their bowls. Ceramic bowls are the second-best option but are very fragile.

  • Ease of Cleaning

    Cat bowls can be quite a task to clean. Therefore, choosing an anti vomit cat bowl that is convenient and easy to clean is the best to look out for.

    Usually, stainless steel and ceramic bowls are easy to toss into the dishwasher. They offer a smooth and non-sticky surface that makes it easy to rinse and clean the bowl.

    Moreover, a frequently cleaned bowl remains safe and healthy for your cat to use and keeps bacteria and disease-causing germs at bay. This helps in preventing digestive issues and vomiting.


  1. Why do cats throw up after eating?

    The problem with cats is that they gulp down their food too fast from their bowls without chewing. Along with food they also ingest lots of air. Therefore, large pieces of food when combined with air are bound to come back through their digestive tract and cause them to throw up.

    Moreover, if your cat is suffering from some digestive infection or underlying disease, it can cause vomiting.

    Inappropriate pet bowls are also responsible for your cat throwing up as she has to bend and eat in an uncomfortable position which causes stress to her neck and digestive system, thereby causing her to puke.

  2. What are anti vomit cat bowls?

    Anti vomit cat bowls are designed in such a way that they prevent vomiting in cats. They usually comprise an elevated design or come with ridges to encourage slow feeding.

    The position of the bowl and slow feeding plays a major role in your cat’s health as they cause less stress to your feline’s posture and digestive tract.

  3. Do cats prefer anti vomit cat bowls?

    Depends! As long as the food is easily accessible to your feline and she enjoys her food, they prefer any kind of bowl.

    However, anti vomit cat bowls encourage slow feeding and help to maintain an appropriate posture while eating. This stops them from throwing up after consuming food.

  4. How much for anti vomit cat bowls?

    Anti-vomit cat bowls can cost anywhere between $15-$25. The best anti vomit cat bowl under a budget is the DotPet Slow Feeder Cat Bowl which costs around $15-$20.

    One of the most premium quality anti vomit cat bowls that comes in an elevated design is the ALEXTREME Anti Vomit Cat Bowls which costs around $20-$22.

    The best anti vomit cat bowl is the Y YHY Ceramic Anti Vomit Cat Bowls which costs anywhere between $18-$20.

  5. What is the best anti vomit cat bowl?

    According to us, the best anti-vomit cat bowl is the Y YHY Ceramic Anti Vomit Cat Bowls which has a smooth finish and prevents bloating and fast gulping in cats.

    A premium quality anti vomit cat bowl is the ALEXTREME Anti Vomit Cat Bowls which has an elevated design that offers a comfortable position for your cat to feed onto.

    If you want a cat bowl under a budget then choose the DotPet Slow Feeder Cat Bowl which encourages slow and fun feeding in cats.

Final Note

Cats vomiting or throwing up after having food is a common phenomenon. One of the main reasons for this is gulping down their food and eating with an uncomfortable posture. This causes strain on their neck and digestive tract. Swift gulping of food causes bloat and vomiting.

While we can’t do much about our cat’s eating habits, what we can certainly do is, choose the best anti vomit cat bowls. These are usually tilted at an angle of 12-15 degrees and encourage slow feeding due to uneven eating surfaces. You can also find a complete list of tilted cat bowls for specifically these types of bowls.

Anti vomit cat bowls prevent the gulping of food and help in maintaining a healthy posture while they eat. We are here to help you choose the best anti vomit cat bowls so that your cat can eat her food, without throwing up!

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