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Why Do Cats Splash Water Out of the Bowl?

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Most of the cats, as noticed, do not like bathing. So they hardly would get into the water. Although, few studies show that cats love playing with water.

Additionally, we also find many cats spilling water from the water bowl. Pawing at the water bowl is not an unusual habit for cats. So what could be the reason for cats spilling water from their water bowls?

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Why do cats splash water out of water bowl

Reasons for Cats Splashing Water Out of the Bowl

Pawing, playing or splashing water is a common behavior in cats. Cats have instincts to carry their food to their marked territory rather than eating where they caught the prey. The same could be the reason for moving the water bowl.

Probably, they do not like the place where the bowl is placed. In an attempt to take the water to their favorite place, they end up spilling the water out of the bowl.

Whereas, there are other reasons too for cats doing so. Let us take a look at a few reasons why cats splash water out of the bowl. Nevertheless, you can also get the cat water bowls that won’t tip over to avoid water splashing out.

Water Could Be Dirty

Cats are considered the cleanest of all the pets. They like keeping themselves and their surroundings super clean. They have a sensitive nose that smells dirty water if it is filled in the bowl for hours.

Even if their bowl is frequently visited by ants then it will contaminate the water. Due to this, they might deny drinking water from that bowl. In this case, it is recommended that you use ant-proof cat bowls.

If they smell unfresh food or water, then they definitely are going to splash it out. To overcome this problem, fill in fresh water for your cats every few hours. You can also get the best cat water bowls separate from the food bowl so that the water bowls do not get contaminated by the food.

The stainless steel cat bowls and ceramic cat water bowls are the easiest to clean because of its smooth surface. However, ones that are made up of ceramic material might break if falls from a height so it is not very recommended for notorious cats.

Cats Try To Grab Their Reflection

Kitties on seeing their reflection in the water think there is another cat inside, and they try to grab their reflection. To do so, they paw at the water and splash it all out of the bowl.

Your Cat Might Be Hating The Water Bowl

Many cats do not like drinking water from the bowl possibly because it is too low for them to drink. They would rather love to drink from a tap or a fountain. Make them drink from a tap whenever you can or buy a higher bowl that is comfortable for your cat.

Water Splashing Is A Plaything For Your Cats

For some cats, water splashing is just another fun time activity. They consider water like a toy to play with and enjoy by pawing at the water or knocking at the water bowl. So in this case, you can get the best spill-proof cat water bowls to prevent your kitty from spilling water out of the bowl.

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The Same Bowl Is Shared By Other Pets Too

If the same bowl is shared by all your pets then your cat might not like to drink from it. As described earlier, cats have a very sensitive nose and they might not like other pets’ smell in their drinking water. You can place separate bowls for each pet to solve this problem.

If you are living in a region where temperature drops to sub zeros then get the best heated cat water bowl to make it convenient to feed water to your kitty.

If None of the Above Seems to be a Reason

In case you notice an abnormal cat behavior that does not look playful but agitated, then it can be a health problem too. One probable reason could also be with the felines with a long whiskers. In this case, providing them with whisker relief cat food & water bowls can solve the problem.

If your cat is not able to use the standard bowl and throws up the food then getting her an anti-vomit cat bowl might also solve the problem. See your vet and try to find out if your cat is agitated due to an underlying medical condition.

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