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How to Choose a Cat Bowl?

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Do you know how to choose a cat bowl?

Are you looking to buy a new cat bowl for your fur friend?

Yes, there are various factors that you must know before buying a cat bowl for your cat friend because a bowl is not just a bowl! It is more than that, and a wrong bowl can have a huge impact on her health.

It’s important that you pay attention to this article because it will help you to get the best cat dishes for your feline friend.

Are you curious to know the factors of choosing a cat bowl? Then keep reading the article!

how to choose a cat bowl

How to Choose a Cat Bowl?

Let’s roll to know How to Choose a Cat Bowl. We have listed bowl several tips on the basis of which you can choose the best cat bowls for your cat.

choosing the right cat bowl

1. Don’t Go for Plastic Cat Food Bowls

Plastic cat bowls are never a good option. Avoid taking plastic bowls for cats.

If you wonder how to choose a cat bowl, then the first answer is to avoid plastic cat bowls!

The reason is that the plastic bowls hold the smell of the last food you gave to your cat. In comparing other types of bowls like ceramic bowls or stainless steel cat food bowls, they don’t.

Feline have strong smelling power. They can detect things easily.

Cat’s eating from the plastic bowl, which lingers the smell of her last food might discourage them from eating sufficiently.

Most people go for plastic bowls because of the price range. Plus it is also available everywhere easily. But, it has plenty of drawbacks.

Plastic cat bowls can be easily scratched. Cats, while eating, can scratch a lot, and this will lead to a health issue. Because in the hole dug by the cat’s paw or teeth, the germs can stay there. And, it won’t even go after you rinse.

However, The best recommendation is you should also check out “Top Cat Water Bowls” So that you can choose the best bowl for your feline (Queen).

2. Shallow Enough?

Cat food bowls that are good in-depth and are wide enough are liked by many cats. Cats don’t like to stick their face too far into the dishes for eating. They feel uncomfortable while eating like this.

Your furry friend can detect even the slightest change in the air with the help of their whiskers. That’s why they don’t like small food and water bowls.

She will drink enough water if you get her wide bowls. Few vets believe that if cat vision is locked because of the depth of the water dish while drinking water, they feel discomfort.

You can also go for different shapes and sizes of cat bowls. You should get it according to cat face. Some cat breeds face issues while drinking water from the narrow food bowls; therefore, get a deep bowl.

Because of whisker stress, they don’t like their whisker get collide from the bowl. Cats’ whiskers help them to give information regarding the depth of the bowl. A narrow bowl has greater changes of whisker stress.

A Persian cat will require a deep food bowl as they have long whiskers.

There are Whisker Friendly Cat Bowls in the market, which are deeper and help your cat to eat wet food and dry food easily.

3. Good Build Quality

To choose the perfect cat bowl, make sure it is made of strong quality!

good quality food bowl

It is important that you choose a superior quality cat bowl for your feline. It is not necessary that all cat bowls have strong build quality. In the market, there are a few cat bowls that are made of poor quality, and types of cat bowls are easily breakable.

You can feed your cats in ceramic cat food bowls. It is easy to wash and keep dangerous bacteria away from the bowl.

Disposable cat food bowls are the best bowls for cats and for the environment too! They have a steel base on the inside and can be easily recycled.

If your budget allows, you can also shop for Automatic Cat Food Dispensers. In that, if you add the feeding time, it will serve your kitty food even when she is home alone.

4. Hygiene and Health of Cat Bowl

Hygiene is important to keep cats fit and healthy. They are one of the cleanest animals in the world. They keep themselves clean and their surroundings clean too!

Therefore, when it comes to her supplies, make sure you get a hygienic cat bowl for her. There are many cat bowls that are good in hygiene level and easy in cleaning.

Stainless steel cat bowls are a much better option; they are easy to clean and away from cat scratches. Which technically makes it good for health also.

Does your cat spill the food, then it isn’t surprising that you may see ants around the food bowl. To prevent ants you can go fo the best bug proof cat bowls.

If you live in a cold region then you can go with the Heated water bowl for cats. It is the best option to go with, additionally, It might kill all the harmful germs & bacteria in the bowl.

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5. Utility of Cat Food Bowls

If you ask me how to choose a cat bowl? I will say check the utility of the bowl according to your use.

Cat bowl with different utilities will help you to serve your cat different cat’s food. Look for the utility of the bowl. It would be great if you can serve hot and cold food to your cat in that bowl.

Because few cat bowls can not be used to serve hot food so, if you feed your cat hot and cold food, then make sure to the versatility of the cat bowl. You can also get a raised food bowl for her easy movement.

6. Scratch Resistant 

This is an important factor when you go to buy a cat bowl bear in mind that it is scratch-resistant.

If you are wondering why then the answer is that cats are clumsy eaters because of their sharp teeth. Her bowl is marked by many scratches.

Scratches are not good for cats’ health. Because those scratches will become home to many germs and bacteria, and drinking water from that can give her health issues.

The best option for the scratch-resistant cat food bowl would be Ceramic Cat Food Bowl. Ceramic bowls are also considerably cheaper than metal bowls.

What could be better than personalized cat bowls? For pet parents and cat lovers. Additionally these bowls come with Scratch Resistant coating.

Summing It All Up!

Clearly, purchasing the wrong cat bowl for your cat can lead to health risks!

Wrong cat food bowls may give cat acne that may form on the cat’s chin.

Cat’s whiskers are sensitive; therefore, you must get a whisker relief bowl for your cat if she has long hair. And, it is important that you must know how to choose a cat bowl so that you can get the best cat food dishes for her.

In this article, you will know multiple factors on how to choose a cat bowl? So do read it!


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