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Should Cats Eat From Elevated Bowls?

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If you’ve ever wondered, “Should Cats Eat From Elevated Bowls?” The answer is that cats can eat from elevated bowls!

Did you know that there are numerous advantages of feeding your cat from an elevated food bowl?

It alleviates her indigestion, helps underlying joint problems, prevents bloating and vomiting, and generally improves her overall health. While eating from the elevated food station, your cat will feel relieved.

In this article, we’ve discussed several benefits and how to choose the best cat feeder for your cat. You can read and recognize yourself.

should cats eat from elevated bowls

Should Cat Food Bowls Be Elevated?

The simple one-liner answer to this question is straight, always a big yes!

cat should eat from elevated bowls

You must feed your cat from an elevated food bowl; it is safe, has many benefits. It is one of the best ways to reduce your cats’ digestive problems and overall health issues.

They suffer from a lot of health issues if they eat or drink from the ground floor. Choosing raised feeders for cats is the best option to keep her healthy and happy.

We have discussed several benefits of raising cat food and water bowl and why you must switch to it immediately!

You can get a Premium 7″ Elevated Dogs and Cat Pet Feeder; it is one of the best products made of spill-proof material with a strong stand and silicone pads at the bottom.

Keep reading to know the benefits of raised feeders for your feline friend!

Benefits of Raised Cat Food Bowls

Here are all benefits of an elevated feeders bowl. You can read and know all of them one by one to know why should cats eat from elevated bowls only.

benefits of raised feeder

1. For Better Posture of Cat

The prime advantage of using elevated cat food bowls is that it improves the body posture of your cat. When they drink water or have food from this, they do not have to curve their spine, which results in good body posture. It is similar to humans hunching their back while doing a desk job.

When a cat leans down to have food from the low ground, she faces a spinal problem. Pain is huge in the lower lumbar region and neck area.

Using a raised cat feeder will improve her body posture. She will be comfortable and won’t suffer from spinal problems in the future.

2. Decrease Digestive Problems

Due to down food eating positioning, many cats have digestive problems. Just like we feel a burning sensation and ache in the stomach due to indigestion vet says the cat also feels the same.

Other than this, if your cat shows symptoms like bloating and nausea, then she must be suffering from digestive problems. Also, decrease appetite, and fast eating practice could also be the reason for indigestion in cats.

When your cat eats in an awkward position, her body gets strain, especially if she is obese or likely to suffer from a joint problem. And, this can lead to a forever damage problem.

Cat eating her food from not so elevated position has higher chances of swallowing more air, and her stomach can get more compressed. Because of this, she will have a bad gut.

She will also face neck strain and back problems. And start to eat faster due to discomfort. This can lead to discomfort in a crouching position thus, promotes digestive disorders.

Using a raised cat bowl will lessen digestive issues and encourage her to enjoy his happy meal. She will be happier and will live life peacefully.

3. Reduces Vomiting Problem

Vomiting in cats is generally very common if they have their food from floor level. Because her mouth is at a lower height than her stomach, when she engulfs food and water, it works against gravity.

Due to the tension created inside her stomach, she feels unusual and feels like puking. Her food will reciprocate, and she will not get enough nutrients from her meal. This can lead to discomfort, and she may become weak.

Choking is also more observed; it is absolutely unhealthy and dangerous for your cat’s health.

If you are not around her and this happens, it can be a fatal accident too!

You can reduce your cat’s choking and vomit issue by getting elevated cat food stand for her. It will also improve her digestion-related problem too!

4. Prevents Food Spoiling

This may be overlooked, but when a feline friend eats food from low ground, her food is contaminated by dust and foreign bodies. That is why to prevent food spoiling; you can switch to use raised cat bowls.

reduce food spilling

It keeps her water and food clean and doesn’t get polluted by dust. It is the main reason why you must keep his dish away from her litter box.

It helps to promote your cat’s health with no mess around your house.

5. Promotes Healthful Eating Habit

Raised cat food stand not just eliminates indigestion in cats but also promotes healthy eating habits practice.

Cats are choosy eaters; they don’t eat everything. If you give food of her choice, she may spill her food or won’t eat most of the time.

When you use an elevated cat feeder, she won’t be able to spill her dish by accident or intentionally and can easily eat her food with no digestive problem and no more choking and vomiting health issues. It will help you to feed her healthy and nutritious food.

Indirectly it will support healthy eating or drinking practice in your cats! And, you will spend less time cleaning the floor!

6. Less Stress and No More Mess

Cats are messy eaters; they litter a lot when having their food. When you switch to raised cat dish, it helps you get rid of the cleaning floor and grounds job as it becomes difficult for her to use her paws which indirectly stops splashing and spilling of cat’s food.

It helps to reduce the amount of mess created by your cat in your home. You can save your precious time and spend more time with your paw friend.

7. Ideal for Old Cats

If your kitty cat is older, she will face more issues while eating her food. As you know already, cats are affected by gastric and vomit issues by consuming floor-level food. It also causes spinal and joint problems due to unnatural positions.

Grown-up old cats likely to suffer from arthritis, and when they have their food from the floor, it puts an additional strain on their body.

Feeding her from the raised food stand will eliminate such issues as she will not bend more and have a strong body and muscles. They don’t get enough nutrients. And for the best of your old cat, it is advisable that you get a raised cat bowl!

Choosing the perfect bowl could be a hectic task but, not anymore.

How to Choose the Best Elevated Cat Feeder?

Now that you have got your answer for should cats eat from elevated bowls, here are some factors by which you can find the best cat elevated cat feeder stand for your cat.

choose best elevated cat feeder

1. Go for Good Build Quality

Here you will know how you can choose the ways choosing the ideal bowl for your cat & get the best-elevated cat feeder for your cat. By this, we mean it should be made of good quality, rigid material with a water repellent surface.

You will find plastic food bowls at a much lower price, and it will be easy to wash, but it is advisable to avoid those because it absorbs odor and can lead to irritation. Cats get a black spot on their chin because of the bad quality of food and water dishes.

Ceramic and glass cat bowls are best for cat breeds. Unlike plastic bowls, it doesn’t absorb odor, but it is fragile and breakable. You can try stainless steel feeders, great for animal wellness. It is easy to carry and do not give any health issue.

Want to know more about Best Ceramic Dishes For Cats, check out the article you know how you can get the best ceramic cat bowls for your furball. In fact, you can customize & design your own cat bowl for your furball

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2. According to Size and Age of Feline

Choosing cat-raised feeders according to their size and age is vital. Generally, older cats suffer more from joint pain and body problems. The perfect size of the bowl is the one that is below the bend of the cat’s front legs.

Getting the right size elevating cat feeder stand will help her body to eat food and water easily.

Young kittens can also get problems while eating food from raised feeding stations. Because they are too small and eating from an elevated position could be a challenge for them.

They required a shallow and deep water dish. When you get a new kitten at home, don’t use a raised bowl; instead, switch to a smaller and shallower bowl when she grows old.

Taking about the right size of cat feeders, the ideal height should be 4″ to 6″ high you can get this from any pet store.

Cats are natural crouch eaters; they don’t eat or drink completely in a standing position. Therefore, choosing the right size of bowl should be done carefully.

3. Cat’s Diet Matters

The size of the food ad cat’s diet also matters when you choose an elevated cat feeder for your cat.

Generally, a cat’s food is small, but if she consumes a BARF diet, which is a cat diet determined on the consumption of raw animal-based food, you may need a bigger bowl for the larger volume purpose.

4. Cat Snout

Cats with small snouts face issues while eating food from a narrow food bowl. Like Persian cats have a flat face, they face issues in eating food from a smaller bowl.

Therefore, we recommend you go for a shallow, concave-shaped food bowl that is wider in size. It will support her body and won’t put much pressure on her head, reducing cat stain face chances.

Recently Whisker fatigue condition is diagnosed in domestic cats that are characterized by sensitivity in your feline’s whiskers. To prevent this there are whisker relief elevated cat bowls available in the market.s

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Summing It All Up!

There are many benefits of eating from an elevated position!

If your cat has a digestive problem or is affected by bloating, nausea, or vomiting, then it is time that you must switch to elevated cat bowls.

It alleviates these issues. It helps her body eat and drink properly and also helps to keep her body healthy, and makes her feeding time peaceful. You can read the above and know the benefits in more detail.

If you want to know more reasons on should cats eat from elevated bowls, do let us know in the comment section below!


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